Top 10 Best Baby Bathtub in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on January 01, 2020

In the past, many parents bathe their babies in kitchen sinks. Today, there are several good quality baby bathtubs on the market. Most of these tubs are lightweight, small and portable, so you can fold them into your suitcase with ease. Likewise, there are baby tubs designed to be used inside a standard size bathtub, while others can fit into a sink.

Though there are different baby bathtubs on the market, you don’t have to go the sophisticated way. A good quality baby tub should at least cradle your little munchkin to a comfortable position, have rounded edges, and mildew-resistant. For babies less than six months, contoured design bathtubs are ideal. You should also consider tubs with mesh slings. As they grow, infant tubs wouldn’t be appropriate, so you need a bigger plastic baby tub. Fortunately, there are many convertible baby tubs that let you use from infant stages to toddlers.

Below is a selected list of the best baby bathtubs on the market. The list has taken into consideration the above points. Furthermore, some of them are great budget options, so wouldn’t have to dig deeper into the pocket to give your baby a deserving bath.

10. BabyDam Bathtub Divider

BabyDam Bathtub Divider

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BabyDam is a customizable bathtub that you can use through different baby growth stages. It is ergonomic in design; everything is set to save you resources you are using whether water, energy, space, or time. It is also simple to set up, so it shouldn’t take you more than a minute to install. The tub can fit in most standard adult bathtubs, and it can be installed on either end of the bathtub. However, you can only install on smooth surface bathtubs.

9. Puj Tub – The Soft, Foldable Baby Bathtub

Puj Tub - The Soft, Foldable Baby Bathtub

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If you don’t have a bathtub at home, this foldable tub is what you need. It can easily fit in most standard bathroom sinks. It is also convenient to carry around or store it. In fact, when it is hanging flat, it is hard to imagine that it is a bathtub. Apart from being mold and mildew resistant, it is also comfortable for the baby.

8. Blooming Bath – Baby Bath (Canary Yellow)

Blooming Bath - Baby Bath (Canary Yellow)

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Blooming Baby bathtub is flowery designed baby bathtub that offers a better alternative to plastic bathtubs. It is made of super soft polyester plush, so it keeps your little munchkin relaxed during a bath. Generally, it is small in size, so it is suitable for babies who are six months old or younger. On top of this, the tub machine washable and can be dried using a dryer.

7. Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub

Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub

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Shnuggle offers much flexibility when compared to most baby tubs. Essentially, you can bath your baby anywhere (outdoors, kitchen sink or bathroom tub). Most mothers love it because it is lightweight, so it is easy to carry around. Its sleek design contours your baby’s tiny frame and keep him or her comfortable while bathing.

6. Puj Flyte – Compact Baby Bathtub – Infant, Newborn, 0-6 Month

Puj Flyte - Compact Baby Bathtub - Infant, Newborn, 0-6 Month

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If you have ever looked for a bathtub that can comfortably fit into your suitcase, then Puj Flyte allows you to achieve that. You can either use this tub at home or while on your vacation. Its design and shape makes compatible with most pedestrian and countertops sinks. On top of this, Puj Flyte cradles and offer protection for your little during a bath.

5. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub, Blue

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub, Blue

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This budget-friendly baby tub lets you bathe your little one from a newborn to a toddler. Its mesh sling and headrest offer extra comfort for small babies during a bath. But as they grow, you can remove the sling to create more room to accommodate the baby. Another positive feature of this tub is that the mesh link is machine washable and dryable.

4. 4moms, Baby Bath Tub, White

4moms, Baby Bath Tub, White

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This is one of the most high-tech baby bathtubs in the market. It has a built-in color-coded digital thermometer to let you know when the water is warm enough for the baby. Another unique feature is the side drain that lets out dirty water while the clean water reservoir let fresh water to flow in.

3. Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub

Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub

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This newborn bathtub is ergonomically designed to keep the baby in a relaxed position during a bath. The manufacturer didn’t forget about the parents too. The sturdy platform makes it easier for the parent to bath the baby from a comfortable height. Moreover, it has a larger tub that can let you bathe your baby up to two years old.

2. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub

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As the title suggests, this is a four stage convertible bathtub that offers the convenience of accommodating your baby bathing needs at various stages. For newborns, it is suitable to use the mesh to hold him or her in position. The next stage is to use the ‘baby stopper’ to keep the baby from slipping and sliding. Sit-Me-Up offer support to unstable sitters, while the spacious tub accommodates grown toddlers.

1. Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

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Once your baby has outgrown the newborn bathtub, it might be time to transition this ducky-shaped tub. The bathtub is ideal for travel since it is foldable. One of its desirable features is the built-in temperature technology. When the water is too hot for the baby, the safety disc turns white.


Baby bathtubs form a vital part of quality baby care, so it is worth the time and money to get your baby a quality bathtub. Some of the above baby bathtubs can grow with your baby, so you wouldn’t need additional investment along the way. With the best options to select from and the right information, you wouldn’t need to resort to guesswork anymore.

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