Top 10 Best GPS Trackers in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on January 01, 2020

GPS trackers have become a staple in our daily lives helping in the tracking of vehicles, hiking, and other navigational uses. Tracking pets, people, and vehicles have greatly improved over the past few years as more advanced GPS trackers come into the market. The trackers have become too common that we even tend to forget that they exist. Even choosing the best GPS tracker on the market right now is not an easy task. The market is full of trackers from different manufacturers giving consumers a big head on selection.

However, that should not be an issue when you have the top ten best models selected and reviewed for you. This article has narrowed down on the list of the best GPS trackers to help you choose a unit that will best suit your needs. Some of the best models have the longest lasting batteries, offer accurate tracking and come in compact sizes. Go right ahead and choose a GPS tracker that best suits your needs and offers you good value for money:

10. Spy Tech STI GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

Spy Tech STI GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

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The Spy Tech is a good pick to start our list and comes in a compact size that allows you to go everywhere with ease. It is pretty small and can attach to a vehicle, backpack, and belt. Spy Tech is a good choice for tracking vehicles, spouses, elderly persons, teens and other valuable assets. This track allows you to track and map on real time through the internet. It is a great deal with just $25 a month and no hidden charges. You will not be asked to pay for cancellation or activation. This allows you to use it when you need and keep it away when you don’t need it. Texts via emails are sent when people leave a certain area.

9. Tile Mate-Key Finder and Phone Finder

Tile Mate-Key Finder and Phone Finder

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The Tile Mate is the best Bluetooth tracker in the market and comes in a small size 25% less in size when compared to most units. The Mate will attach to key chains, phones and other valuable assets you don’t want to lose. You can be sure of finding your lost keys and phone with ease. Tile-Mate can be made to ring by using your smartphone. This helps you to find things like keys that are near you, but you don’t know the exact place. It remains the best-selling GPS tracker so far in the market with over 5-million units sold. This is a true testimony to its value and service. The battery is quite strong and can last up to a year from the date of shipping.

8. AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

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AMERICALOC is the best-rated GPS tracker online making it a great pick that works efficiently as described. It is a perfect tracker for seniors, pets, assets, and vehicles. Customers get a two-month free service charge when they buy and pay a $25 per month service charge. However, this price usually comes down when you pay for some time. It is a multicarrier service that uses signals from several mobile carriers. The battery is long lasting and will serve you for long without any worries. You get alerts when movement changes or when the battery is low. When the device is off/on, you also get a notification via email alerts. This is a great product with a real-time tracking and a one-year tracking history.

7. Vyncs Real Time 3G Car GPS Tracker

Vyncs Real Time 3G Car GPS Tracker

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Vyncs is a leading GPS tracker in the market with real-time tracking and one that does not require a battery. This is the best car GPS tracker drawing its power from OBD-2 port. The tracker goes to sleep once the car ignition goes off but does wake up once in every hour even when the car ignition is off. This way, you can always track your vehicle and know every turn it makes on the road. Users get a web account where updates are sent to whenever the car moves to new locations. The Vyncs uses a 3G wireless connection which is widely in use in over 38 countries among Mexico, USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

6. Linxup OBD GPS Tracker

Linxup OBD GPS Tracker

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The Linxup will enable you to monitor every driving activity in your vehicle with location, speed, traffic, and direction. Users can expect 100% accuracy on Google maps so that you know where to find your drivers at all times. Driving routes can easily be reviewed and go fences set around the main driver locations. This way, you get to be notified when drivers go outside the work area. The nationwide 3G covering service can be renewed monthly at the cost of $22.99 and no hidden cancellation or activation fees. Reports generated from the Linxup dashboard are quite useful and can help you reduce fuel wastage.

5. Scout Universal Vehicle GPS Tracker

Scout Universal Vehicle GPS Tracker

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Scout Universal is a top quality vehicle GPS tracker with a very low monthly service charge of $8.33 per month. This is very low when you compare to most companies that offer their services at $20 upwards. The tracker sends you instant movement right into your tablet or phone through email. This lets you know where your vehicle is at all times. There is a further universal hardware kit included that also works for motorcycles, water rafts, ATV and water rafts. It further offers geofencing where you can set and know when the Scout gets out of the marked area. History reports and real-time tracking are also offered to make this unit a great purchase.

4. MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker Device

MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker Device

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The MOTOsafety can help you monitor your vehicle’s driving activities with 100% accuracy through the use of Google maps. You can be able to view things like speed, locations, directions and traffic using this simple device. Apart from working as a GPS tracker, the MOTOsafety further gives you a teen driving education course and driving report cards on issues like breaking harshly, speeding and rapid acceleration. You get to pay a monthly charge of $19.99 with no cancellation fees or activation fees. Driving routes can be reviewed through GPS where you can set geofences and get alerts when the driver goes beyond those routes.

3. Monster Magnetics MiniMag GPS tracker

Monster Magnetics MiniMag GPS tracker

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The Monster Magnetics is true to its word and works as described. It an ideal choice when you want to stash your valuables covertly. The Monster Magnetics has a magnet that lets you attach the tracker to any metal place and monitor movements. The tracker fits in a watertight plastic enclosure that will protect the tracker from rain and water. Your tracker will remain attached even to the enclosure and work perfectly to any place you keep it on. It is a tracker that has been tested and found to work. The design is sturdy and compact in a waterproof container that allows it to work in all environments. This is a professionally designed GPS tracker for under car tracking.

2. ATian GPS SMS Tracker

ATian GPS SMS Tracker

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The ATian does notify you through SMS when movement takes place letting you know right away where your car is going. A remote controller helps you to arm/disarm the tracker at will. Free P software is also given through which you can view the car’s location through Google maps. Real-time tracking is offered through a GSM frequency. Overall, the ATian is a great GPS tracker that comes directly to you from the factory with three years warranty. You can buy with confidence and return it if there are any defaults within three years which is good.

1. VIFLYKOO Vehicle GPS Tracker

VIFLYKOO Vehicle GPS Tracker

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The VIFLYKOO is our best GPS tracker of the year a real-time tracking and six months of tracking history. It easily allows you to track your vehicles from your computer through an internet connection. The battery is powerful and lasts up two months from a single charge. This charge is attained when you have a normal drive time in a day. There are no monthly fees or hidden charges making this by far the best GPS tracker on the market. You buy once and forget about extra fees coming your way. It is a well-made tracker with waterproof capabilities of IP67 so that you have nothing to worry on rainy days. You get multifunctional features that monitor a parked vehicle, movement, voice, low battery and device on/off.


Get one of these great GRO trackers today and get to track those things that matter to you. It can be your car, your valuables, teen, elderly persons or pets. The choice of tracker you buy will depend on the intended use.

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