Top 10 Best Snow Throwers in 2018 Reviews

Sometimes snow can be too annoying on the highways and parking area at your home. Many people will struggle with warmers to remove the snow. This is a tiresome method. In the modern world, you have come across devices and machines that clear off the snow in minutes. You wouldn’t be stressed up with snow if you acquired such a machine.

Well, the snow throwers are the devices we are discussing. They feature an excellent quality design hence durable. This is one aspect you need to look for in any machine for ice thrower. You also need to look at the engine capacity, mode of starting, light, the area your machine can clean with one move and finally, engine capacity. There are also other characters that we will discuss in the article.

As you plan to get a snow thrower, never get exhausted looking for the best machine as we have sampled for you the Best Snow Throwers in the modern world. Have a look at them and choose the sample that will meet your need.

10. Husqvarna ST224

Husqvarna ST224

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This is a two stage electric is designed to clear through the 24-inch path. It’s a 208 cc snow blower hence economical in consumption. It also features 15-inch tires making it move quickly. The thrower starts by electricity hence easy to operate.



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This is another two stage snow blower with well-separated steel augers. It’s ignited by electric means. The engine is small and powerful it covers 24 inches hence makes an ample clearance. It’s a durable machine that features well-placed handle s for control. The wheels present moves easier.

8. WORX WG650


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This is a small sized electric snow blower. It’s easy to has wheels to move easier. The design is durable as it’s constructed from quality material. You will like the way the machine blows away the ice within minutes. Is convenient and in will enjoy its operations

7. Snow Joe iON18SB

Snow Joe iON18SB

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The snow Joe is a small design that works wonders. It’s able to cut ice without damaging the flow. The handles are well designed hence easy to turn from one area to the other. It’s a lightweight model with a well-charging lithium battery chance your work will never stop.

6. Toro 38361

Toro 38361

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This design is also a small snow thrower. It’s easy to operate and walk around due to its lightweight nature. It’s an electric operated thrower hence makes work faster, and cleans a larger area in a short time. You will the results as it’s a lightweight machine that can go anywhere.

5. Briggs and Stratton 1696614

Briggs and Stratton 1696614

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This is another 2-stage engine blower with a capacity of 208 cc hence economical. It works faster than the other similar models. It’s easy to start as it features an electric start engine.It clears a 24-inch path within one move. This makes this machine a great deal of your work.

4. GreenWorks 26022

GreenWorks 26022

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This is a small design. It’s easy to use as the operation is straight forward. The design is simple and lightweight hence easy to carry. You will enjoy the way it cuts through the snow at 16 inches width. The model is electric powered and works faster.

3. WEN 5662

WEN 5662

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This model has great handle bars where one can easily control the machine. It clears through 18 inches very quickly. It’s small and easy to use. The design also features a durable design hence will serve you for long. Note that the machine is warranted hence you are assured of positive response when it comes to complaints.

2. Troy-Bilt 2100

Troy-Bilt 2100

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This design is a little bit large and features a better engine capacity. You will love the way it works with excellent speed and delivers quality work. The model also has handles and wheels where you enjoy controlling and mving easily. This machine is lightweight and easy to has a warranty hence you can return for repair and checking up.

1. Poulan PRO PR241

Poulan PRO PR241

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This design is big and clears 24 inches. You will be glad at how the model works quickly. It’s easy to use and move from one area to the other due to the wheels and controllers present. You will be glad to see how it consumes lee but give some excellent work.

Finally, as you plan to go and get yourself the best snow thrower, remember to check on the basic features and get yourself the best ice thrower. You can go through the review and make your better choice.

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