Top 10 Best Shipping Label Printer in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 13, 2023

If you happen to sell products online, shipping them requires shipping labels. For a long period, shipping labels were associated with big companies. However, in a world where almost everyone is into e-commerce, shipping labels are very common. You need the best shipping label printer to create perfect shipping labels. Every product you ship must be labeled for identification. The last thing you want is to make labels by hand. So, how do you choose a quality shipping label printer?

The market is flooded with hundreds of shipping label printers. In this post, I’ve analyzed and narrowed down your search to 10 top shipping labels. My review covers the top-rated shipping label printers in the market. Here, you’ll find simple handheld printers to industrial-grade printers for busy businesses. Check them out below and choose one that best suits your shipping label printing needs.

10. Thermal Label Printer – iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer

Thermal Label Printer - iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer

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The thermal level printer is a high-speed printer capable of printing up to 72 sheets measuring 4mm by 6mm in a minute. It is an industrial-grade label to seriously consider buying today. The label works efficiently and improves your productivity. It is a versatile printer that meets the needs of various platforms like Shopify, Amazon, UPS, eBay, and USPS. This is a durable label printer that can last for years. It features a custom print head that can handle 160,000 standard labels. In addition, the printer features advanced thermal direct technology for seamless printing without toner or ink.

Overall, this is a premium shipping label printer with auto label detection. It adjusts precisely and automatically for excellent results. The printer is also portable and a convenient pick to carry and use anywhere in the warehouse.


  • Lightweight and compact hence portable
  • Advanced thermal direct technology for easy printing without ink
  • Automatic label detection
  • High-speed printing thus time-saving


  • Difficult configuring settings

9. MUNBYN Label Printer

MUNBYN Label Printer

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The MUNBYN Shipping label printer is designed to be easy to use and operate. It comes preloaded with software which makes it very simple to set up and configure. The user interface on this machine is extremely intuitive, making them perfect for beginners. You can get started right away without having to spend hours learning how to use your new machine. The model also offers an array of features, including automatic detection of labels, auto-identification of labels, multi-language options, and many others.

Overall, this is a decent label printer to seriously consider buying. The printer is compatible with major sales and shipping platforms hence a great buy.


  • Very affordable price tag compared to most high end printing devices
  • Simple to install and use
  • It can be used with almost every operating-system
  • Prints labels quickly
  • Has a large selection of different sizes available


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty labeling applications such as food packaging

8. Polono Label Printer -150mm/s 4×6 Thermal-Label-Printer

Polono Label Printer -150mm/s 4x6 Thermal-Label-Printer

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Polono Label Printer is an exciting printer choice to save you money on ink and supplies while increasing productivity at work! It’s easy to use and has many features, including automatic detection of labels, auto power-off after 30 seconds if not connected, and much more. You don’t have to worry about wasting expensive ink because it only prints one color, so there are never any wasted sheets of paper. Plus, this model also includes a built-in storage tray where you can store extra rolls of labels when they’re not being printed.

Overall, the printer makes a great buy as it saves you money. It also comes with everything you need for immediate use.


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Prints labels quickly
  • No waste of ink
  • Automatic label detection for precise results


  • Requires frequent maintenance

7. DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter Thermal Label Printer

DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter Thermal Label Printer

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The DYMO thermal label printer prints XL shipping labels. It also works great as an ID tag printer, so you can print your own custom tags on the spot! The DYMO LabelWriter is designed specifically for printing shipping labels that are used by businesses around the world. This model includes all necessary accessories such as ink cartridges, paper rolls, ribbon spools, etc. This makes it easy to get started right out of the box. You’ll be able to start using this product immediately after unpacking it.

Overall, this is a fast, reliable way to create shipping labels quickly and easily. If you’re looking for a quality solution at a reasonable price, look no further than the DYMO LabelWriter Printer.


  • Fast – Printing takes less time than most printers I’ve seen
  • Reliable
  • Easy setup – Plug & Play
  • Consistent quality


  • Not very user friendly

6. K Comer Shipping Label Printer

K Comer Shipping Label Printer

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The K Comer Shipping label printer is another quality choice on the list. It is a premium printer that will help you create professional-looking labels quickly and easily. The price tag may seem steep, but this model has some great features, including an automatic cutter which makes cutting labels quick and easy. Other exciting features include a large LCD display screen so you can see exactly where you are placing each label and a fast printing rate. This unit also includes a USB port so you can connect directly to your computer without having to use a separate cable.

Overall, if you want a reliable and affordable option, then look no further than the K Comer Shipping label maker.


  • Automatic Cutter, therefore, cuts labels into different shapes.
  • Large LCD display screen hence easy to read information about the current status
  • Fast printing rate –
  • Auto power off after 15 minutes of inactivity, thus energy-saving


  • Pricey

5. ROLLO Label Printer – Commercial Grade

ROLLO Label Printer - Commercial Grade

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The ROLLO Label Printer is a commercial-grade direct thermal printer designed specifically for high-quality printing labels in large quantities. The ROLLO Label Printers are built using only the highest quality components available today. They feature an advanced thermal print head which allows them to produce sharp text and graphics while maintaining excellent color accuracy. It is also compatible with all standard label sizes up to 8 inches wide.

Overall, this is a fast and precise way to create your own custom printed labels. You can use it as a standalone unit or connect it directly to your computer through a USB cable. This makes it easy to set up and operate even if you have never used one before.


  • Prints labels from 1.5″ – 4.0″ wide thus versatile
  • Supports most popular label formats such as USPS A4, Avery Dennison, Tyvek, etc
  • Works great with both Windows &MAC OS X operating systems
  • Fastest label printers on the market


  • Requires 2 AA batteries

4. Jiose Shipping Label Printer,Thermal Printing -Label -Machine

Jiose Shipping Label Printer,Thermal Printing -Label -Machine

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The Jiose shipping label printer comes with several exciting features. It is a compact label machine that prints on both sides of paper or plastic film at speeds ranging from 0.5 inches per second to 1 inch per second. The label printer has an automatic cutter that cuts off any excess tape after each job. This makes it easy to use in small offices where space may be limited. You don’t have to worry about wasting time when using this product because there are no moving parts inside the device.

Overall, this is a highly compatible printer that will work well with almost every operating system out there. If you want to get started right away, then we recommend getting it today1


  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • No maintenance required
  • Long life span


  • Pricey

3. Brother QL-1100 Wide Format Label Printer

Brother QL-1100 Wide Format Label Printer

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The Brother QL printer is an efficient pick that can be used in many different applications, including mailers, shipping containers, point of sale displays, retail packaging, etc. It features a USB port which allows it to connect directly to your computer via a standard USB cable. The Brother QL also has a serial connection, so if you have another device connected to this printer, then you will not lose connectivity when connecting through the USB port. Makes it easy to set up &operate.

What’s more, you do not even need to download drivers because all you need to do is plug the printer into your PC’s USB slot and start printing!


  • Prints on wide-format labels up to 4″ width
  • Crop bar codes and other graphics
  • Compatible with most popular operating systems like windows 7/10/XP/Vista
  • Free Software Development Kits available for both android and windows platforms


  • Not compatible with Mac OS X

2. Shipping Lable Printer – 4×6 Printer

Shipping Lable Printer - 4x6 Printer

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This is an exciting shipping label printer with numerous features. The printer has the ability to automatically identify each label it produces so that they can be sorted into different categories based on their content. This makes it easier to find specific types of labels quickly. It also allows users to set up multiple templates, which are then used as default settings whenever new labels are printed. It is an affordable printer with an easy setup.

In addition, the printer is widely compatible and works with most operating systems. You can print crystal clear labels in minutes.


  • Widely compatible with windows and mac system
  • Support autodetect label type
  • Very fast printing speed
  • Quiet and smooth operation


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty usage

1. Shipping Label Printer – 152mm/s Desktop Label Printer

Shipping Label Printer - 152mm/s Desktop Label Printer

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This is our final best label shipping printer and label maker machine. I’m sure this is your first choice when looking for an affordable shipping label printer. The Phomemo desktop printer features include high-speed printing, large capacity, low noise, fast start-up time, simple operation, durable construction, and many other great qualities. This model has been tested by thousands of customers around the world. I’m confident that you’ll be satisfied with its performance.

Overall, this is a quality printer with easy setup and use. It also includes short how-to videos to guide you on setup and usage.


  • High-Speed Print
  • Large capacity
  • Low noise operation
  • Simple operation
  • Durable construction


  • No Cons!

Factors to consider when choosing the best shipping label printer

Now that you know the best and top-rated shipping label printers, it is time to choose one. However, there is one more step before you can decide on a suitable printer. This is considered the most important printer feature. Check and consider these features before choosing the desired printer.


The price of your shipping labels will depend on how many labels you need and whether or not they’re going to be printed with barcodes. If you only want one set of labels, then it may make sense to buy an inexpensive model that prints just enough labels at once.

However, if you plan to print lots of different types of labels, then you should look for something more expensive as this allows you to get better quality printing. You might even find yourself needing to replace ink cartridges regularly, which could add up over time!

Print Speed

This refers to how quickly your printer produces labels. It doesn’t matter too much if you don’t use them all straight away, but ideally, you would like to be able to produce several hundred labels per minute. Some printers offer faster speeds than others. However, most models available today come with around 100-200 labels per minute.

Barcode Printing Capability

Most shipping label printers include built-in scanners that allow you to scan items into their database using a QR code or other type of barcode. These scanners usually work well, although there are always exceptions where the scanner isn’t accurate enough.

A good option here is to purchase a separate scanning device such as a handheld laser scanner. Alternatively, you can opt for a standalone software package that does both scanning and printing.

Software Compatibility

Make sure that the software provided with your new shipping label printer works with whatever operating system you currently use. For example, Windows 7 users won’t be able to install Linux-based programs, whereas Mac OS X users cannot install Windows applications.


Look for a lightweight design that fits comfortably in your hand without being bulky. Smaller machines tend to weigh less and therefore feel lighter to hold. They’re easier to carry around and store in small spaces.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, there really isn’t one “best” shipping labels printer on the market today. If you need something that will be able to print up to 100 labels at once, then it might not matter if they cost $100 or $1,000. On the other hand, if you only want to print 10-20 labels per day, then you should look into getting an inexpensive model.

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