Top 10 Best Knife Sharpeners Reviewed

Last updated on June 05, 2017

Do you want to enhance your efficiency in the kitchen as well as preserve the authentic flavors of fresh vegetables and fruits? If so then, you need a sharp knife. A sharp knife in your kitchen is safer, as compared to a blunt one, which may even change the taste and appearance of your veggies and cause physical injuries. That is why it is imperative to get yourself the best knife sharpener that will enable you to sharpen your knife somewhat easily. Therefore, if you are looking for the best knife sharpener in the market, here is a list of the top ten knife sharpeners that will surely make your choice effortless.

#1: Priority Chef sharp knife sharpener

Priority Chef sharp knife sharpener

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This knife sharpener is a must-have kitchen tool. It has a two stage system that makes it can turn even the bluntest knife in your kitchen into a sharper knife. The first slot on this sharpener removes the bluntness on the edge of the blade and the second one offers a razor-sharp edge on the blade. Priority Chef?s 2 stage sharpening system is light in weight, and it comes with an ergonomic non-slip rubber handle that gives you a firm grip during sharpening. Furthermore, Priority Chef has been designed to allow left and right handle people to use.

#2: 3 Stage Professional Knife-Sharpening System

3 Stage Professional Knife-Sharpening System

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The 3 stage precision sharpening system enables you to sharpen both ceramic and steel knives comfortably since it allows you choose either a coarse, fine or ceramic sharpening. It works well on any blade style or size, including hunting, sporting and kitchen knives. It helps you achieve a sharper edge and ensure your expensive knife last, with its strong handle it makes it the safer for you to use.

#3: 2-STAGE Knife Sharpening System

2-STAGE Knife Sharpening System

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This is the number one choice for professional chefs; with only four strokes you will be able to turn your blunt kitchen knife into a razor-sharp edge. It has two stages ceramic wheel meant for fine sharpening and diamond wheel meant for coarse sharpening. This two stage sharpening system comes with a durable design that makes it last for years even if you are using it regularly.

#4: The ChefSharp Knife Sharpener

The ChefSharp Knife Sharpener

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ChefSharp Knife Sharpener is your perfect kitchen companion; it comes with amazing features that give razor-sharp results quickly, hence making it suitable for chefs. It has an ergonomic, comfortable non-grip handle with lightweight components that make it easy handle and use. Also, ChefSharp Knife Sharpener has a beautiful finish that compliments every home.

#5: Priority Chef Knife Sharpener

Priority Chef Knife Sharpener

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If you have been looking for a knife sharpener that will give a razor-sharp result in just a few strokes, then Priority Chef Knife sharpener is your best buy. It has a diamond coated wheels that will make your knife sharper than never before, also it is very easy to use, you can sharpen your all knives in the kitchen in few minutes. It comes with a durable construction and elegant design that complements any kitchen design. Additionally, it has a two sharpening stages for excellent results.

#6: SharpChef 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

SharpChef 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

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This is one of the most durable sharpening systems that is suitable for both home and commercial use. It gives you professional results for ceramic and steel blades. SharpChef 3-Stage Knife Sharpener has a non-slip rubber handle with an ergonomic grip, making it completely safe and since it has no moving part to wear or break it will last for years. Also, apart from its elegant and modern design that compliments any kitchen design, this sharpener also is easy to use; it has a fine slot for a honing and coarse slot for reshaping.

#7: KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

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KitchenIQ Edge Grip is the best knife sharpener suitable for daily knife maintenance and for sharpening your damaged knives. It comes with a unique design, V-Grip Bottom to enable you to use on the counter or edge of your kitchen. This knife sharpener is made of high quality metal to make it last and give you the best results. Also, it has a Soft grip handle to enable you to use comfortably and easily. Moreover, in spite of it being the best, it doesn?t sharpen serrated edge knives.

#8: AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener

AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener

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AccuSharp 001 gives you a razor-sharp edge on your knives easily in within a very short time; you just draw this sharpener over your knife and your blunt knife is turned into a sharp edge easily. This sharpener comes with a safety hand grip that helps prevent cuts, making it one of the safe sharpeners in the market. Its sharpening blades are made from the hardest materials diamond-honed tungsten carbide making it last for years.

#9: KnifeBuddy knife sharpener

KnifeBuddy knife sharpener

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This is a three stage knife sharpener that gives you sharp edges on your ceramic and steel knives since it comes with three sharpening rods: coarse, ceramic and fine for efficient sharpening. You can use KnifeBuddy to sharpen a chef knife, pocket knife, paring knife, credit card knife, or hunting knife. With this knife sharpener three to four pulls is enough to make your knife sharp. Also, concerning safety, it has a non-slip rubber base with a long and ergonomic handle to keep your hands safe from cuts.

#10: LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener

LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener

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If you have been looking for a knife sharpener that will enable you sharpen knives quickly, easily and more safely at the comfort of your home, then LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener is the best buy for you. It is a two stage knife sharpening system that features an automatic blade positioning guide that holds the knife in the right position, and with a long-lasting non-slip suction cup feet to keep it firmly in place when it is in use. It also has two stages, stage one for reshaping angles, rejuvenating and sharpening the edges, stage two for honing and polishing.

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