Top 10 Best Home Foot Spas in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 11, 2023

If you are an athlete or you have a demanding job that keeps you on your feet all day, it is common to have tired feet at the end of the day. That is where foot spas or bath massagers come in. Nothing beats the soothing sensation of dipping your toes in a heated massaging foot spa. These machines help soothe sore feet and relieve pain caused by strenuous activities.

For best results, the ideal time to use these machines is when you are fully relaxed while reading a book or watching the TV. So, after factoring in various issues such as build quality, features, accessories, and price, we compiled a list of the ten best foot spas available on the market today. Without further ado, let us now look at the best home foot spas review premium.

10. Kendal All-In-One Foot Spa & Bath Massager

Kendal All-In-One Foot Spa & Bath Massager

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Tenth on our list is the Kendal foot spa. This foot spa weighs only 12lbs and comes with a host of different features. Among them includes heating therapy and a three-stage massage system that provides a rolling massage, an oxygen bubble massage, and a water wave massage.

The Kendal’s state of the art massage system is therapeutic. Not only does it enhance blood circulation, but it also relieves stress and fatigue while improving metabolism. With an adjustable temperature control and a remote control, the Kendal is designed to provide maximum control for its users.

9. Natsukage All-in-One Luxurious Foot Spa & Bath Massager

Natsukage All-in-One Luxurious Foot Spa & Bath Massager

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The Natsukage happens to be one of the most user-friendly foot spas we’ve reviewed. It comes equipped with a large screen and buttons for easier accessibility. What’s more, the sheer size of the Natsukage makes it accommodative to people with large feet and calves. Although you can get this foot spa in different sizes, the trade-off is that it takes up a lot of space during storage.

That’s as far as the negative aspects go with this foot spa. On to more positive aspects, the design of the Natsukage with the lid at the top makes it excellent at heat retention. This allows it to work more efficiently meaning it doesn’t have to overwork to maintain hot temperature levels.

8. ETTGs Foot Spa & Bath Massager

ETTGs Foot Spa & Bath Massager

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The ETTGs is one of the lightest foot spas on our list. It weighs just 9.6lbs, and that makes highly portable, therefore, can be used anywhere in the house. The ETTGs features four main functions, LED lighting, temperature adjustment, bubble, and heating technology.

When running concurrently, the bubble and heating technology provides a relaxing and stress relieving therapy. What’s more, the ETTGs comes equipped with massage rollers at the bottom that allows users to roll their feet against them for maximum relaxation.

7. Kendal MS0809M All-In-One Foot Spa & Bath Massage

Kendal MS0809M All-In-One Foot Spa & Bath Massage

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The Kendal MS0809M is a multi-purpose foot spa that offers up to three therapeutic functionalities. It provides an oxygen bubble massage, a high-frequency vibration massage, and a heating massage. All these functions can be preset such that the machine is ready for you when you get home after a long day’s work.

The body of the body of the Kendal is designed to serve three purposes. For starters, it features a large design to provide ample space for wriggling feet. Secondly, it is designed to trap heat and finally to self-drain when the water exceeds the recommended capacity.

6. Homedics FB- 600 Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa

Homedics FB- 600 Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa

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Sixth on our list is the FB-600 from the Homedics brand which is popular for producing health products that relax the mind and body. Besides the bubble technology and vibration technology, this foot spa comes equipped with a high-powered heater that heats water in a matter of seconds.

Other unique features included in the Homedics FB-600 include a pedicure center. The pedicure center comes equipped with a foot brush, a massaging roller as well as a smooth and rough pumice stone for a complete treatment. Furthermore, the splash guard mounted on the sides helps prevent water spillage when dipping your feet in and out of the foot spa.

5. ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager

ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager

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The ArtNaturals is a stylish sit back foot spa that been engineered to relax, relieve and comfort feet. Therefore, if you are an athlete or have a stressful job that requires you to be on your feet all day, the ArtNaturals foot massager is ideal for you.

The most relaxing part of the ArtNaturals is the brilliant combination of the roller nodes fitted at the bottom of this massager and the warm jet of water splashing against your feet. When combined, these two features help massage sore spots to relieve the pain and provide maximum comfort.

4. Hangsun Foot Spa FM200 & Bath Massager

Hangsun Foot Spa FM200 & Bath Massager

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When it comes to the standard foot spa features like an anti-splash protection, vibration massage, and a temperature control, the Hangsun has it all. That is why this review will only focus on Hangsun’s unique features.

To start with, the Hangsun FM200 comes fitted with magnetic therapy technology. Magnetic therapy works by relaxing tense muscles found deep in the feet to promote cell regeneration and revitalization. Unlike other foot spas, the FM200 uses state of the art infrared technology to heat water evenly in a matter of seconds.

3. Conair Foot / Pedicure Spa

Conair Foot / Pedicure Spa

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The Conair is a unique foot spa in our list. It differs from the majority of our choices due to its lack of heating technology. The result is a lighter foot spa with the only drawback to this is that users have to preheat the water.

Despite the lack of a heating element, the Conair comes fitted with air bubble technology and excellent heat retention technology that will maintain the hot water temperatures for up to twenty minutes. Some of the other niceties fitted in the Conair include under-water LED lights for a spa feeling, a three-stage massaging technology as well as pedicure attachments.

2. Giantex Portable Foot Spa Bath

Giantex Portable Foot Spa Bath

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The Giantex comes second on our list for its amazing build quality and proportions. The body is deep and has a large foot opening with an anti-splash mechanism making it ideal for all feet sizes. If you have smaller feet, the Giantex will swallow your feet up to the calf level while if you have larger feet, it will swallow up feet up to the ankle level.

However, despite being large, the Giantex can be moved and stored easily. The Giantex also comes fully adjustable and customizable. You can alter the temperature, vibration frequency, bubble production and LED light configuration all at a touch of a button.

1. Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

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Top on our list is Dr. Scholl’s foot spa. Dr. Scholl’s ticks all the right boxes from excellent build quality, innovative features, safety features and additional accessories. This foot spa is one of the best in providing a soothing a soothing, bubbly and rejuvenating massage.

It features innovative rolling massagers at the bottom that relieves sores and unwinds tight feet muscles. The Dr. Scholl’s comes fitted with a revolutionary smart heating system that uses infrared technology to maintain a steady water temperature. What’s more, it is the only foot spa that comes equipped with a pedicure set that boasts five cleansing pieces.


There you have it, folks. 10 of the best foot spas. According to our professional opinion, the Dr. Scholl’s is our pick for the best foot spa. We worked extremely hard to provide an unbiased review that is based purely on merit. We hope you enjoyed this review and that it will make your decision a little bit easier when picking the best foot spa for yourself.

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