Top 10 Best Tree Swings in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 13, 2023

When spending time as a family outdoors, a tree swing becomes a great option. This is one of the best ways to spend free time with your family. In fact, tree swings standout as the best ways to spend free time. It is something we did growing up and one we can still do with our kids. There is no better way to bond and create memories as a family than using a tree swing. The experience of souring up in the air with trusting hands pushing you is worth a try.

However, choosing the best tree swing is not easy. In fact, it is something you must take seriously. You don’t want to make a mistake and choose a poor quality tree swing that will snap when in the air. The best tree swing is sturdy, durable and safe. It is also easy to use with a comfortable seat. And, this is where we come in to help you find the best tree swings. Our reviews below narrow down on the leading tree swings on the market to just 10 picks.

10. Royal Oak Giant Flying Saucer Tree Swing

Royal Oak Giant Flying Saucer Tree Swing

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This is our first choice tree stand with a wide 40-inch saucer. It is a popular swing among children with excellent safety features. It is a unique design swing that provides children with year-round fun. This swing comes with removable flags. Moreover, it is big enough to fit adults and multiple kids at once. This is an ultra-safe tree swing built to last. It supports a massive 700lbs and features the strongest 900D Oxford fabric materials. This is an industry-leading tree swing with industrial-strength steel. The swing is also a weather-resistant swing that can last many years of use. You also get 12 months warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Pretty strong due to highest quality 900D Oxford fabric
  • Easy to install due to a simple design
  • Fits adults and multiple kids due to a big saucer
  • Commercial-grade ropes thus supports 700 pounds


  • Hanging ropes are not very long

9. SUPER DEAL 40” Waterproof Saucer Tree Swing Set

SUPER DEAL 40” Waterproof Saucer Tree Swing Set

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This is a full-size tree swing with a 40-inch saucer seat. It is a premium quality tree swing to transform your backyard into a fun zone. This is a versatile design tree swing to fit one child or multiple children. It also gives kids the options of standing or seating as they swing. This is a safe swing built using the strongest materials. It features the durable 600D Oxford fabric and can support up to 440lbs. Moreover, the swing features commercial-grade steel framing for added durability. The swing is extremely durable with UV-resistant and anti-corrosion finish. It is also easy to install saving you time and energy.


  • UV and corrosion protected
  • Sturdy 600D Oxford polyester thus durable
  • Fits more than one kid due to a large saucer
  • Easy installation with detailed step-by-step installation instructions


  • Not enough tools for tightening the nuts

8. PACEARTH 40-Inch Saucer Tree Swing

PACEARTH 40-Inch Saucer Tree Swing

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This is another safe and ASTM certified tree swing for kids. The swing features the strongest 900D oxford fabric material. It is a much stronger swing with higher load-bearing capacities than 600D Oxford fabric. Moreover, the swing features upgraded braided ropes for added safety. The multiple rope strands support up to 660lbs. It is a versatile design swing that comes with climbing carabiners for an extra swing. The swing is easy to hang high in the trees as you like. Overall, this is a suitable family-friendly tree-swing to buy right away.


  • Comfortable to hold due to smooth round ropes
  • Supports heavier loads due to900D Oxford fabric and braided ropes
  • Wide saucer seat thus fits more than one kid
  • Family-friendly design


  • Does fade easily

7. WONDERVIEW Tree Swing, Outdoor Swing

WONDERVIEW Tree Swing, Outdoor Swing

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This is a quality construction tree swing featuring 900D Oxford fabric. It is a durable and sturdy swing with 600 pounds weight capacity. This is a perfect outdoor saucer swing with a wide 40-inch diameter. The swing can fit more than one child adding fun and excitement. It is a pretty simple design swing that sets up with ease. The swing ropes are adjustable giving kids’ maximum control as they swing. Overall, this is a large size tree swing suitable for persons of all ages. It is also highly rated and recommended for use so that you can order with confidence.


  • Quality construction because of the sturdy 900D Oxford fabric
  • Large size saucer thus fits more than one child
  • Supports persons of all ages due to a sturdy construction
  • Easy to put together


  • Terrible instructions but easy to assemble

6. M & M Sales Enterprises MMOO124Web Riderz Outdoor Swing

M & M Sales Enterprises MMOO124Web Riderz Outdoor Swing

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This is another sturdy design outdoor tree swing to consider buying. It is a premium design swing with an excellent spin motion. The swing is rated 600lbs and can support more than one child. This is a pretty solid tree swing that will not outlast your children. It is a perfect choice for an all-family fun day. The swing also features a sturdy steel frame for added durability. In addition, it comes with a tight weave rope that supports heavy loads without breaking. Overall, this is a safe choice tree swing to use at home, playgrounds, and parks.


  • Large steel frame thus durable
  • Tight weave rope and sturdy seat platform thus supports 600lbs
  • Wide 39-inch diameter seat area
  • Easy to use and ready to hang


  • Rope fraying cases

5. Outdoor Round Tree Swing for Kids

Outdoor Round Tree Swing for Kids

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This is a round design tree swing to fit children of different ages and weights. It is a pretty safe swing for kids with a wide 40-inch diameter round saucer. This is a complete swing for kids ready to assemble and use. The swing comes with 2 carabiners, a key wrench, and 2 additional straps. It is a pretty versatile design swing that works universally. Besides, the swing features a pretty sturdy material construction. This is a strong 900D Oxford fabric material with nylon ropes. It is a strong fabric saucer resistant to UV and weather elements. The swing supports up to 400lbs making it a suitable choice for all persons. You also get 6 months money-back guarantee no questions asked.


  • Comes as a complete set thus ready to use
  • Sturdy saucer and ropes thus supports 400lbs
  • Wide 40-inch saucer to fit multiple kids
  • Secure and certified for safe use


  • Takes time to assemble

4. Swinging Monkey Products Web Chair Swing

Swinging Monkey Products Web Chair Swing

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This is a simple design chair swing for kids with excellent comfort features. It is a lovely swing with a mesh 35-inch saucer seat. The seat is spacious enough to fit adults and multiple kids. Moreover, the seat’s new design is easy to adjust for comfortable swinging. You can swing or simply sit and relax as you enjoy the cool breeze outdoors. The swing is made to the highest standards. It adheres to strict safety requirements thus safe to use. Overall, this is a strong steel frame swing with a sturdy nylon chair. The swing is pretty easy to assemble and use.


  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Fits most people because of the wide seat
  • Steel frame and nylon webbing seat thus durable
  • Adjustable seat design thus comfortable


  • Fades pretty fast

3. PELLOR Wood Tree Swing Seat

PELLOR Wood Tree Swing Seat

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This is a sleek and elegant outdoor tree swing with a non-slip ridged wood seat. It is a unique design swing that will create memorable moments for families. The swing features a natural wood seat providing you with stability and comfort. Moreover, the wood features a painting to protect it from mold and harsh weather elements. It is a perfect size swing with long adjustable ropes to fit adults and kids. Moreover, this swing is quite easy to install without any hardware. The swing offers up to 100Kg maximum weight capacity. This coupled with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to order with confidence.


  • No extra hardware thus easy to install
  • Durable due to high-quality natural wooden materials
  • Adjustable swing rope thus customized experience
  • Painting to prevent rot


  • The seat is a bit small for adults

2. JKsmart Swing Seat for Kids

JKsmart Swing Seat for Kids

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This is a simple yet heavy-duty swing for kids to consider buying. It is a super fan swing for outdoor and indoor use. The swing features a breathable polyester seat and rope material. It is a unique material swing with a strong pulling force. This swing can endure several swings without breaking. It is made with the child’s safety in mind. Moreover, the swing features a wide 17.71-inch bottom to fit kids comfortably. This is a professional design swing with excellent weaving. The swing also features ropes with two-way connecting for added safety. This is a freely adjustable swing design with a weight capacity of 440lbs. It is also portable for easy storage and uses outdoors.


  • Portable design thus easy to store and transport
  • Breathable and soft polyester material thus comfortable
  • Adjustable rope length
  • Safe due to two-way connecting rings


  • Hanging straps a bit short

1. RedSwing Saucer Tree Swing for Kids

RedSwing Saucer Tree Swing for Kids

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This is our last best tree swing for kids to consider buying. It is a complete set swing set with everything you need. The swing features a carrying bag, two free thickened swing straps, and 2 carabiners. The swing can hang from trees safely. Moreover, this swing features upgraded braided ropes that support up to 500lbs. The ropes are height adjustable giving the best swinging position. You can adjust the swinging height from 47 to 71 inches. Overall, this is a perfect outdoor swing with a soft padded seat. The swing also features a strong steel frame for long-lasting use.


  • Steel framing thus durable
  • Comfortable to use due to a soft padded seat
  • Customizable swinging due to rope height adjustment
  • Upgraded braided ropes to support 500lbs


  • None

Tree swings buying guide

When looking for the best tree swings, you need to take into consideration several factors. This will enable you to find the best quality and most suitable tree swing. Most swings in the market come with varying features. Here are the main features and factors one must consider.


The material of the swing is probably the most important consideration to make. You need a swing that can support your weight. This is determined by choosing a swing with strong and durable materials. Some of the most common materials include high-grade Oxford fabrics. These are fabrics that withstand stretching and will rarely break under pressure.

You also need to consider the seat materials for added comfort when seating. Make sure you choose a seat with soft and comfortable materials. Your kids need to feel comfortable and relaxed when swinging.

Seat type

What is the most suitable seat type? Well, there is no single best seat and the choice comes down to preferences. Are you looking for a swing for multiple children and adults? If yes, then consider the saucer type of a seat. Make sure the saucer is wide enough to provide ample seat space. You can also choose a seat with a single board. This is a suitable choice when it is just one kid swinging.

Maximum weight capacity

This is another important consideration to make for safety reasons. Obviously, you need a tree swing that can accommodate your weight or weight of multiple kids. Weight capacity is important when buying swings for parties where both adults and children can swing. You want to make sure the swing supports the weight of the users.

Some of the best swings support over 700 pounds of weight. However, as seen earlier, the material construction of the swing can greatly affect the maximum weight capacity.


Since you cannot go against the force of gravity, you need to put your safety first. You need a swing that will not break halfway when in the air. Make sure you choose swings with sturdy and proven ropes. The ideal tree swing rope must be weather-resistant to prevent rotting or damaged in bad weather conditions. You also need to ensure the swings are certified by relevant regulatory authorities.

Final verdict

In conclusion, these are by far the best tree swings on the market to consider buying. The swings are not just highly rated but recommended for safe swinging. These are proven tree swings with excellent safety and comfort features. Pick one from our list above and order right away with confidence.

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