Top 10 Best No Show Socks for Women in 2018 Reviews

The idea of wearing no show socks isn’t a new trend; rather its conception was made several centuries ago when people realized that there are many benefits attached. Besides being stylish, no show socks provide more comfort as well as lightweight support to the feet. With many manufacturers striving to improve quality, comfort and style, many people have found these socks to be a crucial component in their wardrobes. Whether you are a woman who’s just looking for a stylish look, wants to pamper her feet, or wants to protect her feet from foot diseases, the following list of best no show socks for women reviews will help you to choose an ideal pair:

10. Eedor Women’s 3 to 8 Pack Thin Casual No Show Socks

Eedor Women's 3 to 8 Pack Thin Casual No Show Socks

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Available in 4 different colors (white, grey, beige and black), these no show socks fit women shoe sizes 6.5 to 8.5. They are made of high quality fibers (80% cotton and 20% spandex), which enhance sweat-wicking, comfort and durability. Furthermore, they feature silicone rubber technology that helps to avert slipping in shoe, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor activity. With these features, it’s evident that the Eedor Women’s thin casual no show socks are an ideal choice to wear with fashion sneakers for those who don’t want their socks to show, yet want coverage for their feet.

9. OSABASA Womens Casual No-Show Socks

OSABASA Womens Casual No-Show Socks

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These no-show socks are made of three high quality fibers; 78 percent cotton, 20 percent polyester and 2 percent polyurethane. They come with a silicon anti-slip heel that helps to prevent slipping. They are available in a wide variety of colors, including blue, yellow, purple, blue-green, brown, beige, mint, black, grey, white and pink. They are also available in various sizes, though it’s recommended that you choose a size up if you are not Korean. You can wear your pair(s) of OSABASA women’s casual no-show socks with all your sneakers, loafers, boat shoes, etc.

8. Women’s No Show Liner Socks

Women's No Show Liner Socks

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Ideal for flats, heeled shoes and trainers, these no show liner socks will undoubtedly make you feel and look the part. Made from 80% nylon, these socks are incredibly soft and enable your feet to breathe naturally. They are also made of 17% polyester and 3% spandex, which all add to the comfort of your feet. They also come with a silicon grip at the heel, which helps greatly in reducing slipping. They are available in two colors; black and beige. With these Women’s No Shoe Liner Socks, your feet will remain dry and cool throughout the day.

7. VERO MONTE 4 Pairs Women’s No Show Socks

VERO MONTE 4 Pairs Women's No Show Socks

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If you are looking for no shoe socks that will stay invisible while wearing loafers, sneakers, high-ballet flats, heel shoes or all types of low profile summer shoes, you will be happy with the VERO MONTE Women’s No Show Socks. They are highly comfortable as they are made of 83 percent rich premium cotton, 10 percent polyester and 7 percent spandex. They also feature comfortable ventilation meshes that augment breathability, odor emission and moisture wicking. Also featured are triple curved silicone heel-grips and an enhanced cuff that help greatly in helping slippage.

6. Bambu Women’s Premium Bamboo No Show Casual Socks

Bambu Women's Premium Bamboo No Show Casual Socks

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The Bambu Women’s Premium Bamboo No Show Casual socks are available in four colors; black, white, grey and beige. These low ankle socks not only stay hidden underneath sneakers, sports shoes, chucks and booties, but they are also highly comfortable. This is because they are lightweight, breathable and super soft. The fact that these socks are made of a sweat absorbent material gives them anti-bacterial and odor fighting properties. In addition to that, these casual socks have comfy silicone heel grips that prevent slippage and ensure that the socks stay in place all day long.

5. PEDS Women’s Cushion No-Show Sport Cut Liner

PEDS Women's Cushion No-Show Sport Cut Liner

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Comfort has been taken to another whole new level with these no-show socks that are ideal to be worn with tennis shoes. They are made of 97 percent nylon and 3 percent spandex, and the Lycra fiber provides ultimate comfort and fit. Also added is zone cushioning, which enhances protection upon impact. The socks also come with a gel tab that ensures that the liner stays put. The PEDS Women’s Cushion No-Show Sport Cut Liner is available in black, white and light grey heather.

4. Thirty48 Women’s No Show Loafer Socks

Thirty48 Women's No Show Loafer Socks

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You can purchase these no show socks with great confidence as they are a perfect fit for different types of shoes, including loafers, sneakers, flats and TOMs. With silicon grip on heel, you don’t have to worry about slippage. One of the most unique things about the Thirty48 Women’s No Show Loafer socks is that they feature contrasting color elastic cuff. This means that unlike many other socks that are mono-colored, these socks feature two colors per sock. They are made from 56 percent cotton, 37 percent polyester, 4 percent nylon and 3 percent Lycra.

3. Stomper Joe 4 Pack Premium Cotton No Show Socks

Stomper Joe 4 Pack Premium Cotton No Show Socks

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Say no to feet odor with this no show socks that come with anti odor properties. This is because they are made from high quality cotton that allows your feet to stay comfortable and breathe easy. They come with extra large silicon grip that is quite helpful in preventing slipping. What’s more is that they are ideal for all types of shoes and they remain invisible all day long. They are available in 3 sizes for the best fit, i.e. XSmall shoe size 6 to 7.5, Small 7.5 to 9, and medium size 9 to 11.

2. HUE Women’s Hidden Cotton Liner Socks

HUE Women's Hidden Cotton Liner Socks

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In case you have been disappointed that your no show socks don’t stay put for long, you’ll be pleased with this cotton liner socks that come with an elastic top line that has been engineered for stay-put comfort. The socks are also very soft and comfortable as they are made of 68 percent cotton, 28 percent nylon and 4 percent spandex. They are available in different sizes; small/medium fit U.S. shoe sizes 4 to 7, while Medium/Large fit U.S shoe sizes 7 to 10.

1. SHEEC – No-Show Hidden Socks for Women

SHEEC - No-Show Hidden Socks for Women

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Besides being lightweight, these no-show socks are extremely comfortable as they are made from 75% premium cotton that helps keep your feet comfortable and dry all day long. They are uniquely made to stay put while remaining invisible when worn with different types of shoes. The SHEEC – No-Show Hidden Socks for Women are available in a two pair pack, four pair pack, as well as in special color edition multi-pair packs.


When choosing no-show socks, there are a number of important aspects to consider, including comfort, breathability, ability to stay put, ability to prevent slipping, and compatibility with different shoe types. Majority of the no-show socks reviewed in this list come with most (if not all) of those aspects. This makes them a great choice for you if you are searching for such types of socks.

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