Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars in 2019 Reviews

Pull up bars remain one of the best ways to work out the upper body. The upper body part is crucial for any workout. This is where the chest, triceps, arms, shoulders, back and other muscles are found. While there are several gym equipment to work out the upper body, pull up bars present and easier choice. First, this is because these bars can easily be mounted on the walls at home. Wall-mounted pull-up bars are quite easy and simple to use. They come without with little complications making them a favorite for most fitness enthusiasts.

Well, if you’re looking for the best pull up bars, we are offering you the top-rated, and best wall mounted pull up bars in the industry. Our reviews narrow down your search for the top pull up bars to ten picks. These are pull up bars that you can easily install at home and safely workout from the comfort of your home. They are a simple alternative to having to visit a gym on a daily basis. Take a look at our top wall mounted pull up bars below and select one that best suits your needs.

10. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Doorway Pull Up Bar

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Doorway Pull Up Bar

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The Ultimate Doorway pull up bar is a wall-mounted pull-up bar with rigid performances and space-saving capability. It is a premium quality pull up bar designed to offer you a better workout every day. This is a rigid doorway pull up bar with thick steel tubing frame construction. The bar stands 2.25 inches away from the door, giving you ample space to exercise with confidence. It is a versatile pull-up bar with three grip positions to increase your rep counts. Overall, this is a precision-engineered pull up bar with easy home installation. The bar comes with a complete set of installation hardware and instructions. You can achieve complete sets of pull-ups and a wide range of exercises. This body press is designed in the USA and comes with 10 years warranty.


  • Durable steel tubing construction
  • Enough 4.25 inches space from the wall
  • Three grip positions to increase reps
  • Easy installation


  • The angles on the bars don’t suit everybody

9. XMark Commercial Multi-Grip Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

XMark Commercial Multi-Grip Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

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The Xmark is one of the best upper-body workout pull-up bars in the market. It is a highly recommended bar with a sturdy and durable construction. This bar is your best pick at taking your upper-body fitness to the next dimension. The bar features uniquely engineered angled and parallel hand grips. The bar design offers countless hand positions. You can easily work out different parts of the body to achieve the desired results. The knurled grip of the bar offers you a great grip. It allows for intensive workouts without any risks of slipping. Overall, this is a pretty solid unit that comes with an easy installation process.


  • Solid construction
  • Angled and parallel hand grips
  • Easy installation
  • Supports intensive workouts


  • The grip texture is a bit rough

8. Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar

Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar

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The Titan is a simple yet effective pull-up bar with a weight capacity of 500lbs. This bar allows for either vertical or horizontal installation in minutes. It is a leading bar that allows for customized mounting using 16-inch wood studs. You can mount the bar at 16, 32 or 52 inches apart. The bar easily mounts n concrete walls and any width. It is an excellent choice on the list that comes with 48 inches bar for immediate use. Overall, this is a versatile choice to pull up bar that allows for easy height adjustments. The bar weighs a mere 35lbs and is pretty easy to install.


  • Easy installation
  • Height adjustments for customized use
  • Strong and supports 500 pounds max weight
  • Heavy-duty metal construction


  • Seems pricey

7. Wall Mounted Pull up Bar

Wall Mounted Pull up Bar

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This is a multi-functional wall mounted pull up bar and one of the best picks on the list. It is a specially designed bar that helps strengthen the entire upper body. The bar helps one perform pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and leg raises. This is a practical and compact pull up bar that can fit anywhere in the gym, garage, home and pretty much anywhere. It allows you can perform exercises anywhere without any problems. This is a standard size pull up bar that installs 20 inches from the wall. The bar offers a firm grip with a wide 5 inches bar. There are a total of 8 grip positions to enable you to work out different body parts. Overall, this is high-quality steel pull up bar that supports up to 440lbs.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Supports up to 440lbs
  • Eight grip positions for different body workouts
  • Multi-functional
  • Compact design to fit anywhere


  • Pull up not perfectly centered

6. CFF Wall Ceiling Mounted Pull up Bar

CFF Wall Ceiling Mounted Pull up Bar

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The CFF is a quick pull rack to help you exercise your upper body. This is a simple design wall or ceiling mounted pull up bar to consider buying. The rack is pretty easy to install vertically or horizontally. This is a heavy-duty pull-up bar with a sturdy and durable construction to withstand heavy loads. It is a commercial quality pull up bar with a joist/stud mounted system. The pull-up bar features a wide 46 inches bar. The bar sits a safe distance of 30 inches from the wall for safe workouts. You can easily perform ring dips, pull-ups and kips without wall limitations. The installation of the bar is also simple and straightforward. Overall, this is a great selection pull up bar that supports 300lbs.


  • Strong and supports 300lbs
  • Offers a safe wall distance of 30 inches
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Commercial quality


  • A little big when you have little space

5. Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

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This is a 47 inches wide multi-position pull up bar to help workout different upper body muscle. It is an extremely reliable and efficient pull bar to buy. The wide bar allows for firm gripping at narrow, parallel and wide positions. This way, you easily get to target different body muscles. The design of the bar is angled, helping protect the wrists from coming into contact with the bar. This is a quality pull up bar with two suspension anchors. The anchors are quite strong and support additional training attachments. Overall, this is a sturdy steel construction bar with knurled wide grips to prevent slipping. This bar can load up to 286lbs. It also features a powder-coated finish to prevent rust and corrosion.


  • Knurled wide grips that are non-slip
  • Supports up to 286lbs
  • 2 anchors to support additional training attachments
  • Multi-position grip to work out different parts


  • Lacks lag bolts for wood stud mounting

4. OneTwoFit Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull up Bar

OneTwoFit Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull up Bar

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This is a leading wall mounted pull up bar in the industry with a sturdy and durable construction. It is a leading pull up bar with options to mount on different wall types. The bar unit features a solid and sturdy construction. It features a high-grade steel frame construction and a black matte powder coating. The bar can resist rust and corrosion for long-lasting use. This pull bar comes with six mounting holes on each stand to allow for easy and quick installation. Overall, this is a sturdy and stable pull up bar that supports up to 330 pounds. It is an ergonomic design bar that disassembles easily for storage when not in use. The bar is quite versatile and can perform a wide range of upper body workouts. It also features comfortable and cushioned grips for a firm grip.


  • Comfortable and firm grip
  • High-grade steel frame construction
  • Powder-coated black matte finish
  • Strong and ergonomic design


  • Not suitable for hollow brick walls

3. GOPLUS 2 Pull up Bar Chin up Station

GOPLUS 2 Pull up Bar Chin up Station

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This is a heavy-duty steel frame chin-up bar construction for long-lasting durability. The bar unit features a powder coating to prevent rust. This is a solid pull up bar that will last for years. It is an excellent buy with ample padding to keep your hands safe from bruises. The hands hold the foam padding instead of the direct steel bar. This way, you get to work out while protected. The superior construction of the bar supports up to 250lbs. Overall, this is a gym-quality pull up bar with easy and quick installation. The bar is highly multi-functional and exercises different upper body parts. All mounting hardware and instructions are also included for easy installation.


  • Easy installation process
  • Ample padding
  • Supports up to 250lbs
  • Multi-functional


  • Not the strongest

2. Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar

Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar

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This is by far the simplest pull-up bar on the list and an exciting choice to buy. It is a one-weld chin-up bar with attached neutral grips. The bar is extremely reliable and offers an excellent upper body workout. This bar comes with a knurled grip for a firm and safe use. There are no cheap foam rubbers that wear with time. It is a pure steel frame bar capable of supporting heavy loads. The bar also installs pretty fast in minutes for immediate use. Mounting involves four mounting bolts with pre-drilled holes.


  • Easy mounting
  • Durable steel frame construction
  • Attached neutral grips
  • Knurled grip handle


  • Paint is fairly slick

1. Premium Pull Up Chin Bar Doorway Gym Fitness

Premium Pull Up Chin Bar Doorway Gym Fitness

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The premium pull up bar brings our search for the best pull up bars to an end. It is another excellent choice bar with a simple installation process. This is a perfect gym-quality bar that will turn your home into a small gym. The bar delivers multi-position grips to exercise different muscles in the upper body. You can easily perform push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, dips and chin-ups using this bar. There are three grip positions of narrow, wide and neutral. The bar also comes with foam grips for safe and firm gripping without slipping. Overall, this is a safe and secure pull up bar to consider buying with confidence.


  • Multi-grip options
  • Three grip positions
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to install


  • Poor hardware instructions

How to choose the best wall mounted pull up bars for home use

Finding the best wall mounted pull up bars is not an obvious thing for most people. There are several factors and features one needs to consider. Now that you know the leading pull up bars on the market let’s have a look at crucial features to consider.

Installation location

Even before you start selecting a suitable pull-up bar, make sure you have an ideal location to install it. Remember, the bars are installed permanently and need a secure location. Check the location and ensure it matches with the bar you intend to buy. The chosen pull up bar must be compatible with the location of installation. You don’t want a bar that will not install on wood or concrete wall. The location must also offer ample space from the ceiling.

Weight capacity

The next important feature to consider is the weight capacity of the bar. You need to choose a bar that can safely accommodate your weight without risks of falling or breaking. For heavy persons, make sure you look for bars with heavy load capacities. Remember you will be exercising daily on this bar and it needs to withstand your weight.

Bar specifications

You also need to check the bar specifications to ensure you’re getting a suitable bar for your needs. Look at every single detail from dimensions and only choose bars that match your needs.

Material and durability

Go ahead and check the materials used to construct the bar. In most cases. Steel tubing stands out as the best material for pull up bars offering durability and reliability.

Ease of installation

Lastly, you need a pull-up bar that is easy to install. The ideal bar needs to come with the necessary installation hardware and instructions. You don’t want to look for a professional to install a pull-up bar.

Final verdict

These are the best wall mounted pull up bars on the market with excellent features. These pull up bars are the leading picks on the market from different brands in the industry. You can never go wrong, choosing a pull bar for home workouts. These bars feature sturdy and durable constructions for long-lasting use. Go ahead and select one from the list that best suits your needs and desires.

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