Top 10 Best Hair Dryers and Blow Dryer Reviews

There a lot of hairdryers available on the market, owing to their necessity in everyday life. But how do you choose a hair dryer that works for you, and which are the best quality products available on the market at the moment? There are lots of options to consider, and most products have similar functions but vastly different outcomes and results. Below, we round up some of the best value hairdryers that are online, and the advantages and disadvantages of them all, so here are our top 10 products reviews, to help you get the best hairdryer you can for your money.

1. 6th Sense Masterpiece Professional Hair Dryer

6th Sense Masterpiece Professional Hair Dryer

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This is a gorgeous, hand crafted hair dryer, used throughout Europe in the finest salons. But, aside from the stunning design, why use this product? This is one of the most reliable products on the market, and it is renowned for its quality. The disadvantage is the price, but if you’re looking for a long last hairdryer to keep for years, even decades, this is the one for you. It has a powerful output, even given its relatively low 1600 Watts.

2. Rusk W8less Professional

Rusk W8less Professional

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This dryer blasts the power, with a heavy 2000 wat motor. It has a ceramic grill, and an impressive 7 heat and speed setting. This is great for those who need the power cord to stretch across a room, as it features an 8 ft cord. It is at the mid-range of the price market, and is a great value option. It also includes a nozzle attachment for extra precision.

3. Berta Professional Folding Blow Dryer

Berta Professional Folding Blow Dryer

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The advantage of the product is in its low price, but without compromising on quality. This is a great option for those who need to travel, as the lightweight body make it easy to carry around. There is a limited number of settings compared to other models on the market, however for basic use that is all you will need. The other advantage is in the sound reducing technology, which is great for use in early morning or late at night.

4. Andis 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer

Andis 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer

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This is a compact hair dryer, which folds at the handle for easy storage. It is an ionic hair dryer, which results in smoother hair. Additionally, it has a retractable cord, for even easier travelling. The downside however comes with a lower power output, and the foldable design does compromise some of the quality, which is a shame. However, for those looking for an easy and portable hair dryer you can’t do much better than this.

5. Remington AC9096

Remington AC9096

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This salon-level delivers fantastic results at an affordable price. It has a salon-grade motor which means the motor delivers 4x longer life span. It also comes with a nice range of attachments for extra styling options. It has a nice range of speed and heat settings, but nothing out of the ordinary. One reported issue however is the lack of cap on the air-suction back of the device, which is something to watch out for.

6. Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer

Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer

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This is a professional hair dryer, and that is evident in the price. However, if you’re able to spend a lot more on a hair dryer, then this is a great option. It reports up to 60% more power than most other hair dryers, and the salon-level usage is evident in the fantastic ergonomic design of the handle. This is a fantastic brand, renowned for their high quality products, however the only downside is the price.

7. Ovente X3

Ovente X3

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This is at the cheaper end of the market, but the build quality is very nice for the price you pay. There is also a powerful motor inside, but with cheaper dryers this doesn’t always transfer into a great quality dry. It comes with standard heat and speed settings, and the manufacturer has put an emphasis on science to try and give a professional standard dry.

8. Tourmaline Ceramic 2100

Tourmaline Ceramic 2100

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This dryer aims to give salon level results at home, and for the price it absolutely delivers. It is heavy duty, and has received fantastic reviews from professionals and home users alike, an impressive feat! The product is well built, with a comfortable handle. The motor is reliable and long lasting, and this is a great investment dryer for those looking to keep the same dyer for a long time.

9. MHD Professional Salon Grade

MHD Professional Salon Grade

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For various reasons, people sometimes need a quiet dryer, and this is the primary offering of this dryer. However, it also delivers reasonable power and quality. The directional nozzle is a good quality, allowing for additional styling options. This is a solid choice for the price.

10. xtava Allure

xtava Allure

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The white color here really makes this product stand out, and the ultra-powerful 2200 watt motor means this dryer packs a serious punch, which is great for those looking for something extra in their dryer. This is a popular brand with salons, so you are investing into a reliable product. The only disadvantage is that for the price there are better options out there, so while there is nothing wrong with this, you might find a better deal out there with other models.

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