Top 10 Best UV Lights for Gel Nails in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 13, 2023

The best UV lights for gel nails can help you achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your home. While most people still visit salons to do their nails, the process is affordable when done at home. You just need to invest in a quality UV light to dry the gel on the nails. When gel polish is applied to nails, it needs to dry and remain rock-hard. This is where the UV lights come into play. Curing the gel under LED lights of UV lights leaves it in an impervious state.

The market is flooded with hundreds of UV lights for gel nails. Choosing the best can be quite challenging. You need a suitable UV light with multiple timer settings, ample room to fit more than one hand, and an automatic sensor. This post helps you narrow down your search for quality UV lights for gel nails. We’ve scoured the internet and brought the market’s best and leading UV lights for nails. Check them below and choose a brand that best suits your gel nail drying needs.

10. 82W UV LED Nail Lamp

82W UV LED Nail Lamp

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This is a premium UV LED nail lamp with wide compatibility. The dryer is capable of drying all kinds of gel polish. It is a great unit to have in the salon or at home. The dryer features a sleek LCD display and 3 timer settings. You can quickly cure nails in 5 seconds. The three convenient timer settings of the 30s, 60s and 120s give you flexible drying options. This is a simple hands-free operation nail dryer to consider buying. The UV lamp is safe and comes with temperature protection. Overall, this is a spacious UV lamp that dries more fingernails and toes at once.


  • Spacious hence dries more fingernails and toes
  • Easy operation due to a sleek LCD screen
  • Three timer settings thus flexible use
  • Safe with temperature protection


  • Takes a little longer to cure nails

9. Sunrich UV Gel Nail Lamp

Sunrich UV Gel Nail Lamp

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This is an upgraded UV gel nail lamp with fast curing nails. The lamp uses advanced LED double source light technology making it pretty versatile. It can cure all nail gels. This is a powerful UV light lamp with a whopping 120 watts of power. The lamp offers up to 80% higher curing speeds than most lamps. It also comes with four timers and infrared sensors for convenient use. You can choose from a timer option of 10s, 30s, 60s, and 120 seconds. All the timers are displayed on the screen for easy viewing. This, coupled with the energy-efficient timer makes manicure and pedicure enjoyable. In addition, the lamp comes with a portable handle for easy carrying. Overall, this is a reliable UV light for nails with a detachable base.


  • Portable design hence easy to carry anywhere
  • Ergonomic design with a carrying handle
  • Powerful motor thus allows for fast drying
  • Flexible design with four-timer functions


  • Appears cheap but works

8. UV LED Nail Lamp, Easkep 120W Gel Nail Polish UV Light

UV LED Nail Lamp, Easkep 120W Gel Nail Polish UV Light

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This is another faster nail dryer that saves time and energy. The UV light comes with high-quality beads and optimal lamp bead distribution. It features a total of 12 lamp heads on the top side and 24 on the sides. You can be sure of optimal gel drying. This is a dual light source UV light for gel nails with wide compatibility. It can cure led gels, nail sculpture gel ,nail builder gel ,shellac rhinestone gems, etc. This is a dependable unit to meet a wide range of nail gel drying needs. It is an ergonomic design UV light with a large LCD screen. The dryer unit also comes with four timer settings. There is a further temperature control to protect against excessive burns.


  • Versatile design that handles a wide array of nail gels
  • Optimal drying due to 12 lamps on the top and 24 on the sides
  • Large LCD screen for easy operation
  • Timer settings for flexible use


  • The lights can get very hot

7. 128W UV LED Nail Lamp – Rapid-Curing Gel Nails

128W UV LED Nail Lamp – Rapid-Curing Gel Nails

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This is a stunning design UV LED nail lamp that dries nail gel faster preventing gel-polish smear. It is a time-saving device that dries nail gel polish conveniently. The dryer features a powerful 128W power making it quite faster than most brands. It is a compact design dryer that will look great in any setting. Moreover, the dryer is compact and lightweight. You can easily carry and take it wherever you go. Overall, this is a luxurious design UV LED lamp for nail gel to have stunning nails.


  • Compact and lightweight hence portable
  • Superior quality thus durable
  • Easy and quick operation
  • Faster drying


  • Poor use instructions

6. UV LED Nail Lamp, Gugusure 168 Nail Curing Lamps

UV LED Nail Lamp, Gugusure 168 Nail Curing Lamps

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This is a safe design LED UV nail lamp that protects the skin against burns. It is a more powerful nail lamp than most choices on the market. The lamp comes with 42 pieces of LED lamps and a high 168 watts power rating. It features a LED touch screen for easy operation and use. The light is pretty easy to use with simple touch control. It also features a smart sensor to automatically detect hands and turn them on. There is a further quick-dry option when in a hurry. Overall, this is a flexible design UV light for gel nails with four timer settings. It is a versatile choice dryer for use at home and salons.


  • Four timer settings hence flexible use
  • Powerful motor rating for fast drying
  • Easy to use due to a touch control
  • Smart sensor for automatic on and off


  • Comes with a short power cord

5. UV Gel Nail Lamp, UV Nail Dryer LED Light

UV Gel Nail Lamp, UV Nail Dryer LED Light

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This is a flexible and quick-drying nail dryer with 150W high power. It is a reliable UV light with 45 pieces of adjustable LED beads. The dryer offers quick and optimal drying saving you time. There are four timer settings of 10s, the 30s, 60s, and 99s to suit different gels. You can also adjust the power from 150W downwards to suit your needs. This ensures a quick dry or slow drying. The dryer shortens your nail drying times. It is a comfortable dryer with infrared smart sensors. The sensors detect when you place your hands or feet and automatically turn ON or OFF. Overall, this is an upgraded design UV light for gel nails with a sleek design. The dryer fits both hands and comes with a detachable base to cure toenails.


  • Cures toenails due to a detachable base
  • Smart sensors for automatic ON/OFF
  • Adjustable timer and power settings for flexible use
  • Quick-drying due to optimal heat


  • Can get very hot

4. ROOHUA 120-W Gel Nail Lamp LED UV-Nail-Dryer

ROOHUA 120-W Gel Nail Lamp LED UV-Nail-Dryer

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This is another fast-drying nail lamp with four-timer settings. It is a powerful nail lamp with 42 evenly distributed LED beads. The lamp provides quick and efficient nail gel drying in 10 seconds. You can also opt for slow drying by choosing the 30s, 60, and 99s timer options. This is a portable yet large design UV light capable of fitting both hands. It is a fashionable design dryer to carry and use anywhere. The dryer is also durable and can withstand heavy use and a few falls. The dryer is advanced and features auto ON/OFF infrared sensors. Overall, this is an efficient nail gel dryer with 360-degree multi-angle drying. It is a safe choice harmless to the skin and with temperature protection.


  • Safe and harmless to the skin
  • Adjustable timer settings hence flexible
  • Faster and optimal drying with 360-degree multi-angle beads
  • Auto on/off sensors


  • The power cord is a little short

3. Gel UV LED Nail Lamp

Gel UV LED Nail Lamp

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This is another top-quality UV LED nail lamp with 168 watts of power. It is a quality choice when you want to dry nail gel faster. The dryer comes packed with a tone of features. It features a sleek and ergonomic LED screen for easy operation. It also comes with automatic infrared sensors for safe and automatic ON/OFF. The dryer also comes with four timer settings for flexible use. You can set a convenient timer setting to match your drying needs. This is an exciting choice dryer with temperature protection. It cures almost all nail gel polish without any dead zone. It is also durable and comes with excellent after-sales support.


  • Durable construction hence long-lasting
  • Powerful thus faster drying
  • Timer settings for flexibility
  • Automatic infrared sensors


  • Short power cord

2. CCHOME Gel Nail Lamp

CCHOME Gel Nail Lamp

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This is another fast-drying gel nail lamp that saves time. It is a powerful 150-watt dryer that can dry gel polish in 10 seconds. This is a professional LED nail lamp to use in salons and homes. It is pretty easy to operate and comes with a timer function. The time is displayed on the large LCD screen for easy reading. The dryer works automatically turning on when hands-on and off when hands are out. It is a spacious design dryer that can fit all five fingernails at once. This is a detachable design dryer and one pretty easy to clean and maintain.


  • Detachable design hence easy cleaning
  • Automatic ON/OFF due to infrared sensors
  • Flexible timer options
  • Enough space for 5 fingernails


  • Looks too basic

1. UV Led Nail Lamp, ZMteam Nail Dryer

UV Led Nail Lamp, ZMteam Nail Dryer

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This is another top-rated nail dryer with a high 168W power. It is a quality dryer with upgrades to meet the latest market demands. The dryer offers fast drying saving half the drying time. You can conveniently do a manicure at home and save time. This is a durable UV LED lamp with 42 pieces of LED beads. It is a smart sensor dryer that detects hands and feet automatically. This allows for automatic ON/OFF. The dryer is ergonomic and features a detachable design for easy cleaning.


  • Detachable design hence easy to clean and maintain
  • 42 pieces of LED beads for optimal 360-degree drying
  • Infrared sensor for automatic ON/OFF
  • Four timer settings for flexible use


  • Takes a little longer to heat

Factors to consider when choosing the best UV light for gel nails

When choosing a suitable UV light for nails, there are various factors to bear in mind. You need a UV light for nails that dries faster, is easy to use, and offers flexible options. Below, we show you the important factors and features to consider.


What is the ideal size UV light for nails? You need a UV light that can fit both hands at once. Consider the size of the lamp and choose accordingly. A nail dryer that fits two hands at once helps save time and energy. You can dry fingernails of both hands saving you time and energy.

In addition, the right size nail dryer should be portable and easy to carry. This is important especially when you need to travel with it.

Timer settings

The best UV light lamp should feature multiple timer settings. This is an excellent feature that offers users flexible use. Luckily, most UV lights on our exclusive list above come with 3 or more timer settings. Timer settings allow one to relax and wait for the gel to dry without touching anything. It is a convenient feature that gives you the freedom to choose a suitable drying time for different nail polishes.

Automatic sensors

Consider UV lights for nails with automatic sensors. These are convenient and energy-saving UV lights to consider buying. The lights can detect once you place your hand and when you remove it. They turn on automatically and dry your nails. The UV lights also shut off automatically when you remove your feet or hand. It is an excellent feature that helps save energy.


The ideal UV light for nails should dry a wide range of gel polishes. Consider UV lights with dual light sources. These are pretty versatile and UV lights to handle a variety of nails. You will find most of these in the salons. However, they are also great for home use when you use different nail polishes.


You also need to consider the safety features present in the UV light. Consider machines with temperature protection. This is a great feature that prevents burns when temperatures are too high.

The LCD screen

Lastly, make sure you choose UV lights with a big screen for easy temperature and timer setting reading. Such machines are easy to operate and use.

Final verdict

In conclusion, these are the best UV light for gel nails to consider buying. Owning a UV light lamp is a great way to save and prevent frequent visits to a salon. You can conveniently do and dry your nails in the comfort of your home. Our selections above bring you the market top-rated nail UV lights to meet your gel polish drying needs.

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