The Best Laser Printer Replacement Toner in 2021

Last updated on January 07, 2021

Laser printers require toner replacement after sometimes. Especially when you have a laser printer, it requires right toner and other accessories. This ensures there is superb performance and excellent quality prints. Usually, new printers come with drum and toner cartridge. It is the corporation between different components that lead to ink getting into the page.

The ability to get right laser printer replacement toner is critical. It determines whether your machine will work correctly or not. Usually, sometimes it’s hard to get original equipment manufacturer spare parts. Therefore, you will need to get a part replacement toner. This leaves people scratching their heads on, which is an ideal option that will deliver high-quality pages. If you have a laser printer, here are the best replacement toners cartridges to choose.

10. Brother TN660 Genuine High Yield Toner Cartridge

Brother TN660 Genuine High Yield Toner Cartridge

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When you need to get quality results, genuine toner cartridge is superb. Brother genuine toner replacement part is perfect for different printers. Ideal for different laser machines, the toner can print up to 2,600 pages. With high-quality prints, the toner doesn’t cause damage like cheap replacements. The device is designed to produce mono laser prints hence highly dependable.

Getting this replacement part offers excellent integrations with Brother TN600. Also, it is compatible with other printers like DCP L2520DW, DCP L2540DW, HL L2320D, and HL L2340DW, among others. Therefore, the cartridge is versatile and maintains the document quality. With design meant to keep the device compatible with your machine, there is no stress when installing. Amazingly, there is high consistency when using this toner. It prints high-quality pages from the first the last one. Available in different page yields, it is easy to choose the right one for your printer.


  • High consistency printing
  • Prints many pages
  • High page yield


  • Only print black

9. LINKYO Toner Cartridge Replacement for Brother

LINKYO Toner Cartridge Replacement for Brother

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Avoid cheap knock-off that causes inconveniences. Linkyo toner cartridge is a perfect replacement if you have Brother TN760 TN-760 TN730. It creates ideal integration and performance, hence leaving you with excellent results. In fact, the cartridge offers OEM quality results. Therefore, the user enjoys super clear documents without ink spill. Amazingly, there are no leaks which ensure clean documents. The manufacturing of these toners features durable materials. Thus, when in use, the toners don’t crack or deform.

Unlike other cartridges, these are high performing and delivers excellent performance. They can deliver up to 3000 pages which is superb for ensuring high productivity. The toners are based on ISO 19752, which means performance and productivity. With high reliability and compatibility, the toners are excellent and work with your printer. In fact, the toners have an inbuilt microchip that ensures proper communication with your printer.


  • High compatibility and reliability
  • Inbuilt microchip
  • High pages yield


  • Only for monotone printers

8. GPC Image Compatible Replacement Toner Cartridge

GPC Image Compatible Replacement Toner Cartridge

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GPC replacement Toner cartridges are incredible and offer great reliability. The parts are made while maintaining quality and performance. Therefore, as you fix them in your machine, there is exceptional and consistent printing. These toners are customized to work with different Brother Printers. Especially, they can work with TN221, TN225 and others. The toners are great since they are ideal for use with color printers. Therefore, when you are printing color documents, these cartridges work like original toners.

Unlike others, this pack come with different color toners. They, therefore, ensure your printing work easy and fulfilling. With each cartridge yielding up to 2500 pages, they fit home as well as office usage. With natural and natural prints, there is no different noticed when you fit these parts in your machine. The good thing with these toners is that they are simple to install. With detailed instructions, there are no more struggles to fit in your machine.


  • Works with color printers
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Multiple toners


  • Only work with Brother Printers

7. JARBO HP Compatible Toner Cartridges Replacement

JARBO HP Compatible Toner Cartridges Replacement

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Printing can increase the cost of running a business. But, when you have your printing machine, it is easy to maximize document processing and efficiency. These cartridges great and work with a variety of HP laser printers. The ability to yield high quality 2000 black and white pages increases productivity. The perfect fit ensures there is an excellent fit to your printer. The installation is super simple. As a result, everyone can fix the toners without experiencing difficulties.

The cartridges feature high-density carbon powder; they deliver super quality prints. Amazingly, the powder is inert and doesn’t leave unwanted odors. The powder is safe and environmentally friendly hence ideal for use without worries. Additionally, the toner is reliable for clean, consistent and reliable printing. With a stable magnetic field, the cartridge offers clean printing without background colors.


  • Clean printing
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Outstanding reliability


  • Limited compatibility

6. Aztech HP LaserJet Toner Cartridge Replacement

Aztech HP LaserJet Toner Cartridge Replacement

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The ability a replacement part for your printer can be challenging. Aztech HP LaserJet replacement cartridge toners are fantastic and offer high productivity. The parts are made to ensure there is superb compatibility with your printer. Actually, the toners are clean and deliver exceptional printing. They don’t cause backgrounds colors which ensure you get the best quality documents. With the ability to print black documents, the toners are ideal for businesses, home and offices.

The amazing thing is that each cartridge can yield up to 3100 pages at 5% coverage. Due to this high capacity performance, the toners are great where there is much documentation. Compatibility is super as the cartridges are suitable for use with HP Laserjet Pro M402n, M402dn, M402dw and others. Thus, when you have different HP printer models, the toners are super and ideal to have. Amazingly, the toners are super when you have a lot of printing. They are built with super high quality hence delivering uncompromised printing.


  • Non-jamming performance
  • Easy installation
  • High page yield


  • No spring mechanism

5. INK E-SALE HP Printers Compatible Toner Cartridge

INK E-SALE HP Printers Compatible Toner Cartridge

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INK E-SALE toner cartridges are superb to keep your business running smoothly. Especially for people with a lot of printing, the toners aims at improved productivity. The pack come with different toners that enable easy color printing. In fact, the 4 toners provide black, yellow, cyan and magenta. This helps in the production of high-quality color documents hence ideal even for images. With black toner capable of yielding 2800 pages, the color ones can deliver 2200 pages.

The cartridges are engineered to provide the same quality as original ones from the manufacturer. This ensures that even when processing high-quality docs, there is reliable and clean printing. With high precision manufacturing, the toners are reliable and offer easy fixing. As a result, there are no hassles when users are changing the toners. The redefined toners are created to ensure increased printer life.


  • High precision construction
  • Compatible with color printers
  • Ideal for more pages printing


  • None

4. Do it Wiser Toner Cartridge Replacement for HP

Do it Wiser Toner Cartridge Replacement for HP

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Do it Wiser Toner offers everyone a chance to enjoy great printed documents. They are crafted while observing strict quality control to give your printer the best printing ability. In fact, the cartridge is highly compatible with different HP LaserJet printers hence ideal for most users. Unlike the monochrome toners, this supports even color printers. Thus, when you are involved in image and other color documents, the replacement part is a superb option.

The toner is built while maintaining high safety. It is RoHS certified. Additionally, it is free from lead and is environmentally sound. Due to the ability to fit in different printers, the toner is versatile and ideal for many users. Apart from beautiful documents, it has a great page yield. It can print up to 2800 pages before replacement. The installation and removal process is simple, and no tools are needed.


  • Simple installation and removal
  • Color printing
  • Safe and free from lead


  • No recycle package

3. Shidono HP Compatible Replacement Toner Cartridges

Shidono HP Compatible Replacement Toner Cartridges

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This pack of 4 toners by Shidono ensures your productivity is not limited. They are super high-quality cartridges that ensure there is maintained performance. When dealing with high-quality color toners, they are reliable for making high-quality prints. The pack contains 4 toners with cyan, black, yellow and magenta. They deliver more pages just like original toners that come with your printer. The high compatibility with different HP printers ensures there is impressive printing.

Apart from the quality prints, the toners are made to ensure there is safety to users and the environment. The kind of ink used is safe and odor free. Thus, even when printing a large bunch of papers, there are no awful smells. The clear color restoration and clean prints are the reason that users should think about these toners. Moreover, the shiny and uniform particles are fantastic and let the documents look amazing. Each color toner can yield 2300 pages while black one reaches 2800 pages.


  • Four toners in a pack
  • Safe and odor free ink
  • Prints like original toners


  • A bit noisy when printing

2. RETCH HP 48A Toner Cartridge Replacement

RETCH HP 48A Toner Cartridge Replacement

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Retch toner cartridge replacement for your HP 48A and other different LaserJet pro models. It is a reliable option since there is no difference with OEM. In fact, it delivers cool and appealing printing due to strict manufacturing quality control. Additionally, the ability to deliver more pages than rivals makes it one of the outstanding options. It’s great for hospitals, home offices and offices. The toner can deliver 1000 pages of clean documents without background colors.

To ensure the tonner performs as expected, the toners boast high perfection. This leads to reliable performance, and there is no stress about getting awful documents. The precise designed ensures this part fits correctly into your machine. The smartchip fitted into this cartridge ensures your printer quickly recognizes it. This allows for easy operation and reliable printing. The efficient communication between this toner and printer ensure clean printing. With a refined powder, the toners deliver super clean and crispy pages.


  • Super clean prints
  • High-quality toner powder
  • Fitted with smartchip


  • Less page yield than rivals

1. AISEN Toner Cartridges Replacement for Brother with Chip

AISEN Toner Cartridges Replacement for Brother with Chip

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The AISEN toner cartridge is superbly made for Brother TN227 TN-227 and other models. It, therefore, brings high versatility and compatibility without causing trouble. Unlike others that give users a hard time, these are perfectly fitting and delivers easy fitting. Unlike other toners that only print black, these are great for color printing. As a result, the users can print different type of document, images and others.

The toners are reliable to offer a large number of prints. Actually, the black toner can achieve up to 3000 pages and color ones 2700 pages. This means when you need to do bulk printing; the toners are economical and highly reliable. The placement of these cartridges is simple, and no experience is required. Thereby, when changing, there is no tools or setbacks. With each toner tested to the highest standards, they offer the best performance.


  • Super high-quality prints
  • Non-toxic toner powder
  • Ideal for different places


  • Some leave markings on papers

Laser Printer Replacement Toners Buying Guide

Printer compatibility

The compatibility is one of the issues that affect the purchase of toner cartridges. Since there are many brands and models of printers, the toners also are available in great variety. The choice of a cartridge depends on the user printer. Checking the model ensures there is a choice of compatible toner. Since there are many toners made by their parties, it is essential to be sure your selection corresponds to your machine.

Page yield

Every person aims to get maximum of prints per toner cartridge. That is the reason it’s essential to check how many pages your target toner will yield. When dealing with a lot of documents printing, it is recommendable to choose a toner that can deliver more pages. For users with much printing, going for the highest page yield toners is economical.

Color or monochrome printing

Different people need varying types of printing. Some of the users only require black printed documents. However, when dealing with graphics and pictures, color printing is advisable. The choice of a toner depends on the type o printer you have. For color printers, adding a pack of toners with different printing colors is a great move.


The ability to get high-quality prints depends on the toners. When you are looking for ideal laser printer replacement toners, these on our list are among the best. They are made from superior materials and great precision to offer the best printing and compatibility.

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