Top 15 Best Women’s Flats in 2022 Reviews

Last updated on January 07, 2022

Women flats are derived from a soft ballet shoe, with a very thin heel; or the appearance of no heel at all. Ballet flat style sometimes boasts a classy ribbon-like binding surrounding the low tops of the slipper. It may also have a slight gathering at the top of the front side of the toe box (vamp) and a small decorative string tie. Women flats may be tightened or adjusted to the foot of the wearer by means of the string tie.

The importance of the women’s flat has existed and still remains fresh since 16th century, when even men wore a similar shoe which was referred to as pompes. During medieval times these flats were popular with both women and men. Ballet flats are also usually referred to as ballet sneakers or ballet pumps. They are oftenly designed specifically for outdoor wear, using a vast variety of fabrics and normally with a rubber sole.

While heels hold the most glamour in women’s shoes, flats are more popular in the women’s shoe category for their practicality. But with there being a countless number of flats available, it is getting increasingly hard to choose the most suitable flat for your needs. To solve this problem, we have compiled a list of the best women’s flats to make your shoe shopping a little bit easier. We hope you will enjoy it.

15. Lucky Women’s Emmie Ballet Flat

Lucky Women's Emmie Ballet Flat

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If you are looking for stylish comfortable and decently priced flats, Emmie shoes are it. The First impression about t hese shoes is that they are of the highest quality and it is not often that you find flats that are this well-padded on the interior. The extra padding fitted in the Emmie flats provides maximum support such that you can stand or walk for long hours without tiring. Design wise; the Emmie flats have a functional design where they can be worn both casually and officially.

14. BOBS Skechers Women’s Plush Slip-On Flat

BOBS Skechers Women's Plush Slip-On Flat

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In this day and age where fashion is king, or perhaps, in this case, queen, nothing beats trendy clothing and footwear. It so happens that the Bobs flats from Sketchers are both trendy and cool. The best thing about them is that not only are they comfortable but they come in different colors and pattern designs to complement or supplement your attire. Some variants have punchy and vibrant colors that will make you stand out wherever you go.

13. BOBS Skechers Women’s Plush Peace and Love Flat

BOBS Skechers Women's Plush Peace and Love Flat

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Like the Bobs Plush above, these Bob’s Peace and Love are trendy but are a bit on the conservative side of fashion. The Bobs Plush line features punchy and vibrant colors while the Peace and Love flats feature darker colors. Wearing them makes a statement that you are trendy and fun but not overly so. These Peace and Love flats come with an extra thick layer of padding to provide you with extra support and comfort.



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Nowadays, flats are not just about comfort, but they also portray a person’s character as is the case with theDream Pair. These super flexible flats take up the design of Ballerina shoes and transform them into an everyday shoe. The flat toe front found in ballerina shoes is replaced by an elegantly curved front as part of the transformation. The Dream Pair flats also feature a synthetic rubber sole with an elastic topline to hug your feet for maximum support.

11. Crocs Women’s Kadee Flat

Crocs Women's Kadee Flat

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Everything about the Kadee flats is synthetic. The Kadee’s uni-body build is designed to allow maximum aeration within the shoe. This is thanks to its open top design and multiple holes around the shoe. What’s more, this shoe comes with a one-inch sole to provide the wearer with sufficient elevation.

10. Skechers Sports Women’s EZ Flex Flighty Flat

Skechers Sports Women's EZ Flex Flighty Flat

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When it comes to shoes, it is not always about fashion and trendiness. Sometimes and under certain conditions, people just want convenience and support by shoes without giving too much thought about looks. So while the EZ Flex Flighty is not the most trendy of shoes, they offer more comfort, support, and grip than most flats on this list and hence why they made it into our list.

9. dexflex Comfort Women’s Caroline String Tie Flat

dexflex Comfort Women's Caroline String Tie Flat

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There is not much to say about the Caroline flat apart from the amazing fact that it combines every aspect a girl looks for buying a flat. It features a sturdy and durable rubber outsole with a classic string bow tie on the flexible upper. If you think the exterior is special, wait till you hear about the memory foam padded interior. Yes, you read correctly. The interior of the Caroline flat is super comfortable and supportive such that you can wear it confidently in both a business setting and a casual setting.

8. Jessica Simpson Women’s Mandalaye Rubber Ballet Flat

Jessica Simpson Women's Mandalaye Rubber Ballet Flat

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When it comes to buying shoes, there is a huge difference between buying heels and flats. Shopping for heels is exciting while buying flats is almost like a flat feeling. The exception to this rule is the Mandalaye flats. Not only do they have a celebrity’s name on them but they are comfortable and supportive especially with the ankle strap on. What’s more, the leather exterior is soft and comes in various colors.

7. BOBS Skechers Women’s Plush Fashion Slip-On Flat

BOBS Skechers Women's Plush Fashion Slip-On Flat

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These Plush Fashion flats from Bobs Skechers look and feel great. Some flats are notoriously known for being cheaply made, but that’s not the case with these flats. They feel well made, feature a thick rubber outsole and memory foam on the inside for comfort. As for the looks, this stylish shoe features a printed top made of synthetic fiber. The flat comes in various colors that can match just about any outfit you own.

6. Clarks CloudSteppers Sillian Jetay Flat

Clarks CloudSteppers Sillian Jetay Flat

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The Sillian Jetay flat from Clarks is perhaps the most flexible shoe in this review thanks to its highly flexible rubber outsole and stretch fabric. Not that you will ever need it, but it is good to know that this shoe can bend to form a perfect concave or convex shape. As for its design, the Sillian Jetay flat has a slightly raised heel to provide a decent elevation off the ground. The build quality of this flat is nothing to sniff at. With a moisture wicking sock combined with a memory foam padding on the interior and slip resistant rubber outsole, the Sillian Jetay flat is perfect for errands.

5. Bella Marie Angie Toe Ballet Flats

Bella Marie Angie Toe Ballet Flats

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The pictures of these Ballet flats don’t do these shoes any justice. In person, these Ballet flats are cute and have a unique pop of color that helps liven up the flats classic design. What’s more, these flats are well made; they have a pointed toe and a slight heel. A potential problem you might face with these Toe Ballets is the narrowness, so if you have wide (wider than average) feet, you should consider buying a size higher.

4. Crocs Isabella Jelly Flat

Crocs Isabella Jelly Flat

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Crocs Isabella flat is the shoe to turn to when you just want to wear something simple. True to the Crocs purpose, the Isabella Jelly flat is open, lightweight and easy to wear. The top of this flat is made of soft translucent TPU that is designed with cutout floral patterns. As a continuation of the Crocs philosophy of producing open shoes, these Isabella flat has a peep toe shape at the front to give the shoe a beautiful, feminine shape.

3. Sanuk Donna Hemp Flat

Sanuk Donna Hemp Flat

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The Sanuk Donna flat is a retro looking hemp flat. The shoe comes with a 0.75-inch rubber outsole that protrudes throughout the length of the shoe giving the impression that the shoe is designed after sandals. As for the top, it is fabric made with double elastic on either side to allow effortless wearing or removing. Just below the elastic side, the Donna flat features an embroidered logo as well as double breathable grommets.

2. Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet Flat

Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet Flat

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It is safe to assume that every woman is familiar with Hush Puppies flats from where I come from. These flats have a lot going for them; they are extremely cute, trendy, comfortable, and flexible and best of all they can be obtained at affordable prices. As expected, the Hush Puppies come in different sizes and colors. The 0.25-inch rubber outsole on these flats is made for comfort, traction, and durability while the upper of t his flats is made from high-quality suede leather with a cutout arch for enhanced breathability.

1. Hot Chocolate Design Chocolaticas Bon Voyage Mary Jane Flat

Hot Chocolate Design Chocolaticas Bon Voyage Mary Jane Flat

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It would be almost criminal to talk about this Bon Voyage flat without mentioning its unique map-themed print on the upper. While the shoe lies on the expensive side for flats, its overall high-quality build and the vibrant colors on the print enhance the looks of the shoe to make it worth every penny. The outsole is made of tough, flexible rubber while the inner sole is cushioned with memory foam for support and comfort. For more comfort, the interior of the Bon Voyage flat is padded with soft fabric.


As you’ve seen above, there are a countless number of flats available on the market. To add to this conundrum, many other flats are being released daily to cater to all the needs of consumers. While this might be a potential problem for you if you are an undecided kind of person, these flats provide additional options for shoppers. This way, there is a flat available for everybody regardless their need. Whether you want an errand flat, a casual flat, a stylish flat, a work flat or a multi-purpose flat, this review is what you need to get the flat you want.

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