Top 10 Best VR Headsets in 2021 Reviews

Last updated on January 07, 2021

VR headsets have gone from just a dream kick starter to one of the most sort-after technology devices in the world right now. They are one of the best ways to live in a virtual world without even spending a penny. The Virtual reality headsets provide people with an immersive experience where they get to see things in 360 degrees. You can play games and visit places you wanted to visit just from the comfort of your home. However, selection of the best VR headset is not an easy thing with several brands already filling the market. From cheap midrange cardboard viewers to high-end VR devices, customers have to make a careful selection.

This is where we come in helping you choose a VR headset that is not only pure quality but also works well with your phone. Before making any purchase, make sure you have a phone that works with our picks. VR headsets don’t support all Android phones. Your VR headset might be a reason to change your phone but before you so, get to know some of the best VR headsets on the market right now.

10. Pansonite Vr Headset with Remote Controller

Pansonite Vr Headset with Remote Controller

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This is the latest VR in the market developed after over two years of research and a great addition to your high-tech gadgets. The device is designed nicely with more attention paid to the internal components. It comes with very accurate fitting parts that seamlessly seem to correspond well to human movements. The HD resin lens helps in protecting the eyes and feeling comfortable when worn. The lenses have been modified to feel smoother and comfortable. The soft, breathable leather padding will keep you feel good even after hours of watching. Focus and pupil distance can easily be adjusted through a moving button on the top. Overall this is an ergonomically designed Vr headset that you won’t regret buying.

9. SMAVR 3D VR Immersive Headset Glasses

SMAVR 3D VR Immersive Headset Glasses

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With a free remote controller included, the SMAVR is another top quality pick that will enhance your watching experience. It comes equipped with a resin lens and anti-blue ray film to make the watching experience more enjoyable. For each FD and PD, this device will separately adjust from 0-200 degrees myopia and 0-500 degrees for the hyperopia. This is possible without the glasses on something that helps alleviate eye fatigue and vertigo. You can watch for long without feeling tired or uncomfortable. Backed with 100% guarantee and a great customer service, you have no reason not to check them out.

8. AOINE VR Headset with Bluetooth Remote controller

AOINE VR Headset with Bluetooth Remote controller

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This VR headset gets a free remote controller and not the game remote. The remote enables to control videos, pause, and volume. A professional remote might be required if you need to play games. However, it remains a top-notch VR headset that delivers an immersive experience and high light transmission. With a 112 degrees viewing angle, you will not have any complain but get your mind into a world of virtual reality. It is a suitable option for smartphones that have a 4.7-6.2 inch screen. You can also adjust the pupil and focus distance with ease. The AOINE can also automatically transform images to 3D format with ease.

7. GEEK Ultralight Virtual Reality Headset

GEEK Ultralight Virtual Reality Headset

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The GEEK VR headset is an ultra-light design that has been built with comfortable mesh and a soft sponge to give you an amazing experience. They feel light when worn and comfortable allowing you to watch for long hours. Stereo headphones accompany them taking the watching and listening experience to a whole new level. The head strap ensures they are a versatile choice suitable for different head sizes. Adjustable pupil distance and focus distance give you control allowing you to deal with hyperopia and myopia issues. The feeling of dizziness is easily alleviated this way. An open style heat dissipation design helps keep your phone cool and at optimal performance.

6. Canbor Virtual Reality Headset

Canbor Virtual Reality Headset

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The Canbor VR headsets are a good option on our list with protective HD lenses to relieve fuzziness and give you a clear view. The headsets are made of the premium PMMA material and will last you for long. Built-in stereo microphone and earphones can be retracted to give a stunning audio-virtual sound. Stress when watching is reduced through a memory sponge that feels soft and comfortable. The Canbor VR headsets are quite versatile and can fit a wide range of Androids and IOS smartphones. You can wear them comfortably with a T-shirt headband and soft leather that provide users with flexibility.

5. EKIR 3D Vr Headset

EKIR 3D Vr Headset

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Made from the advanced optical grade PMMA, the EKIR is one of the best VR headsets in the market to enjoy IMAX cinema experience. It is a quality choice with HD aspheric lenses that reduce dizziness and prevent the blue lights from the mobile. Blue lights usually damage the eyes. The light from EKIR is ideal and designed for an extend watch without getting fatigued. It further comes with a Bluetooth remote control that enables you to pause videos, pause, and control volume. Enjoy the super big screen offer by this VR headset at a very affordable price. You will not go wrong when it comes to the EKIR VR headset. It is versatile with a wide compatibility with most Android phones and IOS smartphones.

4. BNEXT VR Headset for iPhone and Samsung

BNEXT VR Headset for iPhone and Samsung

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The BNEXT is your best VR headset ideal for both adults and kids. It is a great option that works with most iPhone and Samsung phones putting you right into the action of any movie you might be watching. It has an extended comfortable wearing design that will fit you well, and you will not want to take it off. The design allows you to adjust the strap and suit different head sizes making it a good pick for adults and kids. It allows your eyes to properly align with the screen making the watching experience pretty comfortable. OD and FD adjustment help align the eyes properly and reduce strain.

3. Sarki 3D VR Headset for 3D movies and games

Sarki 3D VR Headset for 3D movies and games

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The Sarki is your smart VR headset for watching 3D movies and games and will be a good product to check out. It is highly rated and retails at a good price making it a great investment of your money. Adjust the audio-virtual settings to get right into a virtual reality world with these VR headsets. The double lens of the headset can individually be adjusted to give you a comfortable view that aligns with your eyes. Adjustable head straps allow you to properly fit the headset on your head and fit it comfortably. The front cover is detachable allowing for faster heat dissipation.

2. QWESEN VR Headset


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With an independently adjustable lens, the QWESEN VR headset is a great product that can give you an amazing watching experience. Get into the real world and watch 3D movies, play games, and visit places. They have a wide and accommodating room to fit your phone and hold it tightly without any movements. This VR headset is compatible with a wide range of devices that use Windows, Android, and the IOS. Smartphones with a screen size of 4-6.5 inches fit this headset perfectly. This is your best Christmas gift to a friend or family member that loves tech devices.

1. IMESIV VR Headset


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The IMSIV VR headset is our number one pick this year and rightfully so with a wide array of features to give you an enjoyable 3D experience. You can wear them with confidence and feel comfortable with a soft leather padding that makes your skin feel comfortable. This is a great feature for those individuals that like watching for hours. A head strap with 9 degrees upward will not touch your ears but relieve pressure on your nose and head. The optics are great with aspheric lens and a manometer process for high clarity. Focus can be adjusted to give you the clearest view possible.


Enhance your watching and gaming experience today by getting the best VR headsets on the market. These are the trending high-tech gadgets right now that takes you to a virtual world and give you an immersive experience. You can order any from our list with confidence knowing you’re buying the best that exist.

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