Top 10 Best Dog Harnesses in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 13, 2023

Getting the best dog harnesses reviews can help you achieve more control of your dog especially when walking. As compared to a collar, harnesses are better for dogs with trachea and neck injuries or respiratory problems. A collar will only pull your dog causing it to cough or bruise the neck. In addition, harnesses are safer and more effective for dog training. They are also good for a variety of breeds including Chihuahua, Beagle, English Mastiff, and Bulldogs.

To find the best type of harness, you have to consider a number of things. First of all, you must measure your dog”s neck and chest to determine the correct size. This will ensure it fits perfectly. You should also think about safety, weight, comfort, price, and the quality of material used to make it.

With the existence of many different types of dog harnesses, finding the right type can be very stressful. This guide gives all the information you need to know in order to find the best harness for your furry friend.

Below is a list of the best harnesses you can find on the market today. Ensure to choose the one that suits your dog.

10. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

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This harness is designed to enable controlling your dog easily without pulling them forward and choking them. When your dog tries to pull, the front ring prevents it from moving forward. This makes its legs completely off the ground. The harness also comes with a back ring which is perfect for hiking and jogging activities particularly for a dog that is well trained.

It is styled with an easy on and off attribute. This helps dog owners to put the harness on their dog without having a hard time. It also comes with two neck and chest straps which are designed to enable owners to adjust and make the harness fit perfectly on their pet’s body. You can also loosen or tighten the harness by sliding the adjuster and either pushing or pulling the straps through it.

Your pet’s security is also assured with this perfect harness. This is due to the two fast-release-buckles that comes with it. They help protect your pet when it tries to slip out. The harness is also breathable with heavily padded straps which makes your canine friend happy when wearing it.


  • Cheaper as compared to many other harnesses
  • Ideal for everyday walk and also training your pet friend how to move side-by-side
  • Padded and breathable straps prevent hurting your pets’ skin
  • Waterproof feature to protect your dog from moisture
  • Very comfortable for your pet


  • Some users find the straps not able to be adjusted easily, they are somewhat stiff

9. Voyager (All-Weather) Dog Harness

Voyager (All-Weather) Dog Harness

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As the name suggests, Voyager is good for all kinds of weather or seasons. It is therefore perfect for taking your dog anywhere irrespective of the weather conditions. The breathable mesh material used to make it gives proper insulation during the chilly days and also preventing sweating on hot days.

It comes with heavy-duty-metal D-ring and a very strong-velcro-closure. This gives a secure attachment on the leash providing extra security. This feature allows you to have great confidence when walking around with your dog. The mesh is also soft around the chest and neck. This prevents it from choking and straining or harming the skin.


  • Strong and very comfortable
  • Allows easy fastening with quick adjustment straps
  • It nearly fits all dogs due to a wide variety of sizes
  • Protects your dog’s skin from chafing


  • It’s a little bulky for some dogs

8. JUXZH (Truelove) Dog Harness

JUXZH (Truelove) Dog Harness

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This one is created with an ergonomic and very comfortable design to make sure it fits clearly and to enable easy take off and put on. The mesh is lightweight and heavily padded in both belly and chest to prevent injuring your pet.

The leash is equipped with two sturdy and durable attachment-points, one on the chest and other on the back. These are made of stainless steel O-ring and aluminum-alloy v-ring respectively. The points are good for controlling your dog in a better way when either running or walking.

It also comes with a sturdy handle to enable attaching the dog to your car’s seatbelt when riding. In addition, it is made with reflective threads. This is necessary for proving visibility when walking with your dog at night preventing unnecessary accidents.


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Very comfortable mesh-lining
  • Quality and affordable
  • Secure and safe for everyday use


  • It can be very rigid at first

7. Eagloo Dog Harness

Eagloo Dog Harness

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Eagloo is created with two rings of zinc alloys one on the back and other on the chest. You can easily use the ring on the chest to control your canine friend better when it pulls. You can also use the ring on the back to pull your dog without choking or stressing its neck. It has a 3M-reflective-stitching for night visibility and a sturdy handle to help fasten the dog on your vehicle when riding.

The material lining is well padded and highly breathable to provide an additional level of protection and comfort. It’s also not possible to harm your dog due to the soft padded material. Adjusting and wearing is also easy due to the completely adjustable straps on both neck and chest. This is good for customization and ensures that your dog, no matter the size, fits the harness.


  • Perfect for everyday walk
  • You are assured to get your size due to its broad adjustability and many varieties of sizes
  • It is sturdy, easy to wear, and made to last longer
  • Enables better control of your pet


  • Not suitable for all dog breeds due to a limited number of sizes

6. Chai’s (Best Outdoor) Dog Harness

Chai's (Best Outdoor) Dog Harness

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Chais is a modern and very safe dog harness with some wonderful features. It’s made from oxford-material which is highly resistant to scratch. This prevents it from wearing out quickly. It’s also lightweight and created with an ergonomic-design in mind. Taking off and putting on is easy. The material lining is padded with a soft-sponge to allow extra comfort in both belly and chest when your dog is being pulled.

It includes two points of attachments made of zinc alloys. These include the D-ring and O-ring on the back and chest respectively. Other than preventing injuries on the spine, neck, and windpipe, it also supports and gives greater control to handicapped or already injured dogs. This feature is useful when standing, climbing stairs, walking.


  • Able to support all types of dogs including the injured ones
  • Simple to fit and use
  • It is light in weight eliminating much pressure in the spine and neck
  • Perfect for training your dog how to walk abreast


  • Sometimes when performing hard training, the buckles become loose and fail to protect your pet as required

5. Copatchy Dog Harness

Copatchy Dog Harness

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This is good for a wide range of activities including hiking, running, jogging, and walking. It’s simple in design and very comfortable. It includes a top handle to give additional control when running or walking. Like most other harnesses, it comes with soft-sponge-padding and a breathable mesh to keep your fur friend comfortable as always even during hot days.

The top extra handle enables to control both the elderly and hard-pulling dogs. It neither gives stress to the neck nor harming or choking the throat. It’s therefore designed for luxury and comfort of your dog. The harness is ideal for all types of dogs, whether it’s a retriever, bulldog, terrier, pit bull, or any other type of breed.


  • Allows easy control of your canine friend
  • Can fit perfectly on your dog due to a range of sizes
  • Made to last for a long time
  • Ideal for long hikes and walks


  • Inferior in design. It sometimes rotates from side to side when walking

4. PoyPet Dog Harness

PoyPet Dog Harness

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This is padded heavily and is perfect for outdoor adventures. Also good for activities like dog training, running, and among others. It comes with reinforced webbing, and back and front clips. The latter is used to make your dog relaxed while walking, and the former is necessary to discourage pulling. The harness is created for maximum safety, comfort, and adjustability.

The harness is made of elastic material that wraps around the belly to give maximum stretching factor. This feature helps to reduce strain, absorbs jerks, prevents your pet from getting harmed, and allows extra comfort. The handle is padded with soft fillings to make your hands comfortable when walking your dog around. You can also use the handle to tie the dog in your car when driving.

Additionally, it’s highly durable and lightweight. The latter gives the users maximum dexterity when controlling the dog. The straps are adjustable and come with three snap buckles. They are also highly customizable to help find the right fit for your dog.


  • Good quality
  • Adjusting the straps is very easy for all dogs
  • Convenient to take off and put on
  • Highly recommended for the safety of your dog


  • More expensive as compared to many harnesses in its category

3. EcoBark (Max Control & Comfort) Dog Harness

EcoBark (Max Control & Comfort) Dog Harness

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As the name implies, this dog harness is created from eco-friendly materials such as recycled-plastic-bottles. This adds an extra level of durability and improves the ultra-padding design. It is choking-free and has no-pull technology. The mesh material is double layered and highly durable. This makes it sturdier as compared to the common dog harnesses.
The anti-rub technology is also a common feature in this dog harness. It protects your canine friend from injury with the custom-stitched-cover design. This is great for control innovation and enables ultimate comfort. The buckles are powerfully-built for an increased degree of strength and lasting certainty.

It is made to stay higher than many other types of harnesses. This makes sure that the dog or puppy does not escape during usual walks, or when running. Particularly, this is made to protect the windpipe from harm. It is highly recommended for both small dogs and puppies.


  • Ideal for all size of dogs
  • Very affordable
  • Protects your dog from choking and also harming the throat
  • Lightweight


  • Limited adjustability and not advisable for dogs having more the 65lbs

2. PetSafe (Easy-Walk) Dog Harness

PetSafe (Easy-Walk) Dog Harness

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This is one of the best dog harnesses that guarantees you a perfect fit due to a wide range of sizes. It has four points of adjustments for easier fitting and a front-chest attachment to discourage pulling. This is a feature that is not common in other harnesses. The neck is protected from pressure and choking due to the soft sponge padding on the material. Majority of people love this product due to the sturdy adjustable straps, and the fact that it doesn’t rest on the pet’s throat but chest. The harness enables an even distribution of pressure across the belly and chest.


  • Suitable for a wide variety of dogs, even the brachycephalic and broad-chested types
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Straightforward to use and also clean
  • Ensures stress-free walks


  • Lacks the reflective feature and only works well when wet

1. PetLove Dog Harness

PetLove Dog Harness

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This is a common dog harness with all types of size. It’s relatively cheap but high in quality. It is created with modern styling and is very ideal for dogs with sensitive skin because it is well-padded. It lightweight, breathable, and includes a hand grip. The reflective material is also included for night visibility.

Taking off and putting on is child’s play. The loading capacity is large and this good for increasing the tensile strength. Comfort is taken care of on the chest and neck area. This eliminates too much concern about discomfort and safety when purchasing the product. It’s also scratch-resistant preventing quick wear and tear. Also, the straps are highly adjustable for custom fitness.


  • It is easy to use. You don’t have to lift your dog’s paws to identify the correct direction
  • The straps fit perfectly especially on the chest
  • Perfect padding for the comfort of your pet
  • Suitable for all pet sizes


  • Sometimes you can have a hard time finding the correct fit

Buying Guide for the Best Dog Harness

The following is what you should consider when selecting the best harness for your dog.

Quality and Price

The material should be affordable and of high quality. Avoid easy bargains that will make you regret afterward as a result of poor quality.

Size and Fit

Before making the last decision to buy your harness, make sure you know the fit and size for your companion. Just measure the girth around the neck and chest by a tape measure to determine the size. Having the wrong size may cause injuries on the chest and throat, or cause your dog to escape at times.

Safety and Comfort

The best harness for your furry friend should be well padded to prevent causing pressure around the neck or throat. Your companion doesn’t deserve a bad feeling every time you pull. Ensure it is also highly adjustable for safety use.


This factor determines durability and strength. Go for a harness that seems to last for a long time. It is said that top-stitched-harnesses are the strongest. Consider also to buy the one with reflective stitching for added safety at night.

Washable by Machine

Harnesses get dirty very fast. Although some can be washed by hand, others cannot. So ensure to purchase the one that is machine washable.


It should not be a challenging task finding the best dog harnesses reviews. This guide is created to save much of your time and effort when looking for the high-quality, affordable, correct size, beautiful color, and safe and comfortable harness for your dog. The review is based on popularity and the number of sales on Amazon, and other top retail websites. We hope you will find the right harness and also fit for your fur friend.

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