Top 10 Best Yoga Mat Bags in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 13, 2023

Yoga mats bags are special bags designed to transport your yoga mats and other yoga items. It is a small and minimalist bag for easy use on the go. Yoga mats are unique and come with adjustable straps. They usually fit over the shoulder and allow for hands-free walking. You can conveniently carry your yoga mat from home to the studio with ease. Some of the best yoga mat bags come with roomy and expandable exterior pockets for extra items. You can never go wrong choosing a yoga mat bag for your yoga sessions,

However, not all yoga mat bags are made to the same high standards. You need to research the market and choose the best brands. The available bags vary greatly in quality, designs, and patterns. In this post, we help you find the best and top-rated yoga mat bags on the market. These are premium quality yoga mat bags with exciting features and reviews. The mats come highly rated and are recommended for versatile use. Check them below and carefully choose one that suits your yoga mat carrying needs.

10. Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag – Full-Zip Cargo Yoga Mat Carrier

Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag – Full-Zip Cargo Yoga Mat Carrier

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This is an interesting design yoga mat bag and a decent choice to start our list. It is a proven design bag with adjustable shoulder straps. The straps adjust with ease and ensure a custom fit. You can conveniently carry the bag without straining. The bag features a large and spacious main compartment to fit your mat. In addition, it comes with a roomy and expandable exterior front pocket for extra accessories. Furthermore, there is a phone pocket on the back with earbud tilts. You can be sure your items inside are safe and secure.


  • Expandable and roomy front pockets for extra essentials
  • Spacious interior due to a large bag design
  • Custom-fit due to adjustable shoulder straps
  • Functional and fashionable


  • Exterior pockets are too small and flat

9. ELENTURE Yoga Mat Bag, Yoga Mat Carrier

ELENTURE Yoga Mat Bag, Yoga Mat Carrier

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This is a full zipper yoga mat bag and one of the best-selling picks. It is a premium yoga mat bag with 100% high-quality canvas and fabric. The bag is not just sturdy but also sleek and elegant. You can be sure it will look great on you and serve you for long. It is a spacious bag design measuring 26 inches long and 6.5 inches in diameter. The bag fits most standard yoga mats. Moreover, the bag is pretty easy to open and fit yoga mats. It features a full zipper design. Furthermore, it is pretty easy to carry with an adjustable shoulder strap. This is an exciting bag with extra side pockets for other essentials. It is a great gift idea for your loved one.


  • Full zipper design hence easy opening and closing
  • Standard length and diameter to fit standard mats
  • Sturdy and durable due to high-quality canvas and fabric
  • Navy blue leaf patterns thus attractive


  • Water bottle pocket does not fit standard water bottles

8. Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

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This is a lovely pink yoga mat bag for women to consider buying. It is a sleek design bag with a patterned canvas. The bag company partners with the Girls Empowerment Movement. When you order a bag, you contribute towards empowering women. This is a standard-size yoga bag measuring 26 by 8 by 8 inches. The bag fits standards size and thick mats. It is an eye-catching bag that can fit two small mats or one large mat. The bag also features exterior pockets for other small essentials. This is an ergonomic yoga mat bag with block straps for easy carrying. It is a vegan and environmentally-friendly bag with man-made leather.


  • Man-made leather thus vegan and environmentally-friendly
  • Large design to fit two small mats
  • Block straps for comfortable carrying
  • Incredible style this attractive


  • Straps not adjustable

7. Yogii Large Yoga Mat Bag

Yogii Large Yoga Mat Bag

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This is a comfy cotton canvas yoga mat bag with a simple and practical design. The bag features a wide opening allowing you to toss your mats and go. Besides, the bag is large enough and can fit all your mats and other essentials. This bag fits two yoga blocks, all yoga mat sizes, a water bottle, yoga towel, extra clothes to change, and much more. It is a lightweight and durable design yoga mat to order with confidence today. In addition, the bag features quality over the shoulder strap for convenient carrying. This is a multi-purpose design yoga mat to suit a wide range of needs.


  • Extremely lightweight hence easy to handle
  • Durable thus long-lasting
  • Spacious to fit most essentials
  • Comfortable over the shoulder carrying straps


  • Not quite big as advertised

6. Gonex Yoga Mat Bag

Gonex Yoga Mat Bag

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This is an exciting design yoga mat bag with reinforced stitching. The bag features 100% high-quality 600D Oxford fabric. It is a durable and water-resistant bag that will protect your mat and other essentials. In addition, the bag comes with the highest quality SBS zippers for long-lasting use. It is a premium quality bag with zippers fully opening. This allows for easy fitting and pulling out mats. Moreover, the bag comes with adjustable shoulder straps for custom carrying. You can lengthen or shorten the straps for comfortable carrying. Overall, this is an ergonomic design yoga mat with two extra side pockets for more essentials. The bag looks lovely with chic patterns making it stand out.


  • Stylish and elegant due to chic patterns
  • Two extra pockets for added storage
  • Full zippers for easy fitting and removal of mats
  • Durable due to high-quality 600D fabric material


  • The two pockets are not very deep

5. Uhawi Yoga Mat Bag

Uhawi Yoga Mat Bag

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This is another large mat bag measuring 30 by 14 inches. The bag is well-featured with a large main compartment, water bottle holder, and extra side pockets. It can easily fit everything you need for an eventful day in the studio. This is a quality yoga bag with 100% high-quality canvas. Besides, the bag is versatile and fits almost all yoga mat sizes. It is a top-design yoga mat bag with Velcro and two zipper pockets. Moreover, the bag is machine-washable making it quite easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, you get a 30-day Hassle-free money-back guarantee for confidence buying.


  • Machine-washable hence easy to clean
  • Spacious main compartment thus fits all yoga mat sizes
  • Two zippered pockets for essentials
  • Comfortable shoulder strap for easy carrying


  • Velcro fasteners will not close properly when full

4. Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag

Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag

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This is another premium quality yoga mat bag with a long tote. It is a unique design bag that allows for quick fitting and removal of yoga mats. The bag is durable and features soft cotton material construction. It is quite easy to carry and feels comfortable on you. The bag offers plenty of storage space to fit all your yoga mats and other essentials. This is a unique design yoga mat bag that looks more like a telescope holder. In addition, the bag is extremely cute and will look good on you. The shoulder strap is extra-wide and will not put any pressure on your shoulders when carrying. Overall, this is a decent choice yoga mat bag to seriously consider buying.


  • Ample storage space
  • Wide-top opening for easy entry and removal of yoga mats
  • Soft cotton material thus comfy
  • Cute and lovely


  • None

3. Aozora Yoga Mat Bag

Aozora Yoga Mat Bag

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This is another sleek design yoga mat tote with sling carriers. It is a high-quality canvas bag to serve you for a long. The yoga mat bag is versatile and fits most mat sizes. It measures 30 inches by 14.5 inches. There are also safe pockets in the back to fit extra essentials. It is a beautifully crafted yoga mat and one of the best choices on the market. This is a gender-neutral yoga ma to fit a wide array of needs. In addition, the bag is lightweight and durable. It is pretty easy to carry and comes with excellent stitching. This is a true grab-and-go yoga mat to fit a wide range of needs. It is a versatile yoga mat that can be used to suit a wide range of needs.


  • Multi-purpose bag for versatile use
  • Beautifully crafted and finished thus attractive
  • High-quality canvas cotton thus durable
  • Spacious compartment and extra back pockets


  • Lacks a way to close it

2. Explore Land Oxford Yoga Mat Storage Bag with Breathable Window

Explore Land Oxford Yoga Mat Storage Bag with Breathable Window

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This is a simple design yoga mat bag with a professional appearance. It is a leading design yoga mat with a breathable window in the middle. The window allows for excellent airflow keeping the yoga mat fresh. The yoga mat can hold up to 6mm thick yoga mats. In addition, the bag comes with a yoga strap as a bonus. This is a durable yoga mat bag with thick and wear-resistant material. In addition, the bag features reinforced stitching for long-lasting use. This is a roomy design yoga mat bag with adjustable shoulder straps. It is quite easy to carry wherever you go. There is a further closure buckle to secure the bag.


  • Adjustable shoulder strap thus comfortable carrying
  • Versatile and carries up to 6mm yoga mats
  • Reinforced stitching thus sturdy and durable
  • Roomy thus spacious


  • No divided compartments for neat organization

1. Heathyoga Yoga Mat Bag

Heathyoga Yoga Mat Bag

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This is our final choice yoga mat with exciting features and reviews. It is a premium quality yoga mat with thick and durable materials. The mat measures 28 inches long by 7 inches in diameter. It fits most yoga mats making it versatile. It is a large size bag with a dual zip design. The zip design allows for easy fitting and removal of the yoga mat. Moreover, the bag comes with multi-functional pockets and adjustable straps. You can carry and fit a wide range of personal essentials apart from the yoga mat. Overall, this is a delicate embroidery yoga mat with stitches for added durability. It is a specialized brand with an excellent warranty for confidence buying.


  • Superior hand stitching thus durable
  • Multi-functional pockets and adjustable straps
  • Dual full zipper thus easy carrying
  • Quality and practical large design


  • Large zippered pockets swing to the sides

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Yoga Mat Bags

With so many yoga mat bags on the market, it makes sense to take time and selecting the best. You need to consider various factors and choose a mat that best suits your mat carrying needs. Below, we discuss important factors to bear in mind when choosing a yoga mat bag.


You need to choose the right size yoga mat bag capable of fitting your yoga mat. Yoga mat bags come in varying sizes. Make sure you check the bag dimensions and choose accordingly. Most standard yoga mat bags measure up to 26 inches in length and 6 inches in diameter. However, you can choose a different size based on the size of your yoga mat.

Material quality

The construction materials of the yoga mats determine the quality and durability of these bags. Different products are made of different materials. Most feature cotton, polyester, canvas, and fabric materials. You need to analyze the yoga mat material and choose accordingly. Polyester and cotton are among the best material with excellent durability. However, you can also consider canvas and fabric materials.


The type of stitching on the bag goes a long way in determining the bag’s durability. Consider bags with double stitching along the seams for durable use. The last thing you want is a bag that tears and wears easily on the edges.

Adjustable shoulder strap

This is a crucial feature that allows for easy and comfortable carrying. Consider bags with adjustable shoulder straps for custom carrying experiences. The bag shoulder straps need to lengthen or shorten to suit the person carrying them. You can also consider bags that come with both shoulder straps and carry handles.

Extra storage pockets

Most yoga ma bags come with a large main compartment. However, most also feature exterior pockets for carrying other essentials. Consider bags with more pockets to fit extra items. Such bags are more convenient and offer users added carrying choices. You can fit your cell phones, keys, belts, and other essentials.


Lastly, make sure you choose a yoga mat bag with preferred patterns. These bags come with varying fun patterns to match the consumer’s taste and preference. What is your favorite color? Choose bags with colors and patterns that match and show your style.

Final verdict

These are the best yoga mat bags on the market to seriously consider buying. They are highly rated bags with exciting features. The bag will allow for convenient yoga mat carrying wherever you go. They are durable, spacious, and stylish. Go right ahead and choose one that best suits your needs and desires today.

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