Top 10 Best Laundry Basket in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 13, 2023

Who loves doing laundry? We can all agree doing laundry is the least favorite chore in our homes. Even worse is the sight of dirty laundry on every corner of the house. Typically, laundry is not something we look forward to doing. However, it is one of those must-do chores. You can make your laundry experience a lot easier by sorting and organizing dirty clothes and garments.

Apart from a powerful washing machine, you need the best laundry basket. While a laundry basket is pretty simple, it plays a crucial role in your laundry. The basket allows for the sorting and neat organization of laundry. You don’t have to throw dirty clothes on the floor when you have a laundry basket. Reduce the clutter in your home and have everything organized by getting a laundry basket.

In our reviews below, we help you find the best and top-rated laundry baskets on the market. Check products below and carefully select the best one match your needs.

10. DOKEHOM 82L Large Laundry Basket

DOKEHOM 82L Large Laundry Basket

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The DOKEHOM laundry basket is an extra-large design basket to meet all your laundry needs. The basket comes with a capacity of 82L. Moreover, the basket construction is sturdy and durable. This is a double-layer 60D fabric laundry basket to serve you for years. Additionally, the basket comes with a PE coating to prevent water soaking. What’s more, this helps keep laundry dry, preventing mold and smell.

It is an ergonomic design laundry basket with an aluminum handle. The handle offers a soft yet secure grip. Overall, this is a durable laundry basket and one pretty easy to carry. It is a perfect size laundry basket suitable for a wide range of uses. You can also store toys, books, and other items inside. However, cleaning is hand wash only.


  • Double-layer 600D fabric thus durable
  • Large capacity
  • Waterproof due to a PE coating
  • Soft aluminum metal handles for easy carrying


  • Not machine-washable

9. Gorilla Grip Large Laundry Basket

Gorilla Grip Large Laundry Basket

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The Gorilla Grip is by far the most durable laundry basket. It is a versatile 3-in-1 design laundry basket, hamper and bag. It is a pretty strong basket to store laundry, among other items. Moreover, the premium fabric material absorbs odors and prevents bad smells in your home. This is a durable laundry basket built to last. The basket features 600D polyester fabric to withstand heavy use. In addition, this basket is comfortable and easy to carry. There are two sturdy aluminum handles for easy and effortless carrying.

Overall, this is a versatile design basket that cleans and stores easily. The basket easily collapses when not in use for easy storage.


  • Sturdy aluminum handles hence easy to carry
  • Large capacity
  • Versatile 3-in-1 design for use as a basket, hamper and bag
  • Durable due to 600D polyester fabric


  • Sides collapse easily when not full

8. OIAHOMY Laundry Basket – Rope Basket

OIAHOMY Laundry Basket – Rope Basket

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This is a high-quality rope laundry basket to consider buying. It is a stylish woven storage basket to look stylish and elegant in any room. Besides, the high-grade natural material ensures you easily control bad odors. It is a perfect size basket measuring 18 by 16 inches to meet most storage needs. Moreover, the basket is durable and stable. You can be sure it will last for years come. The excellent stability always ensures the basket stands firm even when empty.

Furthermore, the basket features sturdy side handles for easy lifting and carrying. This is a portable design laundry basket to seriously consider buying.


  • Sturdy and generously sized handles thus easy to lift
  • Durable and stable
  • Spacious interior thus fits most laundry
  • Stylish design


  • Handles don’t stick above the edge, thus difficult to carry when full.

7. Mind Reader Slim Basket Laundry Hamper

Mind Reader Slim Basket Laundry Hamper

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This is another premium laundry hamper capable of holding up to 40 liters of clothes capacity. It is a durable laundry hamper to serve you for years. Besides, the hamper is highly breathable, preventing bad odors. So far, this is the most sturdy and firm laundry hamper to consider buying. It is a great way to store your laundry in a single spot. Moreover, the hamper is extremely lightweight hence easy to carry. It features simple cut-out handles on the top for easy lifting.

Overall, if you need something simple and elegant, consider buying this laundry hamper today. It is a multi-purpose design that also stores children’s toys and books.


  • Multi-purpose design to store books and toys
  • The breathable design thus prevents bad odors
  • Stable and firm
  • Large 40L capacity


  • No collapsible

6. Rubbermaid Laundry Basket

Rubbermaid Laundry Basket

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The Rubbermaid laundry basket is a simple and elegant design basket to consider buying. It is a small yet effective basket to help organize your laundry. Besides, the basket features a smooth inside that will not cause any damage to your clothes. It is a perfect choice laundry basket for homes with 1-2 persons. What’s more, the basket features an excellent opening on all sides for good ventilation. This prevents moisture buildup. You can be sure your clothes will be dry and free of bad odors.

Overall, this is an exciting laundry basket with durable and rugged construction. It is pretty easy to carry and you can use anywhere. The basket can handle heavy loads without breaking down.


  • Sturdy and durable plastic
  • Good ventilation due to holes on all sides
  • Simple and elegant, thus stylish
  • Smooth inside finish hence no harm to clothes


  • Flimsy handles that bend easily

5. Lifewit 72L Freestanding Laundry Hamper

Lifewit 72L Freestanding Laundry Hamper

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The lifewit free-standing laundry hamper is a decent choice with an exciting feature. It is a sturdy and free-standing hamper yet collapsible. The basket offers ample storage and easily collapses to save on space when not in use. This is a durable polyester fabric laundry hamper to meet a wide array of needs. It is a convenient hamper that comes ready for use. In addition, the hamper features sturdy side handles for convenient lifting and carrying. What’s more, the handles are extended and easy to carry with one hand.

Overall, this is a lightweight design laundry hamper to carry with ease. The hamper also features a premium PE coating for waterproof protection. It is a lightweight yet durable laundry hampers to order now.


  • Lightweight hence easy to carry
  • Extending side handles for easy lifting
  • Collapsible design for easy storage
  • Ultra-spacious


  • Material feels cheap

4. DYD Laundry Basket with Handles & Brackets

DYD Laundry Basket with Handles & Brackets

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The DYD is a best-selling laundry basket that will meet a wide range of needs. The basket comes with handles and a bracket for easy carrying. This is an ergonomic design laundry basket with foldable and detachable cradles. Furthermore, the basket features a lightweight yet sturdy construction to last you many years of use. It is an exciting laundry basket with sturdy stitching. You can be sure the basket will withstand heavy use.

The basket’s dual cotton handles make carrying easy and seamless. Overall, this is a premium material quality laundry with a thick linen material. It is an exciting choice laundry basket capable of meeting a variety of uses. You can also use it to store toys, books or anything you want.


  • Dual cotton handles for easy carrying
  • Smooth interior lining thus no damage on the clothes
  • Detachable fiberglass cradles thus stable and firm
  • Lightweight


  • Issues with pole alignment

3. WOWBOX 75L 2 Pack Laundry Baskets

WOWBOX 75L 2 Pack Laundry Baskets

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The WOWBOX is a premium fabric laundry basket coming in a set of two. It is an economical laundry basket set to meet most laundry needs. The baskets feature premium cotton and flax materials. Besides, the interiors feature a PEVA waterproof coating. The baskets keep clothes and other garments dry. These are simple baskets with sturdy side handles. The baskets are extremely easy to carry. Furthermore, they are lightweight with just the additional weight of the laundry.

You can be sure of getting the excellent product for your money. Overall, these are ultra-spacious laundry baskets to order with confidence right away. The baskets are also foldable, saving on storage space.


  • Foldable thus space-saving
  • PEVA coating hence waterproof
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Ultra-spacious to fit most laundry


  • Hard to fill as they don’t stand freely when empty

2. COMSE Extra Large Blanket Basket

COMSE Extra Large Blanket Basket

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The COMSE laundry basket is a personal favorite and one of the best choices on the list. It is a stylish design basket with high storage. This is a soft and durable storage basket to keep clothes safe. The basket can withstand heavy use and not damage clothes. It is an attractive design basket that will enhance your home décor. Moreover, the basket features soft cotton rope handles for easy carrying. It is a great design basket to easily carry to the Laundromat with ease.

Overall, this is a quality laundry basket with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for confidence buying. It is a great size basket to meet most of your needs.


  • Sleek and elegant, thus attractive
  • Soft and comfy rope carrying handles
  • A smooth interior that does not damage clothes
  • Neutral color to match most home decors


  • Develops creases when folded

1. AXUAN 79L Laundry Hamper

AXUAN 79L Laundry Hamper

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The AXUAN laundry hamper is another quality choice with sturdy polyester fabric. It is a collapsible design hamper that will meet most of your storage needs. This is an exciting laundry hamper with anti-wrinkle fabric. In addition, the hamper features a PE coating to prevent water soaking. You can confidence keep your garments dry and free of moisture.

The hamper is quite easy to carry due to the attached leather handles. Overall, this is a quality laundry hamper for safe daily use.


  • Easy to carry due to side leather handles
  • PE coating thus waterproof
  • Sturdy and durable due to premium polyester fabric
  • Collapsible design thus efficient storage


  • A little small

Laundry basket buying guide

There are several factors to take into consideration when buying a laundry basket. You need a laundry basket that fits all your laundry and serves you well. Below are important factors to bear in mind before making any purchase decision.


A suitable laundry basket needs to adjust in size and break down easily for storage. This is a crucial feature, especially when you have limited space. You need a basket that you can adjust in size to fit all your laundry.

In addition, the basket can easily collapse to allow for storage when there is no dirty laundry. Make sure you analyze your space and needs before deciding on the best basket.


Next, you need to consider the basket size. Laundry baskets come in different sizes ranging from a few liters to 100 liters in capacity. The ideal size to select comes down to the amount of laundry in your home. In addition, you need to know the number of people that are going to be using the basket.

You don’t need a giant basket if you live alone and do your laundry weekly. Make sure you consider your laundry needs and choose the right size basket.


Consider a portable design laundry basket for easy carrying. Some of the best baskets come with soft side handles for easy carrying. When you need to visit a Laundromat, you need a basket that offers convenient carrying.


The basket material is another crucial factor to take into consideration. You need a basket with sturdy and durable construction material. Moreover, the material needs to withstand heavy use and lifting. The last thing you want is a basket that will unravel after a few days.


Laundry baskets usually come with a waterproof coating on the exterior to prevent water soaking. This is a great feature that prevents clothes from going damp and starting to smell. Make sure you consider a basket with a PE coating.


You also need to choose a basket with secure lid closure. This is important to prevent socks and other small clothes from dropping along the way. A closure on the laundry basket makes it practical and easy to transport.

Ease of cleaning

Lastly, make sure you consider laundry baskets that are pretty easy to clean and maintain. Consider a basket made of washable materials for easy cleaning.

Final verdict

In conclusion, these are the best laundry baskets on the market to consider buying. They are top-rated laundry baskets to neatly store your laundry. What’s more, the baskets are tested and proven to safely store dirty laundry. Make sure you analyze our top picks above and carefully choose one that best suits your needs. You can never go wrong with a laundry basket in your home.

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