Top 10 Best Walking Sandals for Men in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 11, 2023

Provided the terrain is suitable, there is nothing men love doing than walk in sandals. Sandals are flexible, comfortable and make you feel at ease when on casual. As long you choose the right size that fits properly, sandals will always be a good choice for men that want to feel at ease and relax. Depending on your taste, you can choose from the open toe design or the closed toe design. The open toe design is great providing you with air around the feet. It is a good choice when walking around water while the closed design is ideal when hiking or walking on a rough terrain.

Whatever your choice, you will find sandals to be a good wear for men both outdoors and indoors. They are lighter and offer men a high degree of movement as compared to shoes. Sandals are a utility wear that can be packed with ease and always come in handy when needed. However, the different type of designs, brands, and quality of sandals for men makes the selection such a big headache.

When buying sandals, make sure you pick those made of high-quality materials like leather, have a good traction and feel comfortable when worn. Our extensive reviews help you narrow on your choices by reviewing only the best and comfortable walking sandals for men on the market currently. Read on and choose a pair that suits your feet and matches your taste.

10. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

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The KEEN Men’s H2 sandal is a great pick to start our list with a non-marking rubber outsole for good traction. These sandals are light and will feel comfortable on your feet at all times. The sandals are made of washable polyester webbing that makes cleaning easy. The footbed is an EVA metatomical and has a multi-direction lug pattern that helps further enhance traction. Overall, this is a high-quality men sandal with a secure fit lace and a TPU stability shank. It is free of PFC material and has a platform measuring 1.5 inches. The shoe is made in the USA with others imported but it remains a highly recommended sandal for men.

9. Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT Sandal

Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT Sandal

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Tava is a leading brand in men’s sandals and remains one of the best-selling men’s sandals on the market with thousands of reviews online. You can buy this with confidence knowing you’re buying a sandal from a top manufacturer with a good reputation. Made of textile and synthetic sole, this is a classic sports sandal that is ideal for most outdoor activities. It is available in all sizes so that you can choose a size that best fits your feet. The outsole is a rugged rubber that is extremely durable and ideal for traction. With heels measuring 1.5 inches, these sandals are ideal for you and offer you a good value for money.

8. Chaco Men’s Z2 Classic sport sandal

Chaco Men’s Z2 Classic sport sandal

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Chaco is another top brand in the industry, and the Z2 classic sports sandal is a quality pick for men who love the classic sporty design. The sandal is of textile, a polyester jacquard webbing upper straps, and a rubber outsole. The strap goes through the midsole and along the toe loop to provide a customized fit according to your size. This simply means the sandal even if feeling a little big can be made to fit nicely through the straps. The heel risers are durable and adjustable making the sandals feel comfortable when worn. For odor control purposes, the sandals have an anti-microbial application.

7. Fila men’s Transition Athletic Sandal

Fila men’s Transition Athletic Sandal

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FILA men’s sandal is a quality wear made from the high-quality synthetic leather and one that you will love. The synthetic leather looks great and makes the sandal feel top quality and attractive. The outsole is a durable rubber that is lightweight for faster traction and flexible movement. These sandals are quite light and can be used for sports purposes. They fit well such that you won’t feel them on your feet when walking. The upper area is greatly supported and has a nice fitting strap to keep the feet within the sandals at all times. The midsole is comfortable and soft providing your feet with a cushion at all times.

6. Xero Shoes Barefoot-Inspired Sport sandals

Xero Shoes Barefoot-Inspired Sport sandals

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This is a perfect sandal for hiking, running, walking, jogging, rafting, kayaking and doing workouts. Just as the name suggests, the shoe is inspired barefoot inspired and will not add any weight to your body. It is a pretty lightweight sandal that gives you the freedom to walk as if barefoot. Xero sandals are 70% lighter compared to other sandal brands in the market with only 5.5 m outsole thick. It is compact and flexible enough to be folded to fit in your pocket, backpack, and package for travel. This is a convenient sandal when you need to travel but don’t want shoes to occupy space in your bag. The shoes give you all the benefits of walking barefoot but still, offer you protection and comfort as you walk.

5. Northside Men’s Burke II Sandal

Northside Men’s Burke II Sandal

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Made from synthetic materials, the Northside Men’s Burke is another great sandal that retails at a very affordable price. With heels measuring 1.25 inches, this sandal is ideal for walking on various terrains comfortably. It is a closed toe sandal that comes with a durable upper that is water resistant. A toggle close and a bungee cord lacing keeps the feet firmly within the sandals and allow you to even run without the sandals coming out. A protective rubber toe guard further helps protect the toe and make you comfortable. The EVA midsole is contoured and texture to match to your feet and give you stability as you walk.

4. Atika Men’s Sports Sandal Maya

Atika Men’s Sports Sandal Maya

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Atika Men’s sandals are a colorful choice and an ideal option for both men and women. The sandals have a colorful, cool grey and black color looking stunningly good on your feet when worn. They have great foot-friendly features that ensure you walk comfortably and have the sandal fit you well. The insole is cushioned to ensure your feet rests on a soft and comfortable place. Arc support further ensures your feet remain within the footbed. The high strength straps are durable and adjustable. Users can adjust them with ease to fit their feet size and hold the feet firmly when walking. For easy access and security, the sandals have attached Velcro straps.

3. Teva Men’s Katavi Slide Outdoor Sandal

Teva Men’s Katavi Slide Outdoor Sandal

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The Teva Katavi men’s sandal is a pretty simple slip on and off sandal. You simply slide in your feet, and you’re ready to go. Made from a suede/mesh and a rubber outsole, the Katavi sandal is the perfect sandal for men when looking to spend some quality time outdoors. While the sandal is not the best for hiking or running, it is a great choice when relaxing outside or just camping. The sandal is wide and features a tri-tone amp strap that firmly holds your feet. The strap has the Teva Logo embroidery on top and the back side of the outsole. Traction on several terrains is made possible through a rubber outsole with a textured surface.

2. Nike Men’s Celso Thong Plus sandal

Nike Men’s Celso Thong Plus sandal

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Nike is one of the biggest brands out there when it comes to footwear, and it does not disappoint when it comes to this amazing Celso Thong Plus sandals. The design of the sandals is pretty simple, and one easily slips the feet on. It is a synthetic sandal with a tough rubber outsole that offers great traction. The upper fabric is detailed nicely with zigzag stitching and some very excellent trim details. You will love every detail about this sandal from the soft lining footbed to a rubber and phylon Eva midsole. The Nike level can be seen in the upper fabric looking stunningly great.

1. 4How Men’s Leather Sandal Outdoor Shoes

4How Men’s Leather Sandal Outdoor Shoes

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Made from the high-quality cow leather, the 4How is the best men’s sandals out there with a wide array of features. It has a large shaft measuring 3inches from the arc and 1-inch platform. The cow leather material is on the outside, but internal materials are fabric mesh while the outsole is a synthetic rubber. This premium leather is quite durable and dry very fast making the sandal a great choice for outdoor activities where you come close to water often.
For easy access and security, a hook and a loop together with three adjustable straps allow users to adjust the tightness of the feet inside the sandals. This further enhances support and comfort.


Give your feet a breather by getting one of these sandals today. They are the best choices in the market and remain highly recommended for men looking for high-quality sandals. You will get the flexibility and comfort you always wanted when outdoors.

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