Top 10 Best Dining Room Chairs in 2021 Reviews

Last updated on March 19, 2021

Dining room chairs can totally transform the appearance of your dining room. There are tons of styles and designs when choosing a dining room chair. Depending on your preference, you can choose from romantic, antique-inspired, modern, and industrial designs. Most people are nowadays buying dining tables and chairs separately to create the perfect mix. You can also do it by choosing the best dining room chairs on the market. The ideal dining room chairs must be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Getting a chair with these two features can be a daunting task for most new buyers. Luckily for our readers, this is where we come in and help.

We’ve researched and handpicked the market-leading dining room chairs for you to consider buying. These are premium dining room chairs with exciting features and reviews. The chairs are not just comfy but also great-looking. They can greatly enhance your dining room décor and leave your home looking attractive. Make sure your friends and family members enjoy that dinner in comfort and style. Choose one of these amazing chairs below and order right away with confidence.

10. Ashley Furniture Signature Design

Ashley Furniture Signature Design

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This is our first choice dining room chair coming in a set of two. They are premium chairs with 100% polyester materials seat covers. These are modern design chairs with a splat back, cushioned seat, and turned block. The chairs are sleek and will transform your dining room appearance. They are versatile design chairs with standard size seats. Moreover, these chairs feature a warm and comfortable wood finish frame. They are durable chairs that can last you several years of memorable dinners. You also get excellent customer service to order right away with confidence.


  • Comfortable due to cushioned seats
  • Warm brown neutral wood finish thus durable
  • Easy assembly with simple instructions
  • Modern splat back thus attractive


  • Seat a little hard when new

9. Roundhill Furniture Biony Tan Fabric Dining Chairs

Roundhill Furniture Biony Tan Fabric Dining Chairs

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This is a unique set of two quality dining chairs with a tan fabric material. They are enticing chairs with a nail-head trim to appear attractive. The chairs are comfortable and feature cotton fabric upholstery on the seat and back. You can seat comfortably with excellent seat and back support. The chairs also feature a sturdy hardwood frame and solid legs. The chairs come ready to assemble with all parts included and clear assembly instructions. It is an elegant set with a dark espresso finish. Overall, this is a standard size dining room chair to seriously consider buying. The chair weighs 25lbs and is pretty easy to move around.


  • Easy assembly with all parts included and assembly instructions
  • Enticing nail-head trim thus attractive
  • Sturdy hardwood frame hence durable
  • Cushioned seat and back hence comfortable


  • Assembly is time-consuming

8. GreenForest Dining Chairs Set of 4

GreenForest Dining Chairs Set of 4

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These are sleek waterproof dining chairs with anti-dirty faux leather. It is a decent set that offers comfortable sitting. The chairs adapt quality camel brown leather. These chairs are waterproof hence pretty easy to clean by wiping. This is a mid-century design dining chair set to consider buying. The chair meets the users’ needs and reduces regular maintenance. It is pretty strong and comes with assembled metal legs for excellent support. The chair is quite easy to assemble taking less than 20 minutes to assemble. The chair seat and back features a soft sponge material making it extremely comfortable. Overall, this is an ergonomic dining chair set with a curved design and a mid-back. There are also rubber leg pads to help protect floors.


  • Easy and quick assembly in 20 minutes
  • Anti-dirty faux leather hence easy to clean
  • Soft sponge padding thus comfortable
  • Rubber leg pads to help prevent floor damage


  • Screws loosen with time

7. HomePop Parsons Classic Upholstered Accent Dining Chair

HomePop Parsons Classic Upholstered Accent Dining Chair

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This is a set of two quality dining chairs with a sleek walnut finish. They are premium quality chairs with textile material seats and back. The chairs feature dark walnut wood finished legs for sleek appearances. This is a solid design set that will serve you for many years to come. There is some assembly requires before use. Overall, this is a decent design seat that stands 19 inches tall for excellent back support. It is a top-rated accent dining chair that will enhance your home décor. The chair supports a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs.


  • Sturdy and supports 250lbs
  • Stands 19 inches tall thus excellent back support
  • Dark walnut wood finished legs thus attractive
  • Cushioned for comfort


  • Not very big for large persons

6. H.VERSAILTEX Stretch Dining Chair Covers

H.VERSAILTEX Stretch Dining Chair Covers

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This is a high-stretch dining chair with premium form-fitting dining chair covers. The char covers are crafted from rich knitted jacquard fabric. It is an excellent set with a textured and checked pattern. This is a reliable dining chair set with excellent seat protection. The seat slipcovers are universal with a one-size-fits-all. You can be sure of the great looks in your home. The seat covers are soft and comfortable providing your dining room with a casual appearance. In addition, the slipcovers are machine-washable and easy to clean under a gentle cycle. They complement your home and leave it looking attractive.


  • Universal slipcovers that fit-all for excellent seat protection
  • Easy to clean due to machine-washable covers
  • Comfortable due to cushioned seat
  • Sturdy and durable


  • A little snug on the chairs

5. Signature Design by Ashley-Hammis Dinin-Room Chair

Signature Design by Ashley-Hammis Dinin-Room Chair

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This is a premium quality dining room chair set with a sleek design. The chair looks elegant and attractive enhancing your home décor. It is a unique design chair that matches most home décors. The chair features a dark brown leather finish. You can be sure it will create a striking statement in your dining room or kitchen. Overall, this is a unique set of two dining room chairs set to consider buying. It is a simple design chair set that requires some minor assembly before use. The chair is pretty solid and features a sturdy wooden frame for durability. It also features excellent cushioning and vinyl upholstery for excellent looks.


  • Solid wood frame hence durable
  • The sleek design thus attractive and elegant
  • Deep cushioning hence extra-comfort
  • Luxurious leather thus statement-making


  • A little difficult adjusting the legs for stability

4. GreenForest Acrylic Ghost Chairs Set of Four

GreenForest Acrylic Ghost Chairs Set of Four

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These are transparent acrylic dining chairs coming in a set of four. The chairs feature a light brown plastic on the seat and back. They are sleek and modern design chairs that add some touch of elegance to your home. This makes the chairs very easy to clean by wiping. The chairs are also easy to maintain and require minimal maintenance. You don’t have to worry about the chairs getting wet. These are durable accent chairs with wood paint on the legs and durable metal tubes. You can be sure they will support up to 250 pounds. Overall, these are armless dining chairs with a simple and quick assembly process.


  • Easy and quick assembly in 15-20 minutes
  • Plastic brown seat and back material hence easy to clean
  • Durable metal leg tubes with wood paint thus durable
  • The casually elegant design thus attractive


  • Legs taper towards and can damage floors

3. Amazon Brand – Rivet Contemporary Dining Chair

Amazon Brand – Rivet Contemporary Dining Chair

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This is a comfortable contemporary dining chair with a curved back. It is a sleek design chair with a metal base and soft upholstery. It is a versatile seat that will match with most home decors. The seat features a durable fabric and a solid wood frame. There are also foam paddings and a brass base. The chair is very stable and can withstand heavy use. The padding ensures excellent butt and back support for maximum comfort. Overall, this is a neutral fabric chair that comes ready to use without any assembly. It is a clean contemporary chair with a slightly curved back for ergonomic support. There are a further 1-year warranty and 30-day free returns.


  • The solid wood frame thus durable
  • Brass base and foam padding thus comfy
  • Curved back for ergonomic support
  • Ready to use with no assembly


  • Fabric wrinkles a little

2. Glitzhome Mid-Century Dining Chair Set of 2

Glitzhome Mid-Century Dining Chair Set of 2

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These are vintage mid-century dining chairs with a retro rustic feeling. They are innovative chairs with a sturdy, trendy, and accent style. The chairs will look great in any setting and match most decors. This is a decent choice dining chair coming in a standard size to fit most persons. It also features a double-stitched edge to ensure long-lasting use. Besides, the chair is very easy to assemble with ready-assembly instructions and accessories. Overall, this is a decent dining chair capable of supporting a static weight of 308.6lbs. The chair also features easy spot cleaning. It is a decorative design chair that will look great n almost all settings.


  • Easy assembly and use
  • Spot cleaning hence easy to maintain
  • Soft faux leather thus luxurious
  • Innovative modern design


  • Not the sturdiest

1. DininL Fur Dining Chair Kitchen Chair Set of 2

DininL Fur Dining Chair Kitchen Chair Set of 2

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This is our final best dining room chair and a quality set of 2. It is a decent chair that assembles and disassembles with ease. The chair features high-quality rubberwood for durability. It is an excellent chair that can serve you for years to come. This is an elegant design chair that is inherited from the royal families. It is a solid wood dining chair to accommodate heavy persons. The chair also offers excellent floor protection.


  • Rubber padding for excellent floor protection
  • Solid wood framing thus durable
  • Unique design hence attractive
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • A tad bit wider

Factors to consider when buying the best dining room chairs

Dining chairs just like other chairs come with a wide range of features. Understanding the main and most important features will help you choose the best dining room chair possible. Below, we discuss the important features to bear in mind before choosing any dining room chair.


Dining chairs come in varying styles to match your home décor. While most feature a simple basic style, some chairs feature different styles. We have chairs with circular seats while others feature rectangular seats. While the style might not affect the functionality of the chairs, they can affect the look and feel of dining rooms.

Construction material

The material construction from wood to fabric also plays an important role when choosing a chair. Most chairs usually feature wooden and metal frames for durability. Wooden frames are durable and bring that feeling of warmth to your home. Metal frames are the most durable but lack a warm feeling.

Apart from the chair framing, you also need to consider the chair seat and backrest material. The ideal chair must feature premium cover materials for long-lasting use and durability. Some of the best dining room chairs feature quality polyester materials.


Next, you need to consider the chair cushioning for purposes of comfort. The ideal dining room chairs need to feel comfortable. This is important and ensures extended use without feeling tired. Make sure the ideal chair comes with foam cushioning on the seat to provide a soft and comfortable place to sit. The chair backrest also needs some extra cushioning for added comfort and support.


Just like normal chairs, these chairs come in varying sizes. The seat width and height can vary greatly hence the need to choose carefully. Do you need a chair with a wider seat? You can consider your body size and choose accordingly. Most dining room chairs come in standard sizes ranging from18-21 inches. Make sure you choose a chair that best suits your needs and desires.


The chair color is also an important factor to bear in mind. Consider chairs that will match your dining room décor. The last thing you want is a chair that looks out of place in your dining room.

Weight limit

Consider chairs with an excellent weight limit to support your body weight without any issues. In general, most chairs feature a weight limit of 200-250 pounds. This is enough to support most persons. However, you can consider sturdier chairs that support up to 300lbs or more.


Lastly, you need to consider the number of chairs in a set and other included accessory. Some chairs come in a set of two while others include a table.

Final verdict

In conclusion, these are the best dining room chairs in the market to seriously consider buying. These are premium quality chairs with pretty exciting features. The chairs come highly rated and recommended for versatile use. They are top-rated dining room chairs to create memorable family dinners.

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