Top 10 Best Bicycle Seat in 2022 Reviews

Last updated on January 08, 2022

Choosing a bike saddle is a daunting task that most bike owners face. Saddle discomfort is something very common and one of the main reasons most people stop riding. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With some little effort, you can get some of the best bike seats that make riding enjoyable. The difficulty in choosing the best bicycle seat is that no two people are created the same. If one model works perfectly for you, it doesn’t mean it will be for another person.

To make it easier for you, we have researched some of the best models in the market currently and narrowed down to the best ten. These are the best bike seat selection for occasional users to high-end racing. Our selection has kept comfort and performance in mind to help make your selection. Read on and choose one that best suits you.

10. Sunlite Cloud 9 Bike suspension Cruiser Saddle

Sunlite Cloud 9 Bike suspension Cruiser Saddle

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The Cruiser saddle starts our list with amazing features that offer great comfort and performances. The seat has a dual density gel that makes it soft and comfortable. There is an additional of chrome coil springs that help make rides on the pumps smooth. The design of the seat is a universal one allowing it to fit most bikes without any problems. The seat measures 10.5 inches long and 10.5 inches wide. It is a great option that will offer you great value for your money.

9. Bikeroo Wide Bicycle seat

Bikeroo Wide Bicycle seat

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The Bikeroo is another comfortable bike seat with a thick padding and dual suspension spring that improve comfort on a bumpy road. The bike seat is wide and best suited for women although there have been positive reviews from men too. Upgrading your bike seat with this Bikeroo saddle will give you the much-needed comfort when riding. The seat is designed to fit on almost all bikes and fits with ease. It comes with an adapter and a standard rail mount and best suited for mountain bikes, road city bikes, cruiser, touring and fixed gear bikes.

8. Planet Bike Men’s ARS Anatomic Relief Bike saddle

Planet Bike Men’s ARS Anatomic Relief Bike saddle

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The A.R.S Anatomic Relief bike is specifically designed to fit with men’s anatomy and works well to support men. There is a full-length center recess that gives men the much-needed support. SupersoftTM paddling ensures the seat is comfortable and soft. There is an additional GEL for the ultimate comfort. The soft lycra covers help to eliminate any pain or numbness when riding for long hours. You can be assured of staying comfortable for hours on this amazing bike seat as you take on the bumps with minimal discomfort.

7. Bikeroo’s Oversize Comfort bike sea

Bikeroo's Oversize Comfort bike sea

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This Bikeroo seat is wide enough and suits both men and women. The main feature here is the wide soft padding that helps improve comfort even on bumpy roads. There is an additional suspension spring to take on those bumps with ease. The extra wide design and soft padding make this seat ideal for bikes used indoors for workouts and outdoor cruisers. Like most Bikeroo seats, this is a great replacement for those looking to upgrade their bike seats. The adaptor and standard rail mount system ensure the bike is easy to fix on almost any bike.

6. DAWAY C99 Comfortable Wide bike seat

DAWAY C99 Comfortable Wide bike seat

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The DAWAY seat is one of the most comfortable saddles in the market out there with high-density memory foam, seat cushion and non-slip wear resistant PVC leather. The seat is elastic, soft, wear-resistant and non-slip making it the best protection for your hip. This is the seat to help you say goodbye to the pain and discomfort on your bike. There is an additional waterproof bright tail light that offers you optimal visibility during the dark. The narrow design on the front of the seat allows the thighs to fit nicely and move freely when riding. The universal design of the seat allows it to be installed on almost all standards seat posts.

5. Bikeroo’s most comfortable bike seat for men

Bikeroo's most comfortable bike seat for men

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This is probably the most comfortable seat on the list with an extra padded cushion that allows riders to enjoy long miles of riding. The seat is specifically designed for men’s anatomy with the hollow core and center cutout suiting the men bodies. You will no longer feel any pressure on your prostate when riding. The seat cover is waterproof. You will never go wrong with the Bikeroo bike seat for men as it has all the features one would love to see in a bike seat.

4. Large exercise Bikeroo bike seat

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The Large exercise Bikeroo bike seat is the best saddle for those looking to exercise using their bikes. You don’t have to feel pain or any discomfort when exercising on your bike. The seat comes with wide soft pads that ensure riders feel comfortable at all times. The wide gel seat cover will fit almost all large seat exercises bikes. If you don’t get the desired results, you can take advantage of the lifetime warranty and recover your money.

3. OUTERDO Bike saddle

OUTERDO Bike saddle

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This a fashionable and streamlined bike seat for mountain bikes. It has a great saddle design and works well to absorb shock while giving the rider maximum firmness. The human shape design of the seat and the hollow design make riders feel comfortable and cool. The seat is thick, elastic and breathable. You can enjoy a long ride without any discomforts. Installation of the seat is pretty easy for almost all kinds of bikes.

2. Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Women’s Bicycle Saddle

Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Women’s Bicycle Saddle

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This is a high-end women bike seat for road racing. The seat has a streamlined design and an anatomical structure that suits the women body. The cover of the seat is also attractive and best suited for women with a silicone gel that has a differentiated thickness for support. There is an elastomer suspension that takes on any bumps and lumps on the road.

1. Planet Bike 5021 Women’ A.R.S Standard Anatomic Relief bike seat

Planet Bike 5021 Women’ A.R.S Standard Anatomic Relief bike seat

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This seat is designed specifically for women. Most of the features of the seat are aimed at matching with the women’s anatomical structure. The seat is quite comfortable with a full-length center recess and anatomic relief. The soft padding ensures there is an extra comfort when riding. The ultra-suede cover is another added feature that makes the seat waterproof and durable.


You don’t have to suffer any pain when riding your bike when any of these seats can give you the comfort levels you seek. These are the best seat bikes in the market currently and you can’t go wrong choosing one from the list. Go right ahead and order one that suits your needs with confidence knowing you have the best.

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