What Are The Best 10 Interactive Toys That Dogs Like?

Last updated on June 05, 2017

Playtime keeps dogs mentally sharp and physically fit. Without healthy exercise, dogs tend to get bored. This might lead them to engage in destructive behavior. Dog toys come in all sizes and shapes. Some of the best interactive dog toys include:

1. Our Pets Interactive IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy

Our Pets Interactive IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy

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This is a great interactive toy for different types of dogs. It will keep the dog entertained and occupied for more than thirty minutes. An atomic treat ball provides the best means to keep the dog physically active, mentally stimulated, and healthy. It is a good way to let the dog work for its food. It is available in different sizes.

2. Outward Hound Squeaking Dog Toys

Outward Hound Squeaking Dog Toys

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This game treats the dog to a hide-and-seek fun whether at home or in the park. It eventually ends up becoming a very important part of the dog?s life. They are durably designed and lovable, come with different shapes textures and sound to give the dog all-round fun. The dog owner just needs to stuff the squeaky squirrels giving the dog the impression that they are real squirrels.

3. KONG Cozie Squeaky Toy

KONG Cozie Squeaky Toy

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Kong Cozy toys are soft, cuddly, and cute plush toys. They have been manufactured with an extra material layer to make them durable and tough. They can be used for a fetch game, or alternatively as a comfort toy for the dog. There are ten amazing Cozie characters to choose and keep the dog entertained. It is specially stuffed making a comfortable play.

4. KONG Pudge Braidz Dog Toy

KONG Pudge Braidz Dog Toy

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The Kong Braidz dog toys have been tightly braided to provide strength and endure all the biting playing it will be subjected to. This leads to a toy that is durable, soft, and cute. They have been enhanced with extra thickness making them perfect for most dogs. The flexible and strong weave helps in flossing and cleaning the dog?s teeth when playing. There is also a squeaker for added excitement.

5. KONG Genius Mike Toy

KONG Genius Mike Toy

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These toys come in two shapes and three sizes. For added configuration, the toys can be interconnected thus creating new challenges. They have been manufactured in the US, with a non-toxic and durable material, approved by FDA. They are best suited for average chewers. It can be filled with food and used as an engaging mealtime feeder. They are dishwasher safe to eliminate boredom and great for adult toys and mature dogs.

6. JW Pet Company Crackle Heads

JW Pet Company Crackle Heads

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Suitable for giant and large breeds, the Crackle Head dog toys is made from natural rubber giving it a unique bounce. It has a water bottle crackle inside, that produces that sound most dogs love. The tough outer rubber wraps around the ball, giving it a protective layer to prevent wear and tear after continuous rugged play.

7. KONG Wubba Ballistic Friends

KONG Wubba Ballistic Friends

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These are some of the toughest and cutest interactive shake and squeak dog toys in the market today. They are fully versatile, and can be used both outdoors and indoors. They come with floppy tails, allowing for easy throw and pick up. Each toy is fitted with reinforced with durable nylon, for added toughness.

8. Kong Rubber Flyer Red

Kong Rubber Flyer Red

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This dog toy is one of the rubber disc on sale. Manufactured with durable and soft rubber, it is perfectly safe for gums and teeth. For people with dogs that love fetching and catching, then the Kong Rubber Flyer Red provides a safe and fun way to do it. It features durable rubber and accurate flight for exercising the dog in a fun and safe way.

9. KONG Squeezz Ring Dog Toy

KONG Squeezz Ring Dog Toy

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The Kong Squeezz is one of the coolest and newest squeaking dog toys today. They can be purchased in six different shapes and four fun colors. Each toy comes with a recessed and protected squeaker that is easy to squeak. With each squeak and bounce, the dog will have uninterrupted fun for many hours. They are versatile and durable, thus suitable for both outdoors and indoors.

10. Ethical Pet Skinneeez Dog Toy

Ethical Pet Skinneeez Dog Toy

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These dog toys are intended to bring out the natural hunting instincts from a dog. This is made possible when the dog flip-flops and chases the toys around the yard. These toys do not have stuffing inside. As such, they are guaranteed to provide many years of use.

There are many different types of dog toys in the market today to choose. Some can be used for by dogs in different age groups, while some are age specific. In a nutshell, toys will keep the dog entertained and healthy.

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