Top 10 Best Car Cradles & Mounts in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on January 01, 2020

Your phone is your savior. It has all the excellent things you would not want to lose through the drop and break process. It’s costly, and you won’t manage to hold the stress when it’s broken. Well, these and other occurrences are what we face on a daily basis as we pursue our daily missions. Since our phones are delicate, they need extra care for them to serve you better.

Some gadgets can make your car a better phone holder. A place where you can view your phone and receive the calls in the comfort of your seat. If you are planning to acquire a car cradle and mount, then there are a few things you need to put into consideration. First, look at the quality of materials used. Are they sustainable? Check at the magnet and note its ability to keep your phone intact. Consequently, look at the size. Does it adjust to accommodate your phone? These plus other features will be covered fully in the following top ten Best Car Cradles & Mounts Review.

10. iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder

iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder

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This model is designed to add safety to your iPhone models and Samsung phones.It opens several inches to allow your phone to fit perfectly. The design stretches so that you can have a closer and clear view of your phone. It also sticks firm to the dashboard hence making your gadget safe.

9. Koomus Pro CD-M Universal CD Slot Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder

Koomus Pro CD-M Universal CD Slot Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder

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If you want a product that will hold all your phone types, then Koomus is your deal. It’s the easiest to fix and rotates through 360 degrees. Since it’s attached just above the CD slot, you will find it easy to view and operate your phone. It’s durable, and you will like its appearance.

8. Wuteku UltraSlim Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

Wuteku UltraSlim Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

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This is a classy design and will look awesome in your car. It’s one of the top most rated models.It attaches to your dash board and rotates smoothly to give you an excellent viewing angle.It uses strong magnets hence makes your gadgets secure and intact.

7. Universal Magnetic Car Mount

Universal Magnetic Car Mount

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This is a stylish design that features strong magnetic power. It holds firmly to your car dashboard, and you will like the angle created for viewing. This design rotates smoothly and will give you the best protection ever. It’s classy and fits your tablets and phones. It’s the solution to safe phone use while driving.

6. Scosche MAGDMB

Scosche MAGDMB

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This is a design made to secure your phones and tablets. It features strong magnetic strength hence able to hold onto the dashboard tightly. This model is easy to use and rotates through 360 degrees to give you the best viewing angle. You will like its design that is cradle free.

5. EXSHOW Car Mount

EXSHOW Car Mount

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This design features a high suction cup to enable it to stick to your wind screen has a long arm with a stable base to ensure your phone is safe and secure. You can keep your eye on the road as you drive through the highway. No distractions are experienced. You will have the ever best viewing experience.

4. Mpow Car Phone Holder

Mpow Car Phone Holder

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This cradle mount is an excellent model designed to keep your phone safe. It’s easy to fix as you insert it in your CD space. It is easy to use, and you will like how it works to hold your phone together with its three side grips. It’s also adjustable and rotates quickly to give you a high viewing angle.

3. AUKEY Cell Phone Holder

AUKEY Cell Phone Holder

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This car cradle is easy to fix and remove. You will also find it one of the safest ways to keep your phone. The three bars secure your phone firmly. The mount features a quick release button that, makes your operations easy. It’s rotatable a hence good viewing angle.

2. WizGear Magnetic Mount

WizGear Magnetic Mount

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This model features a powerful magnetic feel that keeps your phone safe. It’s easy to install, and you will like the rotation that allows you to view your phone with ease. It features and double pack hence you can use both your phones at the same time. It’s durable and safe to use.

1. Maxboost Car Mount

Maxboost Car Mount

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This is also a universal design made to keep your phones and tablets safe while driving. It has been designed to give you a pleasant viewing experience from its rotating nature; you will like the way it mounts on your dashboard and the strength it holds your phone.

Finally, as you plan to drive safely, remember to get one car cradle and install from the list above. We have carefully selected the best just for you.

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