Top 10 Best Folding Hand Trucks in 2019 Reviews

Last updated on December 30, 2018

When engaging in manual work, it can turn out to be frustrating. But, once you invest in accessories that make work easier, it becomes enjoyable. Dollies and hand trucks are some of the best ways to make manual work easy. The impressive thing about these trucks is they come in different sizes and styles. Therefore, depending on the target work, people can choose their best foldable hand trucks.

Comparing the folding style trucks with non-folding, they are far more ideal choice. This is mainly due to the ability to transport. Thus, they can comfortably fit into your vehicle truck without using a lot of space. Also, the versatility of these accessories means great application. To avoid frustrations after intense manual lifting, here are top 10 best folding hand trucks to consider.

10. Cosco Shifter 300Lbs Capacity Multi-Position Folding Hand Truck & Cart

Cosco Shifter 300Lbs Capacity Multi-Position Folding Hand Truck & Cart

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When you have several tons of luggage to move, the best way is a handcart. The Cosco shifter folding truck is a worthy choice for comfortable work. It’s comfortable to use a cart with an insulated handle to keep your hands safe. Also, with steel frame, it can carry up to 300 pounds

Apart from the structure being stable, the cart is fully collapsible. Amazingly, there are no tools needed or pins. It folds easily which allows storage as well as transportation. On the other hand, it is convertible from two to four-wheeled cart. Thus depending on the luggage orientation, you can switch to favorite carrying mode.

Unlike other carts, this one is extra durable. With powder coating finish, it ensures no rust or corrosion. Compact design to fit any car truck allows it to be an excellent choice for many people.


  • Tool-free conversion
  • Converts to dolly or handcart
  • Durable powder finish


  • Small back wheels

9. Magna Cart Personal Aluminum Folding Hand Truck -150 Pounds

Magna Cart Personal Aluminum Folding Hand Truck -150 Pounds

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There is no other way to ease luggage carrying than using a dolly cart. But, some aren’t portable meaning they can’t fit in your car trunk. The Magna cart aluminum hand truck is the solution to your woes. Unlike the other carts, this one super lightweight. Featuring aluminum frame, it cuts overall weight dramatically. Moreover, it can support 150 pounds hence great for personal luggage.

To enable stress-free utilization, the hand is telescopic. This means overall size is reducing and eases storage and portability. With rubber wheels, there is no inflation needed thus giving you peace of mind. Besides adjustable handle, the cart folds flat to 2.5 inches for stress-free storage. Interestingly, the hand truck is ideal for home, recreational and other personal uses.


  • Extra lightweight
  • Durable rubber wheels
  • Frustration-free packaging


  • Short handle for tall people

8. Seville Classics 150 lbs. Capacity Folding Hand Truck & Dolly

Seville Classics 150 lbs. Capacity Folding Hand Truck & Dolly,

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Whether having a lot of lifting job or office, a hand truck is essential. This folding hand truck/dolly by Seville Classics is indispensable. Despite its simple looking design, it is strong. With heavy duty aluminum frame, it can accommodate 150 pounds.

Amazingly, the whole truck weighs only 6.9 pounds. Combination of lightweight and foldability ensures it is suitable for various places. For smooth rolling in all surfaces, it has airless rubber wheels. Thus, even slippery surfaces, it can easily maneuver without skidding.

Forget about the stressing short handles in other trucks. With this one, it’s ideal for all people. With telescopic handle, adjusting is a breeze. Above all, the cart is sleek and looks attractive. Thus, it is usable in homes, offices, and other places needing bulk hauling.


  • Sturdy rubber wheels
  • Effortless collapsing
  • Solid aluminum frame


  • Weak on bumpy surfaces

7. Coocheer Aluminum Folding Lightweight Travel Heavy Duty Hand Truck, 220lb

Coocheer Aluminum Folding Lightweight Travel Heavy Duty Hand Truck, 220lb

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Tired of carrying heavy loads using your hands or shoulder? Don’t let heavy work ruin your day. The ultimate choice that can save you is this handcart by Coocheer. The sturdy hand truck featuring iron and aluminum frame accommodates up to 220 pounds. Despite the premium materials, this cart is extra lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Measuring 6.4 x 10.9 x 39 inch, it folds down to 27.7 inches high. Thus, it allows people to use it for shopping, traveling and other manual works. Equipped with thermoplastic rubber wheels, they deliver smooth rolling. Also, the wheels fold easily to ensure compact and smooth storage.

Apart from smooth rolling, the wheels are superb in enabling quiet operations. This means even under intense work; it never compromises performance. Opening and folding this cart is simple with just a press of a button.


  • Extra strong frame
  • Durable thermoplastic rubber tires
  • High stability
  • Robust mechanical joint


  • Takes time to flatten

6. Wesco Steel Maxi Mover Lightweight Folding Truck, 275-lb. Load Capacity

Wesco Steel Maxi Mover Lightweight Folding Truck, 275-lb. Load Capacity

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Wesco steel folding hand truck is all you need and work is easy. The cart is one of the premium choices that ensure you carry heavy loads with less hassle. In fact, with its durable steel frame, it can support up to 275 pounds. It’s this ability that enables this cart to support heavy loads than rivals.

The construction also maximizes the performance. Thus, the folding ability allows easy storage without consuming a lot of space. In fact, when collapsed, it measures only 19 x 2 x 29.5 inches.

Unlike other dolly carts with small wheels, this one boasts 7 inches rubber wheels. They enable the truck to move smoothly even under uneven floors. Furthermore, the wheels are non-marking which keeps your surface clean. It’s an excellent option for a variety of applications in different places.


  • Nonmarking wheels
  • Robust steel frame
  • Elastic band handle insulation


  • Costly than other brands

5. ROYI Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Solid Folding Hand Truck Utility Cart

ROYI Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Solid Folding Hand Truck Utility Cart

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Is moving luggage from vehicle to your house draining your energy? Don’t let it happen anymore. The absolute way to eliminate this is by getting ROYI heavy-duty utility cart. Its easily foldable which adds convenience when working and storing. On the other hand, it has sturdy frame and steel drawbars that improves the overall strength. With strong structure and 4 wheels, the cart never shakes even when carrying heavy loads.

Beside sturdy frame, the hand truck enjoys bungee cords that secure luggage. Thus, even when hauling a lot of cargo, it eliminates chances of load falling. Whether you opt for using it as 2 or 4 wheel hand cart, the truck is versatile and robust. With high-quality tank wheels, they are stable and durable than others on the market.


  • Noiseless operation
  • Stable and non-wobbling frame
  • Carrying backpack


  • Narrow flatbed

4. BestOffice Foldable Moving Warehouse Push Hand Truck

BestOffice Foldable Moving Warehouse Push Hand Truck

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Load hauling is an everyday encounter at home, garages, warehouses, and offices. Having dedicated cart ensures one can smoothly move bulky items with ease. The BestOfiice push hand truck is the right option for heavy load movement. With a foldable structure, storing it is a piece of cake. Moreover, the design and materials ensure heavyweight haulage. Unlike other common carts, this one boasts 330 pounds capacity.

The base is broad which helps to keep the load in the cart. This is unlike others that have a narrow surface area that risk load falling in corners. The low profile design and 4 strong wheels let the truck carry heavy loads with excellent stability. With swivel wheels, it becomes easy to navigate around the corners without experiencing difficulties. With this cart, its usable in a variety of places like warehouses, supermarket, and others.


  • Unmatched weight capacity
  • Lockable handle
  • Rubber bumpers in edges
  • Nonslip deck


  • Requires assembling

3. BENHE Folding Aluminum Hand Truck Luggage Carts Dolly

BENHE Folding Aluminum Hand Truck Luggage Carts Dolly

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Investing in a good hand tricks saves you great struggle. It ensures you can move all loads without pushing your muscles too hard. The BENHE heavy-duty aluminum luggage dolly cart is one of the premium options. Unlike other carts, this one is reliable and highly portable. Thus, it is applicable in many places to ease carrying your baggage. There is no more rust or corrosion as the frame features premium aluminum. With high-quality artistry, the cart delivers outstanding strength to carry heavy loads.

For the comfort of the user, this dolly cart has a telescopic handle. This implies you can enjoy transporting loads at the right height. Amazingly, even with its high weight support, the trolley only weighs 7.7 pounds. For the safety of your loads, it comes with bungee cords for fastening as you move the luggage. The sturdy rubber wheels with low profile stabilize this car and prevent shaking. Thus, it ensures easy work and safety of your load.


  • Comfortable and adjustable handle
  • Free bungee cords
  • Comes fully assembled


  • Only fit for light loads

2. Homgrace Hand Truck and Dolly with PU Rubber Wheels

Homgrace Hand Truck and Dolly with PU Rubber Wheels

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Homegrace is enabling you to carry your loads without a struggle. That why they have produced this heavy-duty aluminum handcart. The truck is high performing and durable with its premium artistry. Boasting a combination of aluminum and polymer material, it endures heavy loads without breaking.

Using this cart is enjoyable even when carrying heavy loads. It boasts PU rubber wheels that enable smooth rolling. Also, the wheels are waterproof to prevent skidding and also wear resistant.

With the combination of robust frame and wheels allows this cart to accommodate 150 pounds. Besides the performance, the frame is easily collapsible. This lets it enjoy excellent portability well as storage. The adjustable handle gives the user comfortable operations.


  • Waterproof wheels
  • Lightweight materials
  • Rust and corrosion resistant


  • Unideal for extra heavy weight load

1. Best Choice Products Platform Cart Folding Dolly, 330lbs

Best Choice Products Platform Cart Folding Dolly, 330lbs

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Enjoy great stability and unmatched load capacity with this cart by Best Choice Products. The folding truck is one of the high performing and reliable. With 4 wheels, it provides pronounced stability. Also, the rotating wheels are ideal for maneuvering around corners. Thus, it becomes easy to use it in various places. For the comfort of users, its handle is lockable to prevent movement when using this cart.

Well, besides stable haulage, the hand truck is safe for loads. With a textured deck, it prevents cargos from slipping when moving. With edge featuring soft covering, it doesn’t damage or cause scratches to walls. When storing, the handle is collapsible which facilitates flat storage. With a of 330 pounds weight capacity, this hand truck is impressive and worth having.


  • Outstanding weight support
  • Non-slipping deck
  • Protected edges


  • Non-adjustable handle

Best Folding Hand Truck Buying Guide

Weight capacity

Whether buying a folding or non-folding dolly cart, weight capacity is the critical feature. There is no essence of getting a trolley only to find it can carry a few pounds. Ideally, a handcart should be able to support heavy weight without issues. Depending on where you are going to use the dolly cart, it’s essential to check maximum weight. If it’s for use in a warehouse, it needs to be strong enough. Ideally, it’s always advisable to get a cart equivalent to your load capacity.

Truck style

There are various styles of hand trunks. Therefore it becomes vital to choose the best one for your use. Depending on the style, determines the storability and easy to carry. Basically, there are styles like a chair, table, edge and hanging among others. The design is typically essential when it comes to stackability. Apart from the folding ability, stacking ability is vital. This is espcaially when you want to buy more than one dolly cart.


When it comes to trolley construction, it’s an important aspect. They are solely dedicated to carrying heavier loads. Thus, it’s vital to be strong to withstand heavy weight. The construction materials need to be reliable and robust. Ideally, most of the available foldable hand carts feature aluminum or steel frame. This is because, these materials are lightweight, sturdy and rustproof.


The wheels are the fundamental features of a trolley. They determine how smooth it rolls and overall performance. Typically, rubber and non-infallible wheels are ideal for handling heavy weight. Also, they should be non-marking to keep your floor safe and clean.


Hand trucks are handy components that every home should have. They are essential to keep hauling of heavy luggage easily. For convenient storage and portability, the foldable designs are excellent choices. With any of the featuring dolly cart in the list above, you can now cart your loads with peace of mind.

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