Top 10 Best Bookcases in 2018 Reviews

Bookcases remain one of the best ways to showcase your art, tomes, objects, and books in your home. When the rest of the world seems to move towards online books, the feel of a real book in your home is one you don’t want to miss. A quality bookcase is everything you need to store your book collection and bring the real interest of reading back to your home. The best bookcases on the market are strong and offer users a wide range of compartments. More compartments allow you to arrange your books with ease easily.

When buying a bookcase, there are several things to consider. A bookcase with adjustable shelves is considered a better option than one with fixed shelves. The choice eventually comes down to your basic needs for a bookcase. Is it made of wood or metal? If wood, is it the right type of wood? The material used to make bookcases is quite important when it comes to choosing the right bookcase. We’ve looked at some of the best bookcases on the market currently at different prices. No matter your budget for a bookcase, you can be sure of finding one that best suits on our list.

Read on and buy one from Amazon today as you look forward to changing the looks in your home.

10. Ameriwood Home Hazel Kids 4 Shelf Bookcase

Ameriwood Home Hazel Kids 4 Shelf Bookcase

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Ameriwood is a pretty simple bookcase design ideal for kids to organize their rooms. The design of the bookcase is quite simple with four shelves and a bottom bin to store most kid items and books. The side panels of the bookcase are curved to improve safety for small kids less than four years old. You need at least two people to install this case and bring the warm espresso finish to your child’s room. This piece is a great choice that will easily blend to most of your furniture and leave your home looking stunningly cool. The construction of this unit was done using the particleboard and laminated MDF. When shipped, the entire package weighs 75.24 lbs.

9. Stony-Edge No assembly Folding bookcase

Stony-Edge No assembly Folding bookcase

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Just as the name suggests, the Stony-Edge is a durable bookcase that will not require any assembly. It is a great choice for most starting families. The entire piece is constructed from one piece of wood to deliver a high-quality product. It rarely chips, separates and splits. Order today and use it without a visit to the local store for any screws. This case is exactly what you need to bring the old classic looks to your home. Special attention has been paid to the finishing with the paint quality been consistency. Customers further get a 100% guarantee on their money if for whatever reasons they are not happy with the case. Overall, this is a risk-free investment that you need to add to your home right away.

8. South Sore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Narrow Bookcase

South Sore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Narrow Bookcase

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The South Sore narrow bookcase is one of the best picks when you’re tight on space. The narrow configuration of the bookcase ensures it can fit in tight spaces. It is a great design the features five open shelves that are easily accessible. The shelves are separated by one fixed shelf that supports 25 lbs. There are a further three adjustable shelves that support 15 lb. Made in North America; the South Sore is one of the best designs when you have to maximize every space in your home. It is accompanied by a 5-year warranty so that you can buy with some peace of mind.

7. Casual Home 176-53 5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase

Casual Home 176-53 5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase

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For those looking for tall displays, the Casual Home six feet bookcase is your ideal storage space. It is designed nicely with six retracting lengths that add some décor to your room. This bookcase is the perfect choice for your books, collections and several other items. The five shelves give you enough space to store every item while occupying very little space in your room. The solid wood construction ensures longevity and durability. This is a nicely sized bookcase that you will love to have in your home. It is a great alternative to the traditional rectangular bookcases.

6. Sonax Hawthorn 72-inch tall bookcase

Sonax Hawthorn 72-inch tall bookcase

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With a fresh frost white finish, the Sonax is one of the best designs out there when you want to bring the winter nature to your home. It is nicely designed with soft arches to compliment your interior home décor and add some appealing touch. The shelves are open ideal for DVDs, books, and other collectibles. A slender vertical design is space saving allowing the bookcase to fit in tight spaces with ease. The contemporary design is easy to assemble. It is also quite easy to clean with just a single wipe. Those looking for a contemporary look in their homes can order thing bookcase with confidence.

5. Convenience Concepts Traditional 4-Tier Trestle Bookcase

Convenience Concepts Traditional 4-Tier Trestle Bookcase

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With four spacious tiers, the Convenience Concepts is one of the best bookcase designs out there for homes or offices. It has the modern and open design that is space saving. The rich black finish will make this bookcase the main attraction feature in your home. You can store as many books, DVDs and other collectibles as the tiers are quite spacious. The bookcase is quite light and one you can quickly move from one room to another. This further helps when cleaning your room or moving.

4. Kathy Ireland Home by Martin Huntington

Kathy Ireland Home by Martin Huntington

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Priced on the higher end, the Kathy Ireland remains the best designs on the market and one that any person would love to have in his home. The bookcase comes with two adjustable shelves and two fixed shelves to offer you options when it comes to storage. The entire package comes fully assembled and ready for use. You will not have any trouble assembling this one making it an ideal choice for people who hate assembling things. The Burnish finish is hand applied and included wear sanding, rasping, pinholes and dry brushing. This finish gives the bookcase a unique appearance and a great masterpiece in your home.

3. O&K Furniture 4-Tier Bookcases and Book Shelves

O&K Furniture 4-Tier Bookcases and Book Shelves

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Do you love rustic looks in your home? What if you add that with some wood to bring some life to the rustic feel? This is exactly what you get when you order the O&K 4-Tier Furniture bookcases and bookshelves. The bookcases are made of wood grain boards and black metals to ensure they serve you for long. They are durable and will give you a good value for your money. The vintage shelves each have a 13.37” distance between them so that you have enough space to store as many books as possible. The structure of the bookcase is a sturdy tubed frame steel that ensures durability and stability at all times. Instructions and tools to assemble this cabinet come with the shipped package.

2. Sauder 420174 5-Shelf Bookcase

Sauder 420174 5-Shelf Bookcase

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Sauder is another simple yet very good design that gives you versatility when it comes to storage. The bookcase comes with three adjustable shelves that are ideal for organizing and displaying, picture frames, bins, books, and vases. The finish of the bookcase is a sleek lintel oak to bring some wood nature to your room. The appearances of the shelves are a great addition to any home, office or living space. Lintel oak finish looks great and makes your bookcase appealing. You can choose to store it high or stack it low depending on your storage needs. The slide-on molding is patented making this bookcase a unique peace. Assembly of the cases is pretty simple and fast.

1. Homissue 4-Tier Industrial Style Bookshelf

Homissue 4-Tier Industrial Style Bookshelf

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Homissue is our top bookcase this year and rightfully so with a plethora of features and good pricing. With a steel frame structure and wood shelves, the Homissue adds some aesthetic appeal and character to your living space. This bookcase is a vintage choice and one that will be the main piece of attraction in your home. It is a perfect choice for pantry items or decorations. Homissue can help you organize your room and make it tidy. The construction is of the durable MDF steel frames that bear a great weight capacity. A single shelf on this bookcase can hold as much as 70 lbs. The anti-tip design and anti-slip pads make the bookcase sturdy and stable at all times.


Bookcases can help you organize your room and make it tidy while displaying some of the best pieces in your home. We’ve reviewed the best bookcases for you and made the selection a lot easier. You can now order one from the list that best suits your needs with confidence knowing you’re getting good value for your money.

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