Top 10 Best Stand Up Desks in 2021 Reviews

Last updated on January 07, 2021

Siting for a long time is associated with a variety of body problems. It is therefore to develop a habit of working while standing. Well, whether in the office or your home office, the best thing is to look for a stand up working desks. They encourage people to work while burning a good amount of calories.

There exist a number of standing desks styles, thereby; everyone can get their preferable design. Depending on your office requirements, one can get a right desk to fit their requirements. Basically, to get the right bench, you need to look on the available features and office customizability. To improve your office lifestyle, you need to consider these top 10 best stand up desks.

10. VARIDESK Pro Plus 36- Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

VARIDESK Pro Plus 36- Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

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Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is a great standing office desk. With professional construction, this bench is ideal for people who want to burn fat as they work. Its adjusting height lets you enjoy exceptional convenience. This means you can switch from sitting to standing position by adjusting the bench height. In fact, this working bench can adjust in 11 positions hence ideal for all people.

The bench is extensive and provides a large surface to fit 2 monitors. Moreover, the two-tier design is perfect since it offers great working areas. You can put monitors on the upper surface and keyboard in the lower deck. Adjusting height is simple with spring-loaded adjusting mechanism. The desk can lift up to 35 pounds hence ideal for regular office activities.

9. FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk with Removable Keyboard Tray, 35″ wide

FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk with Removable Keyboard Tray, 35" wide

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Are you planning to let your workers improve their working conditions? The best treat is equipping your office with standing desks. FlexiSpot M2B is a perfect pick. It’s large to accommodate a variety of office equipment. In fact, the table top boasts 35 inches wide platform. With this, it allows up to 2 monitors stationing.

Apart from large surface, the bench is easily adjustable. It boasts height smooth height adjustment with just use of a single hand. Moreover, the keyboard tray features quick release mechanism hence easy to remove when you don’t need it. Unlike other benches available, this boasts 12 adjustment levels to suit your body ergonomic position. Sturdy frame and design ensure maximum stability for the safety of your items.

8. VIVO Height Adjustable Desk Sit to Stand Gas Spring Riser Converter

VIVO Height Adjustable Desk Sit to Stand Gas Spring Riser Converter

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Working while standing for a good time ensures you maintain your body health. If you want to keep your fit, this adjustable height workstation by VIVO is a great choice. It’s a sturdy desk designed using a steel frame to provide the necessary strength. Equipped with a gas spring riser, it boasts smooth transition between sitting and standing. This enables it to adjust from 6.5 – 16 inches this great for every person.

Well, the working area is large to fit dual monitors. Measuring 36 by 22 inches, it offers large working platform, to adequately house your stuff comfortably. The dual tires are effective in keeping your devices safe and convenient. The lower tier holds keyboards and mouse for smooth working. Above all assembling is a piece of cake.

7. Best Choice Products Standing Desk 36″ Tabletop Sit to Stand Workstation

Best Choice Products Standing Desk 36" Tabletop Sit to Stand Workstation

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Make your office a slow gym by adding this standing desk by Best Choice Products. The large bench is effective and large to hold a variety of your office items. Featuring 36 inches platform, it holds a monitor and laptop comfortably. Moreover, to add comfort, the two-tier design gives easy monitors and keyboard integration.

To ensures t this bench provides perfect support, it has a sturdy frame. Moreover, the rising mechanism allows easy process without creating complications. Fitted with a gas spring mechanism, it offers 12 adjustments; it suits everyone ergonomics. Stable base ensures you can enjoy working with peace of mind.

6. Koozam Standing Desk with Anti Fatigue Mat

Koozam Standing Desk with Anti Fatigue Mat

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If you want to enjoy excellent health, there is need to change how you live in your office. The Koozam standing office desk is here to solve your problems. Allowing you to sit or stand, it’s now easy to work while improving your general health. The working station can adjust from 1-17 inches hence suitable for people of different heights.

The good thing once you have this bench is enormous working area. It gives you ample working station to hold your computer and keyboard. Also, it can accommodate a variety of other office stuff without causing space headache. Unlike the other benches, this features pneumatic air cylinder for smooth raising and lowering. Available while fully assembled, no more spending looking for a technician.

5. Mount-It! 48 Inch Extra Wide Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Mount-It! 48 Inch Extra Wide Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter

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As you struggle to keep lifestyle diseases away, it can start from your office. What you need to do is investing in this convertible desk from Mount-It. It’s an extra wide desk than rivals boasting 48 inches platform. This gives you the freedom to place dual monitors or full computer set and work comfortably. Besides, keyboard tray lets you type while enjoying great ergonomics.

The ideal part of this desk is the ability to change height orientation. The easy height adjustment allows you change from seated to standing and vice versa smoothly. This prevents complications it’s easy to customize your body configuration. Interestingly, you can adjust height from 5.25 to 19.75 inches depending on how tall you are. The bench arrives while fully assembled.

4. Stand Up Desk Store 40″ Mobile Ergonomic Stand Up Desk

Stand Up Desk Store 40" Mobile Ergonomic Stand Up Desk

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Create a health office by equipping it with standing desks and improves every staff worker health. With this 40 inches platform bench by Stand Up Desk, it encourages everyone to work while standing. The bench is sturdy and ideal for most offices since it can accommodate up to 150 pounds. Thereby, you can place all your office necessities without creating any inconvenience.

While the bench is adjustable, the shelves also can also be adjusted. They have 1-inch increment to enable fine-tuning. Also, the two tiers are perfect for easy usage of your computers. The bench is sleek and has a great finish. Unlike other desks, this has features fitted casters with brakes for easy portability around the office.

3. HUANUO Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk Converter – Gas Spring

HUANUO Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk Converter - Gas Spring

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It is time to give your body perfect treat while in the office. There is no more sitting around the clock with this standing desk by Huanuo. The bench is an ideal choice for any office. The universal design is great since it encourages any worker to get perfect working platform. Additionally, the tray adjusts from 4.2 to 20.1 inches. Combination of adjustable height and heavyweight support makes ideal for any office.

The rising and lowering design is ideal when you want to declutter your office space. In the other hand, the working platform is great and ensures you can enjoy hassle free working experience. Premium construction and materials ensure durability is a guarantee, thus a great product. With easy assembling process, it only takes a few minutes and is ready for use.

2. Eureka Ergonomic Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Eureka Ergonomic Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

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If you have tight office schedule, the best way is to ensure you exercise while still in a workplace. A standing desk like this one by Eureka Agronomics delivers enough exercise. It lets you work while seated or standing. Thanks to its adjustable frame that can rise to 20 inches. With a smooth gas adjusting mechanism, it can raise 33 pounds. Therefore, there is no need to remove your stuff when adjusting height.

The innovative design allows great monitors configuration and also features keyboard tray. Combining durable steel frame, MDF board, and plastic components, the desk is built to last. Moreover, the high-quality construction ensures there is no squeaking noise when in use. Above all, stable base keeps the desk intact without risking toppling.

1. TechOrbits Rise-X Pro Standing Workstation

TechOrbits Rise-X Pro Standing Workstation

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TechOrbits X-Pro is one of the ideal options when it comes to standing desks. The working station is outstanding since you can use it as a standard or standing desk. The ergonomic design is perfect and allows a smooth transition from sit to stand position. Moreover, it enables height adjustment up to 20 inches while with office gear weighing up to 33 pounds.

To enable the desk to adjust quickly, the frame features integrated gas springs. They eliminate the need for cranking like with other manual desks. Additionally, the working station is large to fit dual monitors or other office equipment and accessories. Stability is outstanding due to silicone pads that prevent skidding on the surface. It’s a stable and great desk worth investing for improved health.

Stand up desks buying guide

  • Weight capacity: The weight capacity usually depends on the application of your platform. Therefore, you need to check what you are going to place on the desktop. For bulky items, you need a bench with the ability to support without risking damage. Moreover, if it is for light duty use, no need to overspend getting a desk only to underutilize it. The desks can be as low as 50 to hundreds of pounds weight capacity.
  • Adjustability: Some of the available desks are adjustable. This enables you to use them in sitting or standing positions. These are ideal than static ones since you can customize your working position. Amazingly, there are different types of adjustable office desks. Some are manual, electric and hydraulic desks. The type of adjusting mechanism usually come with own price tags. Therefore, manual tends to be cheapest in the category, while electric adjusting ones are most costly.
  • Tabletop size: Well, just like the overall size, tabletop matters a lot. With small surface, it limits the number of items you can place at ago. If you are in a busy office, a large top is crucial since it gives you great continence. However, for compact space, small tabletop desks are ideal for creating more working area.
  • Ease of assembling: Without doubts, most of the manufacturers ship their desk unassembled. Therefore, you need to assemble, or they send a technician to do it. Interestingly, some desks are designed to allow the buyer do it without complications. Thereby, ordering a desk with ease of assembling will give your simple time and save your bucks.


It is no doubt that standing while working will improve your health. With a regular desk, achieving standing position is impossible. But, with a standing office desk, it gives you high versatility and comfort. The above reviewed stand up desks are ideal and sure way to keep your body fit. Don’t wait for the weekends to visit gym; they are the perfect way to keep your body burning excess calories.

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