Top 10 Best Box Springs in 2019 Reviews

Box springs play a significant role when it comes to putting your mattress in a remarkable position for sleeping and relaxing. The comfort that comes with this spring is worth your investment. Apart from keeping your mattress in the best position, box springs also create a pleasant looking sleeping environment for you. The market has different sizes, types, and models for the box springs. This allows you to make the best choice out of the varieties at your disposal.

Sometimes you might find it easy to select the best option that meets your budget. However, many buyers have complained of substandard quality box springs. This confusion comes in courtesy of the lookalike models. There are a few features you need to consider before getting your required box spring. First, know the size you want. You will also think through the material used in its crafting for durability purposes. More so, you will need to see the ease of fitting hence making it stress-free for use. Finally, check the pricing and go for a deal that meets your budget. Have a look at the following Best Box Springs Reviews and select the one that meets your needs.

10. Zinus


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The Zinus is among the durable box springs on the market. It crafts from high-quality steel making it the best deal for your money. You will love the way it is easy to use as it requires no assembly making your work stress free. When using this box, you will love the security guaranteed from its five-year warranty. Additionally, the box stands at 7.5-inch height making it comfortable when you lay your mattress on the box. If you value traditional box look, then this model suits your requirements. Finally, the folding box compresses making your storage easy and also costs relatively hence affordable.

9. Classic Brands Instant Foundation High Profile 8-Inch Box-Spring Replacement

Classic Brands Instant Foundation High Profile 8-Inch Box-Spring Replacement

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If you are looking for a way to save your money, then get this low costing box spring for all your mattress types. Since it comes from high-quality materials, you will love the way it supports the mattress assuring you of an excellent experience. It’s also one of the few models that are easy to assemble as the tools required for assembling are readily available. Unlike other models that make noise when you climb on them, the classic brands quality remains silent. Finally, you will be secured with the impressive five-year warranty to allow you see how the product works and assess its value.

8. Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring

Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring

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Another fantastic mattress foundation is the Zinus 9-inch steel box. It’s made for durability hence matching the value of your money. The model comes with all tools set for assembling making your work stress free. You will also love the padded foam section which assists in noise reduction making the box fresh to use. The Zinus 9-inch is available in different dimensions and giving you the freedom to make a choice. Finally, this box is a high-quality type that comes with a five-year warranty ideal for testing the outcome.

7. Spinal Solution 8-Inch Queen Size Split Foundation Box Spring

Spinal Solution 8-Inch Queen Size Split Foundation Box Spring

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If you want an affordable spring box for your mattress, then get this excellent Spinal solution. It’s an eight-inch model that crafts form high-quality materials making it durable durability. It comes fully assembled hence the best deal for your money and also saves your time. You will love the way it makes your room look awesome. It’s also a great deal of all mattress types hence a reliable spring. You will be amazed at the way the unit is lightweight yet durable for easy use. Finally, this Spinal solution comes in pieces making it easy to pass through narrow areas. You will also like the friendly prices for the quality.

6. Noah Megatron

Noah Megatron

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Having a comfortable night sleep is healthy. The Noah spring box guarantees you the best for your mattress surface. It produces no noise getting you the quiet night you require. Additionally, the type comes from high-quality spring hence durable and a deal you can trust with your money. Many users adore this 7-inch spring as it takes any mattress type. Furthermore, the warranty given allows you as a user to test its durability and quality service expected. Finally, this spring box is an easy model to assemble and takes less than thirty minutes to set it up and use. Get it at affordable prices and experience the best feeling.

5. Best Price Mattress 7.5″ New Steel Box Spring

Best Price Mattress 7.5" New Steel Box Spring

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Made from the United States, this California King guarantees you quality. It’s one of the bestselling models on the market and comes from high-quality material for durability. Furthermore, you will love how it accommodates any mattress type getting you a comfortable, relaxing place. The non-skid fabric used when making the box allows your mattress to stay in position unless you want to move it manually. This ensures you experience the most relaxing sleep for your money. Since its 7.5 inches, you will get the best height for your mattress box. Unlike other models that require assembly, this type is ready for use and will never stress you with assembling challenges.

4. Mainstays Half-Fold Metal Box Spring

Mainstays Half-Fold Metal Box Spring

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You probably would want to enjoy the best sleep for the rest of your night. Get the bets by using the Mainstays metal box spring. It comes from high-quality metal and will guarantee you comfort any time of the day. The model also accommodates all mattress types for efficiency making it a reliable spring box on the market. Additionally, you will love the way it folds easily into a small component for storage and transportation. The fantastic bed frame guarantees you great looking in your room. You will also not experience the stress that comes with assembling as this unit comes assembled. Finally, the Mainstays is worth your penny, and you can go ahead and buy with confidence.

3. Zinus 5 Inch Low Profile Smart Box Spring

Zinus 5 Inch Low Profile Smart Box Spring

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Another Zinus box spring is here for you. It lies five inches above the ground giving you the comfort of sleeping uninterruptedly. You will also like the way this model makes higher mattresses look fantastic. Since it comes from high-quality materials, your money is guaranteed value. This model is also a stress-free type when it comes to fitting as it requires minimal assembling that takes few minutes. Finally, the spring box is a noise-free model with an impressive five-year warranty guaranteed. Get it today at affordable prices and enjoy the comfort that comes with the best model.

2. Mattress Solution

Mattress Solution

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Another low profile spring box is here for you. The Mattress Solution stands four inches on the ground and hence ideal for high inch mattresses. It is perfect for all mattresses thus reliable. You will love the quality as it comes from high-quality materials hence excellent value for your money. It’s also a stress-free model that comes already assembled and therefore ready for use. Finally, since Mattress Solution is a model that comes from the USA, the quality is guaranteed hence the best deal for your money. Get it and experience the transformation and comfort your mattress will give you.

1. Lifetime sleep products

Lifetime sleep products

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If you want a low profile box spring for your mattress, then get this Lifetime sleep product. It’s a four-inch model that comes from high-quality construction for durability and noise reduction. You will love how it keeps your mattress in position hence no slipping. Additionally, the type is a sleekly model that assembles in fifteen minutes time making it the best deal for your money and also convenient for any user. Enjoy the warranty that comes with this excellent spring box and fee the comfort. It is a relatively low costing model that will see you spend less on quality.


If you are looking for high quality and comfortable spring box for your mattress, then get one from the list above. The types have reliable warranties hence giving you the confidence to purchase. You will also enjoy the different varieties and choices form the top selected models. The manufacturers have the best terms for you and hence easy to acquire. You will even realize most of the boxes do not require assembling hence stress fee when you want to set it up. Surprisingly, the box springs aren’t that costly thus affordable for anyone ready to experience the comfort.

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