Top 10 Best Affordable Makeup Brushes in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 13, 2023

Wearing makeup is a great thing, especially for women. It creates a superb look while also keeping the skin nourished. There are different type of products formulated to keep the face appealing. Typically, one brush can’t serve the whole purpose. It calls for a set of these accessories to attain a perfect look. Affordable makeup brushes are absolute to enable flawless application.

The ideal set doesn’t mean many applicators but essential ones. Actually, there is no need to buy tons of brushes that you will end up not using. The soft and reliable applicators and eliminate struggles. With some people going to the extreme and using fingers, this should not happen. There are affordable, high-quality brushes on the market enable perfected application. This list brings the best options to ensure people get perfect makeup applications.

10. BESTOPE 16 PCs Makeup Brush Set

BESTOPE 16 PCs Makeup Brush Set

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Makeup application should not be stressful anymore. All you need is this set of 16 brushes from Bestope. They are premium and super soft, which keep the skin enjoying the massage effects. Unlike others that can cause irritations, these are good for most skins. Featuring 5 large kabuki brushes, they enable super fine makeup application. The other 11 brushes are of different designs and use hence easing the application.

The superb handling design maintains high comforts during the operation. With dense synthetic fibers, they are reliable to give a perfect makeup touch. Boasting high versatility, these brushes are used for different types of functions. Whether it’s treating the eyelashes, applying mascara and others, they are reliable. The quality is fantastic, and they don’t shed, thus maintaining exceptional safety. Combination of wood and ferrule handles provides high grip and easy maneuvering.


  • Soft unbreakable bristles
  • Sturdy handles
  • Improved safety


  • No hard storage case

9. BEAKEY Synthetic Kabuki Foundation Face Brushes

BEAKEY Synthetic Kabuki Foundation Face Brushes

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Give your face a perfect touch without seeking services from salons. All you need is this set of face brushes from Beakey and enjoy excellent results. They are great for ensuring every user enjoys professional look hassle-free. Due to the premium synthetic construction, they are amazing for use with different products. Whether its powder, creams and others, they are highly reliable. The smooth application of makeup is due to super-soft bristles works on any skin.

Apart from the brushes, the set comes with latex-free sponges. They are safe and don’t cause reaction with skin hence fantastic feeling. The bristles are manmade, which make these brushes cruel free. Also, the durable and ergonomic handles keep the user enjoying the experience. With optimized design, these brushes are smooth to use on face, from cheeks, eyes and head. Cleaning the set is simple and doesn’t experience breakages to the bristles.


  • Smooth eye drop sponge
  • Cruel free materials
  • Latex-free materials


  • Unsuitable for water cleaning

8. BS-MALL 18 Pcs Premium Synthetic Face Brushes

BS-MALL 18 Pcs Premium Synthetic Face Brushes

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Adding a facial brush set for makeup is a great thing. BS-MALL is one of the sets that provide people with amazing versatility. Instead of buying a single brush, this comes with 18 pieces. As a result, every user can enjoy high versatility in the application. From foundation powder, concealer, shadow and others, these brushes are must-have. The synthetic bristles are fantastic and don’t cause skin discomforts. This lets people enjoy unrestricted use without subjecting them to allergic risk.

The strong wood handles are comfortable and super sleek. This creates a fantastic look in your shelf compared to other low-end options. Boasting gold and champagne finish, there is exceptional appearance. Bearing in mind they come in different sizes, and styles makeup application is superb. Unlike other sets that don’t have durable storage options, this has a strong case.


  • Solid storage case
  • Super stylish look
  • Dense synthetic bristles


  • Slight smell

7. VANDER LIFE 24pcs Premium Cosmetic Brushes

VANDER LIFE 24pcs Premium Cosmetic Brushes

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Vander Life cosmetic brushes are the right makeup accessories to keep you shining. The easy to use brushes are cruel free, making them perfect. Actually, they are synthetic designed, which is superb for durability and user safety. Actually, the superfine bristles leave a high definition look. Unlike others, these lets the face enjoy the super smooth look without variations. The results are remarkable, and the skin gets perfect massage effects. Amazingly, these cosmetic applicators are suitable for liquid, powder and creams, leaving a glowing look.

When you think about the versatility, these brushes are the right choice. They have different head shapes and sizes to guarantee a perfected makeup application. Besides, there is an easy application since bristles are super soft. This enables the bristles to curve efficiently to contour to your face. The portable case is handy for easy carrying to keep your face superb always.


  • Easy to carry storage case
  • Super flexible bristles
  • Professional results
  • High definition application


  • Strong chemical smell

6. EcoTools 5 Makeup Brush Set

EcoTools 5 Makeup Brush Set

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EcoTools cosmetic brushes are a superb choice and easy to deploy everywhere. These brushes are handy and compact to ensure that storage and carrying is simple. Unlike the animal hair brushes, these are bamboo and cruel free. This not only improves efficiency but helps to conserve nature. The applicator comes in different shapes which give them the ability to be used in various tasks. Actually, there are foundation, concealer, blush and eyebrows brushes to deliver outstanding results.

The safety to users is excellent since there are no awful chemical smells. They are bamboo made which make then eco-friendly and durable. The handles are crafted to last and boast sleek look. Uniquely, there is a combination of materials that make these brushes great options. They have plastic, bamboo and recycled aluminum hence strong and safe. With a sleek and reliable case, it is possible to carry these brushes everywhere with ease.


  • Reliable carrying case
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Face contouring brush shapes


  • A few brushes

5. MSQ 12pcs Rose Gold Eye Makeup Brushes

MSQ 12pcs Rose Gold Eye Makeup Brushes

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Say goodbye to substandard brushes that leaves your face looking awful. MSQ eye makeup set is reliable and safe to maintaining the skin looking superb. They are made from premium synthetic hair making the exceptionally soft. With dense hair design, there is a smooth and high definition application. This ensures that when one is applying various makeups, there are remarkable results. Whether it’s liquid or powder, these brushes never disappoint. The various sized design ensures that these 12 pieces can work on different face parts. Whether treating eye shadows, blows and cheeks, the brushes are excellent.

The soft nature eliminates scratchy effects experienced in stiff-bristled brushes. Regardless of the brush size, the handles are superb and comfortable to hold. They are made from strong wood which provides extraordinary grip. The rose gold finished aluminum tube hold bristles perfectly and keep these cosmetic brushes in excellent condition.


  • Sleek brush finish
  • High-density soft bristles
  • Real wood handles


  • No carrying pouch

4. Beauty Junkees Kabuki Professional Makeup Brush Set

Beauty Junkees Kabuki Professional Makeup Brush Set

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Getting a model like face requires some effort. But, without investing in the right cosmetic brushes, it can be tricky. Beauty Junkees Kabuki brushes are exceptional and worth to have. They are premium and soft, which enables the user to enjoy supple skin. The scratch-free bristles are excellent and let the user enjoy a flawless application. Unlike other sets with many brushes, this has selected types which are easy and handy to carry.

The brushes have tapered, flat top, rounded and flat angled heads for versatile usages. With high-quality synthetic bristles, the brushes are great for smooth and elegant face. Due to dense bristles, these brushes can apply liquid foundations, powder minerals and other forms of cosmetics. Additionally, the handles are thick and easy to hold, unlike other brands. The comfort and soft bristles ensure the user always enjoy using these brushes.


  • Ideal for all cosmetic formulations
  • Thick handles
  • Sturdy, unbreakable bristles


  • Lacks small brushes

3. USpicy 32 Pcs Premium Professional cosmetic Brushes

USpicy 32 Pcs Premium Professional cosmetic Brushes

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Spice your lifestyle by getting professional face brushes. USpicy cosmetic brushes are essential and ideal for all skins. They are highly crafted to ensure they enable a flawless makeup application. Unlike other sets, this has 32 brush pieces which are suitable for high versatility. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy great application without combining the brushes. The set enables you to blush, blending, highlighting and others. Actually, they are superb for meeting every moment face makeup application.

The presentation of these brushes is outstanding. They come in a storage box which is perfect for a gift option. The pouch is sturdy and enables excellent protection against elements and impacts. With soft silk bristles, they are shed-free, hence allowing professional makeup. They deliver high definition makeup due to their dense bristles. The uniform and balanced look create elegancy and convenience.


  • Sleek storage pouch
  • Shedding free brushes
  • Suited for beginners and professionals


  • Most brushes look similar

2. NEVSETPO Professional Premium Cosmetic Full Face Brushes

NEVSETPO Professional Premium Cosmetic Full Face Brushes

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Avoid poor cosmetic brushes and enjoy great looking face. Nevsetpo brushes are professional and ensure there is superior performance than rivals. They are reliable and soft, which is fantastic for long term usage. The synthetic wool bristles are the reason one enjoys smooth and scratch-free application. Actually, the materials are safe and don’t shed hence safe to use on the face. Whether you want these applicators for wedding, professional or home use, they will deliver perfectly.

The handles are made from wood machining the sturdy and easy to hold. Besides, the sleek finish brings a fashionable look hence an ideal way to enjoy makeup. The lovely carrying pouch is superb and lets the users enjoy sleekness and safe storage. Actually, the pouch is large to ensure brushes remain safe. Cleaning is simple with baby shampoo and warm water without causing damage to bristles. The less absorption gives your skin maximum makeup application.


  • Easy to clean
  • Sleek carrying pouch
  • Solid wood handle


  • Not best for blending

1. Zoreya 12pcs Pink Synthetic Makeup Brushes for Travel

Zoreya 12pcs Pink Synthetic Makeup Brushes for Travel

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Zoreya travel face cosmetic brushes are handy to give every user uplifted look. They are small and convenient, making them a great option for use everywhere. The carefully designed brushes are gentle on the skin. Also, they have dense bristles that ensure applying makeup is enjoyable. As a result, they can handle different makeup formulations like liquid, gel or powder. The synthetic materials ensure there is no absorption, thus benefiting your skin to the maximum.

The soft bristles are great for soothing skin as you apply the makeup. With a total of 12 pieces, 5 are kabuki styles while rest are for precise application. Apart from the brushes, there is a facial sponge which is ideal for added application convenience. The packing of these accessories is superb. They come with a chic clutch bag. Therefore, carrying and storage is simple and offers upgraded protection. The bag has Zoreya embossed name and logo ensures an appealing look.


  • Chic storage pouch
  • Anti-bacterial materials
  • Soft, safe sponge


  • No bonus sponge

Affordable Makeup Brushes Buying Guide

Brush bristles construction

The ability of a brush to deliver great makeup application depends on the bristles. There are different materials like animal hair, synthetic materials and bamboo fibers. They all have a varying performance which prompts the user to check ideal ones. These days, synthetic bristles are common since they are soft and shedding free. Additionally, they are cruel free and has less makeup absorption. Best bristles should be super soft as well as safe to use.


The handles are also made from a variety of materials. Regardless of the material used, it should be firm and offer confident handling. Wood is one of the popular materials and provides improved grip. Although cuteness is a feature to go with should not deceive you when getting a brush. Ensure that the handle material can withstand all the heavy-duty application without breaking.

Number and type of brushes

A set comes with a different number of brushes. Choosing the ideal one is one way to enjoy a fantastic experience. Some of the sets come with a few bushed like 5 while others can have over 30 pieces. The more the number, the better the makeup application with high precision. This is because you don’t have to use the same brush to apply different type of products. Some of the brands add makeup sponges in their sets to improve the overall experience.

Brush head shape

The brush shapes are essential depending on where they are used. This means that the one used for the foundation, can’t be used for eyebrows. The shape of brush heads is determinant since they are shaped differently. Some are chisel, pointed, round and kabuki. To guarantee perfect makeup touches, ensures the set have different shapes brushes.


Applying makeup can be frustrating even you don’t have the right items. However, now you can enjoy a seamless process by getting these affordable makeup brushes featured above. They are great for home use and leaves you with professional makeup. Therefore, no more using fingers when makeup.

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