Top 10 Best Baby Thermometers in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 11, 2023

Babies are so precious and if you are a new parent, one of the scariest moments you will encounter is when your baby gets his or her first fever. Babies getting fevers is not a new concept, so it is better to arm yourself with a good thermometer to detect the fever before it gets worse.

Luckily for you, this review features the best baby thermometers on the market. Getting the right thermometer for your baby is not a light matter, so you can read on to learn about the different types of baby thermometers to put you in a better position to choose the most suitable one for your precious one.

10. Metene Digital Forehead Thermometer

Metene Digital Forehead Thermometer

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The Metene is a highly sophisticated thermometer that uses infrared technology to read the temperature on your baby’s forehead. The infrared technology in this thermometer is such that you don’t need to make contact with the baby’s forehead. Unlike traditional thermometers, you simply place this thermometer near your baby’s proximity to get a reading. Despite not coming into contact with your baby, the Metene thermometer provides grade-A accuracy that matches any hospital.

9. Dr. Madre Medical Thermometer

Dr. Madre Medical Thermometer

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Like the Metene thermometer above, this Dr. Madre uses infrared technology to read body temperature. The scan feature in this thermometer is super accurate and yields results in an instant. What’s more, the Dr. Madre thermometer features a backlight display and a speaker that announces the temperature reading of your baby if you are in a dark room. The sound can be changed from English to Spanish or can be turned off at your discretion.

8. OCCObaby Baby Thermometer 2017

OCCObaby Baby Thermometer 2017

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This particular OCCObaby thermometer on review is the 2017 version meaning it is the most recent and most updated version. Apart from the standard features like infrared, silent mode, backlight, instant results, etc. that the previous version had, the 2017 OCCObaby has received some new upgrades. This limited edition received upgrades such as waterproofing and a flexible tip to make it a better all-around thermometer.

7. Zoe+Ruth Forehead Thermometer

Zoe+Ruth Forehead Thermometer

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The Zoe+Ruth baby thermometer has a lot going for it in regards to features. For starters, this thermometer provides multi-functionality such that you can use it on babies as well as objects such as baby food and bath water, etc. The infrared technology coupled with the innovative microchip processor featured in this model yields fast and accurate readings. What’s more, the Zoe+Ruth comes equipped with backlight display that makes it easy to read in low light environments

6. REMEDIES Forehead Thermometer

REMEDIES Forehead Thermometer

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Like all the thermometers we’ve featured above, the Remedies thermometer features infrared technology. This technology doesn’t require contact with the body. In fact, this thermometer will work at a maximum proximity range of about 1.9″ from the body. The microprocessor fitted in this model make it such that the readings are displayed instantly once the temperature has been recorded. With an LCD screen and clear buttons, the Remedies is extremely easy to use.

5. ARC Devices Digital Thermometer

ARC Devices Digital Thermometer

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The ARC Devices is a digital thermometer that combines ease of use and sophistication. This digital thermometer features InstaTemp mechanism. As advertised, the InstaTempdelivers accurate and instant readings at the touch of a button. The infrared technology encourages no-contact use which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and infections. As you would expect from a thermometer of this stature, the ARC Devices features a backlight multi-color LCD that helps reading in low light environments.

4. Withings Thermo – Smart Thermometer

Withings Thermo - Smart Thermometer

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The Withings Thermo is truly a remarkable thermometer. With up to 16 different infrared sensors, it is at the pinnacle of thermometer brilliance. With the help of the powerful microchip fitted in the thermometer, the infrared sensors record more than 4,000 measurements to deliver the hospital grade accuracy in an instant. This thermometer encourages hygiene with its no-contact use. What’s more, the Withings Thermo features a touchscreen interface and a fever management system that syncs with your smart device to help monitor your situation and provide feedback.

3. MeasuPro Forehead Thermometer

MeasuPro Forehead Thermometer

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The MeasuPro is a no contact forehead thermometer that is suitable for babies but can also be used on adults of all ages without compromising on the reading’s quality level. The infrared technology provides accurate and instant readings that are easy to read on the digital display screen. When it comes to notifications and alerts, this no-contact thermometer gives you an option of muting or unmuting the sound settings.

2. Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer

Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer

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The Kinsa Smart is a digital thermometer that is compatible with smart devices to allow monitoring and tracking of fevers in both adults and children. The free Kinsa Smart app records important medical data such as symptoms, dosages, and temperature in a time-stamped log for easy assessment. The best thing about this smart thermometer is not the fact that it has a simple to use interface but the fact that it provides real-time updates on the children’s fever.

1. Huluwa Baby Electronic Thermometer

Huluwa Baby Electronic Thermometer

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Based on many factors and backed with our professional opinion, the Huluwa is the best electronic baby thermometer on the market. This thermometer has a lot going on for it. For example, it features a large display screen that shows accurate body readings as well as object and room temperature readings. The readings are recorded by the infrared sensors fitted in the thermometer. As you would expect, the Huluwa operates in a no contact method and its overall design has been customized to optimize measuring.


As a new parent, you should always be aware when your child is showing signs of sickness. Since your baby cannot communicate verbally when he or she is sick, a baby thermometer is one of the most effective methods for determining your baby’s health. So whichever thermometer you opt for, ensure it is accurate, easy to use and reliable. Hopefully, the information provided here will provide enough insight to help you buy the best thermometer for your baby.

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