Top 10 Best Fireproof Safes in 2021 Reviews

Last updated on January 07, 2021

Where do you keep your most valuable items at home? While you might have some of the best home security systems, these will not help you much in case of fire and flooding. You need a fireproof safe on top of the home security system to keep important documents and valuables safe. We are never sure when an emergency like fire or flooding will take place, so it is imperative that we keep those special and valuable documents safe. A fireproof safe will keep them safe when there is fire, floods or any other emergency. However, you need to choose the best fireproof safes out there to get the best value for your money.

Choosing a fireproof safe is not that simple, and one needs to get the right size to fit all your items. You also need to consider the price and how the safe works. There are several fireproof safes on the market that can match your budget and still offer maximum protection for documents. Below, we have reviewed the ten best fireproof safes that we think are the best on the market. Read on and buy confidently as these are the loading choices right now.

10. HSS XL Fireproof Document Bag- 15 x 11 x2-Inches

HSS XL Fireproof Document Bag- 15 x 11 x2-Inches

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Who said safes had to be huge and made of metal to offer maximum protection? The HSS fireproof document bag is a small and compact bag ideal for storing all your documents. This bag features a silicone coated fiberglass to make it resistant to fire. A zipper and Velcro closure further enhances protection keeping all docs sealed. The addition of a zipper on top of a Velcro strap enhances protection and ensures not a single flame gets to your documents. Overall, this is a large document bag measuring 15 x 11 x 2 inches. It can easily fit large documents, tablets and a laptop with ease. However, for maximum results, it is important you use the bag together with a safe.

9. Fireproof and Waterproof Money and Important Document Bag, Avlone

Fireproof and Waterproof Money and Important Document Bag, Avlone

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This is another generous 15 x 11 2.5 inch bag with large interior space to fit large items like laptops, tablets, kindle, money, jewelry and several other legal documents. It is a versatile bag constructed with double closures to ensure maximum protection of the content inside. This is a massive bag that will not fail you in case of fire. The fiberglass is known to cause irritations and splinters is further coated with silicone to make it non-itchy. Overall, this is a highly recommended fireproof bag that is visible in the dark. You can easily see it when there is an emergency due to the reflective band. You also get a lifetime warranty in case of anything wrong with the bag.

8. COLCASE Fireproof Document Bag 15 x 11-Inch

COLCASE Fireproof Document Bag 15 x 11-Inch

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The COLCASE fireproof document bag is another excellent pick with double layers of protection for the maximum safety of your items. There are two retardant fiberglass layers for 100 percent protection from fires. There is a further outer silicone coating on the fiberglass to prevent the itchy fiberglass feeling. This is a high-quality fireproof bag with capabilities to stand up to 550 degrees C heat. It is a large 15 x 11 inches bag to fit a wide range of documents and valuables. The bag is also resistant to water keeping your documents safe in case of an emergency flooding. You can buy with confidence today and get 100 percent money back refund if you don’t like it.

7. Large Fireproof Document and Money Bag by SlayMonday

Large Fireproof Document and Money Bag by SlayMonday

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This is one of the most durable fireproof bags on the market right now with double protection what other bags offer. It is a quality bag featuring double layers of heavy-duty fiberglass materials to ensure maximum protection at high temperatures of 2000 degrees C. This is the best water and fire protection you can get in any fireproof bag. It is also safe to handle with your hands. The outer coating is a thick layer of silicone. These layers make the bag feel smooth and easy to handle. It is a massive bag with an internal capacity of 900 cubic inches. It measures 15 by 11 by 5 inches and can even three full-size paper towels with ease. A rugged zipper and strong Velcro strap system ensure the fire does not gain access through the opening. It also has a top-mounted handle for easy carrying.

6. Fireproof Money and Document Bag By INFERNOSHIELD

Fireproof Money and Document Bag By INFERNOSHIELD

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InfernoSHIELD is another quality fireproof bag that will protect your documents and remain in perfect shape in case of reported fire cases. It is both fireproof and waterproof keeping your valuables and important documents safe in case of emergencies. The bag features a thick silicone outer coating that makes handling much easier. The silicone feels smooth to touch and keeps your hands safe from the itchy fiberglass material. It is a large bag that fits legal documents, laptops, tablets, phones, jewelry, cameras and pretty much anything small. To keep everything intact, the bag features a Velcro closure system and a durable zipper at the opening.

5. Fireproof Bag, KINBON Fireproof Waterproof Document Money File Bag

Fireproof Bag, KINBON Fireproof Waterproof Document Money File Bag

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The KINBON fireproof bag can withstand up to 1000 degrees C of hot heat to keep your documents and other valuable items safe. It features a double layer of fireproof material that withstands high temperatures. The outer fiberglass material withstands up to 1200 degrees C while the inner aluminum foils withstand up to 1000 degrees C. This double layer ensures you can rest in peace knowing your documents are safe no matter what happens. The bag capacity is large enough and measures 15 x 11 x3 inches capable of holding large legal files, tablets, laptops, deeds and much more. Your hands get protection from the itchy fiberglass material by an outer silicone coating. Overall, this is an excellent bag for a family to keep their most important documents in place.

4. Fireproof Safe Bag Newest Upgrade, Cinsey Fire Resistant and waterproof

Fireproof Safe Bag Newest Upgrade, Cinsey Fire Resistant and waterproof

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The Cinsey is a 90 percent fiberglass and 10 percent nylon fireproof document bag with a double layer design for maximum protection from fire. This bag is also water resistant and features a smooth silicone coating to prevent itching. The two fireproof layers offer maximum fire protection of 1200 degrees C and 1000 degrees C on the outside and inside respectively. It is a versatile bag with a double closure consisting of a rugged zipper and Velcro closure. It is pretty easy to use with a simple slide in design for a faster fitting of items. Documents safely lie flat inside allowing you to conceal the bag at home. Overall, this is a fantastic bag with a 12- months warranty so that you can buy with confidence.

3. Defender Fireproof and water Resistant Bag

Defender Fireproof and water Resistant Bag

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The Defender fireproof bag is a sure defense of your most valuable documents from fire and water. The construction of the bag is a thick fiberglass material with another thick layer of silicone coating on the outside. It offers a maximum heat temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius. There is a further aluminum thermal shell on the inner side to help keep out unwanted heat from reaching your documents. With a generous size of 11 by 15 by 4, this bag fits a wide range of large and small documents. The closure system features a double zipper and Velcro system. Overall, this is a lovely fireproof bag design with an easy opening system for faster access to your documents. It also comes with 100 percent money back guarantee.

2. Fireproof Money and Document Bag, Moko Fire and Water Resistant Large Cash and Envelope Holder

Fireproof Money and Document Bag, Moko Fire and Water Resistant Large Cash and Envelope Holder

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The Moko fireproof bag holder is a large choice for keeping your money and large envelope documents safely. It features an aluminum foil interior and a fiberglass thick layering to keep the documents safe from up to 1000 degrees C of heat. A further silicone coating on the exterior protects hands from the itchy fiberglass. The bag provides you with security and maximum protection with a zipper and Velcro closure system. Overall, this is a compact and foldable fireproof bag ideal for use everywhere you go. It is highly portable and easy to fold for storage. The generous 14.5 x 11 x 2.3 inches size also ensures you can keep a wide range of items inside with ease.

1. Fireproof Document Bag, Sungwoo

Fireproof Document Bag, Sungwoo

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The Sungwoo fireproof bag takes the top spot on our list with several features that offer maximum security and fire protection. It is a safe pick with a smooth silicone coating on the exterior for safe and easy handling. The silicone coating protects the thick layers of fiberglass that offer fireproof protection. With a maximum of 1200 degrees F, this case ensures your documents are safe from fires and explosions. The top opening features a double closure system of a fire retardant sewing and Velcro strap system to keep the documents further intact and safe. Overall, this is a universal size to keep items safe and protected.

Buyer’s guide

Before choosing any of these fireproof safes, there are important considerations to check to ensure you get the best fit.


While most sizes are average, it is important that you select a size that will cater for all the items you plan to store. Do not buy a small case when you have several items to store. Look at the number of items you intend to store, their size and buy a fireproof bag that will fit them safely.

Protection level

The best fireproof bag must offer a wide range of protection apart from fire. Look for bags that are also water resistant and theft protected. Sometimes it does not just fire you need to be worried about but also flooding and break-in. The best safe must also offer maximum protection of the items inside.

Lock style

The locking style must offer significant protection for your items. You can choose from electronic locks and mechanical locks, but safes that offer both choices are the best.


How portable is your fireproof bag? The choice between choosing a portable fireproof bag and a heavy solely depends on the use. If you move with it from office to home, then you need a portable option.


Lastly, you need to buy a fireproof document bag that fits within your budget. However, the best advice here is to look at the features and see if they are worth the money you’re paying. Otherwise, we’ve reviewed some pretty good bags that sell at affordable prices.


Go right ahead and keep every single document and item that you think means a lot to you in a fireproof safe. The last thing you want is fire, water or blasts causing damage to your documents and valuables when you would have kept them safe with any of these safes. These are the best fireproof safes on the market to buy so go right ahead and order with confidence.

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