Top 10 Best Ping Pong Tables in 2021 Reviews

Last updated on January 08, 2021

Ping pong, also known as table tennis is an exciting and engaging sport. There are different accessories that you need to buy to become a successful player. Among the vital ones are the ping pong tables. They are the fundamentals of the game. If you are looking to get the ideal table, it can be a painstaking process, especially for the beginners. This is because the market offers a range of tables.

What is a good table? This is the main question that most buyers ask. However, to answer this, one needs to evaluate a variety of aspects like quality, brand, and prices. With all these considerations, you can be able to select the right table. To get a reliable product, check the below best ping pong tables reviewed.

10. STIGA Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Table

STIGA Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Table

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Are you ready to play ping pong like a pro? Here is the Stiga advantage table created for table tennis. Perfectly constructed for indoor use, it’s a heavy-duty table that offers competition performance. Additionally, the compact nature ensures it’s suitable for indoors especially offices and homes. Delivered 95% assembled, the table takes less time to put together.

When moving from one point to the other, this table is easy and quick to transport. It has 3-inch casters with locking mechanism. This lets you push it easily to the storage place. The top is 5/8 inch thick which is great for offering superb playing experience. The multiple roller finish gives the ball a smooth roll. Tournament grade 72’’ clamp style net ensures the table is ready for use.


  • Tournament grade clamp net
  • Sturdy lockable casters
  • Independent table halves
  • Safety latch system


  • Doesn’t come with accessories

9. JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table Free Standing

JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table Free Standing

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Keep yourself busy as well as friends by engaging in table tennis. The Joola compact table is one of the reliable and high quality made. Created with competition standard design, it has Olympic quality features. Whether you are playing in a tournament or for fun, the table is highly versatile. It let users play poker, board games, and other games. Also, it’s a suitable table for kids and adults.

The two halves design is superb in ensuring the table can be folded anytime. It also has folding legs that make the overall storage simple. Amazingly, the 100% preassembled design gives it more convenience than other tables. With easy to remove clamped net, it is easy to use the table for tennis or other board games. Above all the ability to be size adjusted, it means they you can play regulated ping pong at 2/3 table size.


  • Multiple usage table surface
  • Fully folding table legs
  • Compact for small spaces


  • Has no casters

8. HEAD Summit Smooth top Foldable Table Tennis Table

HEAD Summit Smooth top Foldable Table Tennis Table

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Enjoy full fun with friends and other family members by acquiring a top quality ping pong table from Head summit. The modern looking table is versatile and enables real playing experience. This is due to the ¾ inch thick surface that enables you to get real bounce and ball rolling. Despite the collapsible design, the table is highly strong which means no wobbling or shaking like cheap quality tables. In fact, the competition grade legs are strong to offers excellent support.

If you are tired of complex tables, this one is simple to put together. Boasting 95% preassembled. This means you don’t even need instructions to assemble the remaining 5%. Due to its large surface, it is a great table for family areas when not being used for ping pong. This 18mm table is ideal for setting up in your basement or other places where you can enjoy other activities.


  • Large surface area
  • Competition grade legs
  • Almost completely pre-assembled


  • None

7. Harvil Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Harvil Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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The Harvil outdoor table for table tennis is reliable and versatile for use inside or outside your house. Unlike other tables, this one features durable aluminum tabletop that is weatherproof. Therefore, even when the weather is challenging there are no effects on this table that can affect the game. Additionally, the powder coated frame is durable a reliable which is strong and doesn’t bend or break. The frame is collapsible which increases portability whole casters allow smooth movement.

For professional ping pong playing, the table comes while fully marked. This means it’s ready for use on arrival after some assembling. The vibrant white lines ensure the markings are clearly seen. Apart from compact storage, the folding design lets users experience solo training. Metal posts are strong and don’t inconvenience when playing while the net is superbly strong. Above all, locking wheels keep the table intact when stored.


  • Easy playback feature
  • Strong steel frame
  • Weatherproof tabletop


  • Less solid than rivals

6. Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table 3/4-Inch Table Tennis Table

Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table 3/4-Inch Table Tennis Table

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It is always a good idea to give your juniors a perfect ping pong playing platform. The Butterfly junior table tennis table is one of the excellent junior tables that improve players performance. Created featuring 3/4 size of regulation ping pong tables, it helps in improving skills as well as for fun. Whether it’s your first time to buy, the table is easy to use since it comes fully assembled.

Delivered with a free set of nets, the table is ready for use. Also, playing is simple even for beginners since it has a larger surface than regular tables. The folding design is classic since you can enjoy playback. Additionally, the 2 wheels on the side keep the table moving smoothly to the storage yard. For multifunction usability, the table is good for playing cards and board based games.


  • Large surface area than other tables
  • Completely pre-assembled
  • Top enhanced with protection pads


  • Tabletop feels a bit thin

5. Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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For professional tennis playing experience, this Kettler champ 5.0 provides the right option. The expertly created table is high-quality and can withstand even outdoor conditions. In fact, the aluminum tabletop is weather resistant to keep the table durable and reliable for a long time. It doesn’t suffer from wrap or dent due to weather conditions. The stable design and durable construction keep the table stable and eliminate movements.

The feet are made from galvanized and steel coated steel legs they are indestructible. They do not suffer from corrosion or rust. Despite being heavy-duty constructions, the frame and collapsible. Uniquely, this table comes with all accessories including nets, 3 stars 3 balls, paddles and table cover. 6-inch casters are impressive in keeping this table rolling for excellent storage.


  • Heavy duty caster wheels
  • Complete accessory bundle
  • Dual lock safety


  • Expensive price tag

4. EastPoint Sports Dominator 18 mm Table Tennis Table

EastPoint Sports Dominator 18 mm Table Tennis Table

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The EastPoint 18 mm table tennis table is making your home more fun during your free times. The indoors designed table is large and offers tournament grade playing surface. Regardless of your available space, this table is compact and collapsible which helps in saving space. Whether its basement, garage or rec room, its ultimate lasting fun. Whether you want 2 or 4 players, the platform is large enough.

The center is designed with tennis balls and paddle holders. Enjoying adjustable design, it is possible to set your ideal playing size. To support professional playing, the table offers a sturdy structure. Moreover, the locking wheels are superb even you are moving the table.


  • Easy to adjust the table size
  • Convenient balls and paddles storage
  • Space saving design


  • Assembling can be challenging

3. GOPLUS Foldable Indoors/Outdoors Ping Pong Table

GOPLUS Foldable Indoors/Outdoors Ping Pong Table

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The Goplus indoors and outdoors ping pong foldable table is one way to master the game. Having it in your place helps in a variety of activities. It can be placed under ping pong playing or other board games like poker and chess when not in use. Instead of straining with large tables in a small space, this one has superbly compact even for smallest spaces. With frame folding down completely, it gives an easy storage process leaving you with more space.

The legs are extremely stable and reliable. This means no more wobbles even when subjecting it to heavy-duty application, it doesn’t wobble hence perfect game without missing a shot. The thick ½’’ mdf board is smooth and tough to give balls increased bounce. Easy assembling and removable net make using this table amazing.


  • Sturdy wooden surface
  • Simple to assemble and fold
  • Rubber feet caps


  • Not really for outdoor use

2. GamePoint Tables Indoor Ping Pong Table with Locking Casters

GamePoint Tables Indoor Ping Pong Table with Locking Casters

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If you want to give your opponent great tackle, training regularly is the best way. GamePoint ping pong locking casters table is amazing. It’s a durably made table to give a solid platform where players can enjoy professional quality ping pong. Apart from the high performance, the platform is exceptionally sleek to give your playing room a great look. The top layer used in this table resists extreme sun, rust, and wrapping to maintain the table consistency.

The setting up of this table is easy and takes only 10 minutes. The reason is it comes while assembled up to 90%. By folding down into half ensures there is maximum space saving and utilization. The combination of superior frame, sturdy feet and locking wheels helps in stabling this table.


  • Sleek looking surface
  • Easy to set up and move
  • Convenient playback design


  • Only for indoor use

1. Ping pong Premier Table for Table Tennis

Ping pong Premier Table for Table Tennis

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Keep your playing skills sharp with this Ping pong table for table tennis. The home use table is designed for tournament experience hence preparing you for actual competitions. Whether you like it in the office or homes, it’s a compact to utilize it in different places. Also, it can allow competition with your friends as well as solo training due to playback features

The tabletop has 5/8 inch thickness which is sturdy and reliable for impressive results. Also, the multiple roller finish and silkscreen stripping render the table exceptional. For hassle-free storage, the frame is simple to fold as well as move with fitted with 3 inches lockable casters.


  • Easy to mount customizable net
  • Competition grade construction
  • Stable and thick top


  • None

Ping pong tables buying guide

What is the size of the playing surface?

The playing surface is usually determined on the basis of thickness. There are several thicknesses depending on the quality. Some of the tables come with tops measuring ½ all the way to 1 inch. To experience the maximum performance, the table needs to have a top at least with ¾ inch to facilitate great bounce. Thin versions are unreliable since they experience wrap quickly. Also, they have inconsistent bounces, therefore, affecting your playing performance. Apart from the thickness, the finish is also a considerable feature to look.

What are the constructions used in the surface?

Typically, the surface of different tables entails a variety of materials on the top surface. Most of the tables come with wooden surfaces. Although wood is hard enough and solid, for outdoor usage, you need to have a reliable material. The ideal option is usually aluminum. Normally, weatherproof aluminum is great since it doesn’t suffer from damage from humidity and extreme sunlight.

Does it have true playback features?

A playback feature is important since it ensures you enjoy solo playing. This is great especially when you are training. Instead of additional items, ideal tables come with a folding design which offers bouncing action. The design of folding is vital since it will affect the quality of bounce you get. Tables with a wide gap in the folding area offer less impressive bounce. On the other hand, tables without or with little gap provide a more realistic playing experience.

Is your table of choice foldable?

The kind of table you choose should be able to fulfill your needs. In most cases, people have limited space. But, getting table tennis should consider the folding ability. Normally, indoor tables are created with the folding ability to ease storage. For big tables, are better when fitted with wheels since they make it easy to move.

How is the ease of assembling?

Once the table is in your home, it should not create assembling problems. A good table always allows users to assemble in the shortest time. Since all tables require assembling, your choice should be the easiest to put together. However, for complex ones, ensure they have instructions on how to assemble. Ideally, brands offering video manuals are superb.


Ping pong tables are vital and good choice for use in different places. They are excellent ways to enjoy the game whether solo or with friends. For the ultimate experience, these table tennis reviewed in our list are great products for every ping pong lover.

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