Top 10 Best Weighted Vests in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 13, 2023

Are you training hard and think you’ve hit your plateau? Sometimes, when we train too hard, our muscles become stronger and bigger. It reaches an extent where further training will not achieve any extra result. However, we can give our bodies something more by using best-weighted vests. These are vests that come with weight in them to give you more resistance in training. They help kick start your muscle growth and stamina. The vests are pretty simple garments but a great way to make your exercise more challenging. A simple jog in the evening can become more challenging with a weighted vest.

However, choosing the best weighted vests can be a bit challenging. Luckily for you, this is where we come in and help you find the best weighted vests. Our reviews narrow down your choices of the best weighted vests to 10. These are top-rated weighted vests with pretty exciting features. You can be sure of increasing resistance and achieving your fitness goals with any of these amazing vests. Check them out below and choose one that best matches your needs and desires.

10. Aduro Sport Weighted Vest Workout Equipment

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest Workout Equipment

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This is a weight workout vest ideal for weight training and cardio. The vest adds weight and helps increase the intensity of your workouts. It is a decent choice vest that adds weight evenly to most parts of the body. This way, you get to work out without straining certain parts of the body. It is a perfectly designed vest that will not slip out or fall during the workout. The vest is designed for both men, women, and children. It features an adjustable front belt for a snug fit. There is a further mesh pocket on the back to create an extra weight room when needed. This, coupled with a lifetime warranty, makes this workout vest a decent pick.


  • Extra mesh pocket on the back for more weight
  • Adjustable front belt thus a great fit
  • Anti-slip design thus stays on without moving
  • Perfect for cardio and weight training


  • Few cases of leaks

9. ZFO Sports Weighted Vest 30lbs – 80lbs

ZFO Sports Weighted Vest 30lbs – 80lbs

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This is a premium quality weighted vest and a decent choice on the list. It is an excellent choice vest with a wide weight range. The vest is available from a minimum weight of 30lbs to a maximum of 80lbs. You can choose a perfect weight size to match your exercise needs. It is a decent choice weighted vest with a water bottle holder. Besides, the water holder is designed to fit a wide range of bottle sizes of 16oz or small. Overall, this is a universal size weighted vest with one-size fit all. It comes highly recommended for use. There is a further belt attachment on the vest for easy and quick setup.


  • Easy and quick setup due to belt attachment
  • Available in different weight sizes thus versatile
  • Comes with water bottle holder
  • Pocket for phones and other devices thus convenient


  • Low-quality weight bags but cheap to replace

8. ZELUS Weighted Vests 20lbs/16lbs/12lbs/8lbs/6lbs/4lbs

ZELUS Weighted Vests 20lbs/16lbs/12lbs/8lbs/6lbs/4lbs

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This is another premium quality weighted vest made of chloroprene rubber to last. It is a pretty solid weighted vest that stays rigid. Besides, the vest is breathable, soft, and elastic, offering a great fit. It is a perfect choice for all sports lovers and one to use in extreme conditions. The vest comes with stuffed iron sands to make it heavy. The weights are safe and chemical-free. This vest also comes with adjustable buckle straps and reflective strips for a great fit. The reflective strips help you keep safe on the road when running at night. There are also integrated pockets for personal belongings. Overall, this is a decent choice weighted vest to order with confidence today.


  • Integrated pockets hence space for personal belongings
  • Adjustable buckle straps thus a snug fit
  • Reflective strips thus keep you safe on the road
  • Chemical-free iron sand stuffing thus safe to use


  • Does move around a little but pretty decent

7. CAP Barbell 20-150 LB Adjustable Weighted Vest

CAP Barbell 20-150 LB Adjustable Weighted Vest

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This is another durable weighted vest to consider buying. The vest features reinforced polyester and nylon construction. You can be sure the vest will last you for long and offer long-lasting use. This is a fully adjustable weighted vest with a belt. The belt adjusts to give a snug fit. This way, you can exercise without the vest slipping off. It also comes with a padded shoulder strap for maximum comfort. It is an adjustable design vest that adds or removes weight. There are also anchor hooks ideal for a parachute or run training. Overall, this is a quality weighted vest that has been in use for years in the fitness industry.


  • Easy weight adjustment thus fits a wide array of needs
  • Reinforced nylon and polyester thus strong and durable
  • Adjustable belt thus a great fit
  • Reflective strips thus enhanced visibility at night


  • Tends to put too much weight on the vest

6. CROSS101 Weighted Vest 20lbs-80lbs with Shoulder Strap Pads Option

CROSS101 Weighted Vest 20lbs-80lbs with Shoulder Strap Pads Option

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This is another versatile weighted vest that comes with an optional shoulder pad for comfort. It is an adjustable design vest that supports weight removal and additional. Moreover, the vest comes with a front water bottle holder. You can comfortably exercise while carrying your water with you. The vest comes with secure straps that hold everything together. You can be sure it will remain place without moving around. Overall, this is a quality weighted vest to meet a wide array of training needs. It also comes with a manufacturer warranty for confidence buying.


  • Comes ready to use with weights included
  • One size fits all thus versatile
  • Adjustable weight options
  • Secure fit due to adjustable straps


  • Straps a little harsh on the body

5. miR Air Flow Weighted Vest with Zipper Option 20lbs

miR Air Flow Weighted Vest with Zipper Option 20lbs

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This is a machine-washable weighted vest and a pretty decent pick. The vest is pretty easy to clean and maintain. Remember, after training, you need to get rid of the sweat. This means a lot if the vest is easy to clean. It is a hybrid material vest with excellent airflow. The vest allows you to sweat and release heat without trapping it as you exercise. You can keep cool and exercise for longer without much heat. It is an adjustable vest design with all weights easily removable. Moreover, the vest bottom straps adjust with ease to fit a wide array of weights. There is a further lifetime warranty to order with confidence.


  • Removable and adjustable weights thus customizable
  • Great fit due to adjustable bottom straps
  • Keeps cool due to breathable material
  • Machine-washable thus easy to clean and maintain


  • Cases of dye bleeding

4. RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest

RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest

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This is an adjustable design weighted vests with pretty amazing features. The vests are available in different sizes of 12lbs, 20lbs, 40lbs, 50lbs, and 60lbs. You can choose any weight that best fits your exercise needs. Besides, they are comfortable vests with adjustable shoulder straps. You can train for long without feeling any shoulder stress. This is a durable weighted vest choice that comes with a lifetime warranty. Moreover, the vests provide equal weight distribution for easy training. You can exercise without straining your back and shoulders.


  • Equal weight distribution thus no straining
  • Adjustable shoulder straps thus a great fit
  • Comfortable due to padded shoulder straps
  • Available in a variety of weights thus versatile


  • Velcro straps don’t go low enough

3. Tone Fitness 8lb Weighted Vest

Tone Fitness 8lb Weighted Vest

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This is a comfortable weighted vest with a soft neoprene stretchy fabric construction. The vest feels soft on the skin and stretches for a great fit. It is a customizable vest with adjustable straps for a custom fit. You can be sure the vest will fit snugly and not slip or fall off. It is a perfect weighted vest with 8 pounds of weight for added resistance when training. Moreover, the weights are evenly distributed. You can work out without compromising other parts of the body. It is a versatile design weighted vest designed for both men and women. The vest size comes in one-size fit all.


  • Universal one-size-fits-all
  • Custom-fit due to adjustable straps
  • Soft and stretchy fabric hence comfortable
  • Even weight distribution


  • Lack of petite size for small persons

2. ATIVAFIT Sport Weighted Vest 8lbs/16lbs

ATIVAFIT Sport Weighted Vest 8lbs/16lbs

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This is another high-quality weighted vest that comes in two weights of 8lbs and 16lbs. It is a comfortable vest made of soft and stretchy fabric material. This material is breathable and soft, feeling comfortable on the skin. Besides, the vest fillings feature premium iron pellets that are safe and chemical-free. This is a decent choice weighted vest for men and women to buy. You can use it for weight loss, strength building, muscle building, running, walking, and weight lifting. It is a decent pick with adjustable buckle straps for a great fit. Overall, this is an ergonomic vest with a non-slip design to stay in place.


  • Stays in place due to a non-slip design
  • Breathable fabric material thus keeps cool
  • Chemical-free fillings thus safe
  • Adjustable buckle strap thus custom fit


  • A little tricky to put on

1. RitFit Adjustable Weighted Vest with Neoprene Fabric for Men and Women

RitFit Adjustable Weighted Vest with Neoprene Fabric for Men and Women

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This is another decent choice weighted vest for men and women. It is a soft and stretchy vest featuring the neoprene fabric material. Moreover, the vest is breathable, allowing for cool air to circulate. You can exercise without trapping the heat and sweat inside. This is a good quality weighted vest with built-in pockets for personal belongings like keys and phones. The vest is stuffed with safe and chemical-free iron pellet fillings. In addition, the vest features an adjustable front and side straps for a custom fit. There is a further reflective strip and edge protector for added safety when jogging at night. Overall, this is a perfect choice weighted vest for core strength training.


  • Perfect for core strength training
  • Odor and chemical-free iron pellet fillings
  • Adjustable front and side buckle straps thus custom fit
  • Breathable and soft fabric


  • Not for running due to a single strap on the torso

Factors to consider when choosing the best weighted vests

Finding the best weighted vests is no easy thing. You need to research and consider various vest features. This way, you can get a quality vest that suits your needs. Below, we discuss the most important factors that every buyer must consider before making any purchase.

Intended use

Weighted vests are designed differently for different needs. The available weighted vests come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. Each design goes towards a certain purpose. Different activities require different vest shapes. Make sure you understand the main reason for getting the vest in the first place. The intended purpose will help you make a wise purchase decision.

For example, weighted vests for running can be designed with lighter loads. However, vests for calisthenics can be a little heavier or allow for weight adjustment. However, the selected vest must offer a flexible motion range.

The right weight

The actual weight in the best is the reason you’re buying a weighted vest. The ideal weight of the vest is an important aspect to consider. You don’t want a vest that is too heavy or too light. The general rule is to have a vest that weighs at least 10% of your body weight. A weighted vest weighing around 20lbs is a perfect choice for persons weighing 200lbs. It is important to start low and add more weight as your muscles become stronger.

Adjustable weights or fixed weights

Next, you need to decide between fixed or adjustable weights. Most people tend to consider vests with adjustable weights for flexible use. However, fixed weight vests are also ideal for specific workouts. Adjustable vests tend to be more expensive as opposed to fixed vests. Most of these vests will have either sand or metal bars inside. Make sure you understand your needs and choose accordingly. If you perform a wide array of exercises, then adjustable weights are considered the best.

Full size or short stack vests

You also need to consider the vest size and choose accordingly. Full-size vests feature weights on the back and front. The weights cover the entire torso and abdomen. However, full-size vests can impede your motion when performing exercises that require a lot of movement. On the other hand, short stack vests leave the abdomen area free, leaving the weight on the back and chest area. They provide a wide array of movements and are ideal for running.

Final verdict

In conclusion, these are by far the best weighted vests on the market. The vests are highly rated and come recommended for safe exercising. Make sure you achieve your fitness goals today by choosing one of these amazing weighted vests. You can never go wrong picking one weighted vest from our exclusive list below.

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