Top 10 Best Folding Bike in 2018 Reviews

The market provides a broad range of products depending on what you want. For cyclists, let nothing restrict you from your cycling. Whether on vacation or living in an apartment, foldies are the best option. They bring the real joy of cycling while enabling convenient storage and portability. With their compact folding design, they can be fit in small spaces as well as in the car trunk.

When it comes to buying a folding bicycle, different brands offer variety of styles. However, the most vital part is ensuring you buy a quality bike. This will give you confidence, and a durable product. Easy to fold and lightweight bicycles are significant consideration. Whether you want a bike for commuting, cycling or leisure, no doubt foldies are good options. Discover the top 10 best folding bikes reviewed below to enjoy unrestricted cycling.

10. Schwinn 20’’ Loop Folding Bike

Schwinn 20’’ Loop Folding Bike

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It is one of the best and know brand for the making of quality bikes. Schwinn is known by all ages due to their high-quality bicycles. This 20 inches loop folding bike is one of the great choices for commuters. Unlike the full size bikes, this one is extra safe. Once in office or at home, it folds easily to facilitate storage. Amazingly, the nylon bag helps to store and transport your bike. The pant dirt guard is critical together with rear feeders to keep dirt away.

Despite its compact size, the bike is exceptional. Providing 7 speeds, it makes hill climbing a breeze. Safety when cycling is a grantee once you are using this bike. It boasts alloy linear pull brakes that provide a sure stop. Moreover, the low standover frame is stable to ensure durability and high performance. With a rigid fork, it allows easy on and off for added convenience.

9. Vilano Urbana Folding Bike- Single Speed

Vilano Urbana Folding Bike- Single Speed

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Give your body excellent training by cycling. The Vilano Urbana folding bicycle is a good option. With enhanced performance, the bike allows the user to get real muscles challenge. To enable this, the bike has a single speed which is great for urban cycling. The maneuverability is awesome as it features extra light aluminum construction. It weighs only 21 pounds. However, the frame is robust which allows the bike to support up to 200 pounds.

Assembling this bicycle is a piece of cake. This allows you to use it without needing a lot of tools. Maintenance also is easy compared to rivals, hence giving you great peace of mind. The raised seat allows you to ride while enjoying the comfort. Moreover, leaving a large room for water, the bike makes your cycling wonderful. It folds down to 12″ x 32″ x 25” thus great options when you live in an apartment. The coaster brakes give rider excellent stopping for enhanced safety.

8. IDS unYOUsual U transformer 20″ City Folding Bike Bicycle

IDS unYOUsual U transformer 20

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The joy of cycling is to get a bike you can trust. That is exactly what you get by acquiring this city folding bike by unYOUsual. The folding frame is outstanding in enabling easy storage and transportation. Therefore, whether you need it for commuting or recreation, it provides a perfect choice. With 20 inches wheels, the bike is not as small as people might think. Rather, it delivers smooth rolling in the town.

Unlike the single speed bikes, this one features Shimano 6 speed shifter. This enables you to cruise even in sloppy surfaces without straining your feet. The front part features semi-alloy while V-brakes are efficient to keep you riding safely. For a comfortable ride, the seat is easily adjustable to fit the rider height. Moreover, the rear rack is ideal for carrying your backpack. For safety, while on the road, this bike has a PVC coated black bell that is easy to remove.

7. Vilano 20-Inch Lightweight Aluminum Foldable Bicycle

Vilano 20-Inch Lightweight Aluminum Foldable Bicycle

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The best way to enjoy commuting is getting an ideal bike. But, what if you don’t have enough space to store it? No need to shelve your plans to get a bike. Vilano aluminum foldable bike is a perfect pick that can enable you to achieve your daily commuting. Unlike the heavy steel frame bikes, this one boasts aluminum construction. With this, it greatly reduces overall weight to improve its functionality. Besides, the 20-inch wheels and allows double rims give you smooth roll.

Forget about straining your legs on hilly roads. This bike enjoys 6 speeds with twist grip gear shifting. The rear and front feeders together with chain guard keep you free from dirt. Thus, whether going to the office or just relaxing, no more dirt in your pant. Folding frame, pedals, adjustable handlebar and seat makes storage of this bike amazing. Weighing only 29.5 pounds, the bike is easy to transport.

6. EuroMini ZiZZO Urbano Aluminum Frame Shimano 8-speed folding bike

EuroMini ZiZZO Urbano Aluminum Frame Shimano 8-speed folding bike

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The UuroMini ZiZZO Urbano is one of the premium picks that enhances your cycling. With lightweight aluminum frame, the bicycle is great when cycling. Apart from the lightweight frame, the rims feature aluminum and are double walled to ensure perfect strength. With Kenda commuter 20 inches tires, they provide exceptional performance. There is no more guesswork when stopping this bicycle. The V-style compatible with iron are reliable.

Enjoy genuine Shimano 8-speed Derailleur and grip shifter that allows you to enjoy a smooth ride even on hilly terrains. When you have this bike, it allows all riders to enjoy a comfortable ride. The steam is adjustable hence enabling comfortable sitting. Unlike other folding frame bikes, this has a magnet catcher. Therefore, once folded, it stays in place without moving. The water bottle holder and reflectors improve your experience with this bike.

5. Swagtron SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike

Swagtron SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike

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With this era of electric bicycle, you can get any style to fit your cycling. Swagtron is one of the know makers of electric bikes. If you don’t have enough space to keep your full-scale bicycle, there is no need to worry. The SwagCycle pro electric folding bike is a perfect option. Despite its compact nature, the bike is strong and can support up to 264 pounds. The frame and handlebar are collapsible which ensures stress-free carrying and storage.

The powerful motor is excellent in giving this bike thrilling torque. As a result, it delivers awesome 18 mph. Additionally, it can climb up to 12 degrees gradient where others can’t achieve. The sturdy battery offers an extended range of up to 15.5 miles with a single charge. Amazingly, the bike has an app that enables easy navigation with speed and location display. USB ports let you change your smartphone.

4. IDS Home Unyousual U Arc 6 Speed Folding City Bicycle

IDS Home Unyousual U Arc 6 Speed Folding City Bicycle

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Folding bikes are excellent choices when it comes to exercising and commuting. This Unyousual U Arc foldable bike is one of the premium products worth adding to your home. With large 20 inch wheels, it enables great cycling even in challenging terrains. To give it perfect cruising ability, it has Wanda tires that are strong and durable. The vinyl covered MTB saddle with springs enables maximum comfort.

If you like speed and high performance, you have the right bike. Utilizing 6 speeds they give it more terrain versatility than single speed. With adjustable T bar handlebar, it is easy to customize your riding orientation. Assembling and folding this bike is easy than most brands. Thereby, it’s easy to use and store it anytime.

3. Ford Convertible Single Speed Bicycle

Ford Convertible Single Speed Bicycle

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If you only know of Ford vehicles, now you can enjoy this branded folding bicycle by Dahon. It’s a heavy-duty bike ideal for a variety of functions. The urban utility bike is outstanding when it comes to exercising and cycling. The aluminum frame and quick folding lets you enjoy the exceptional convenience. This means whether you want it in your vehicle trunk or house, it fits without any stress. In fact, the bike is compact and lightweight to take in bus or train.

Regardless of your height, this compact bike is ideal for everyone. It has adjustable steam that is ideal for people below 5feet and above 6 feet tall. The unique feature of this bike is it has a rear rack that takes care of your luggage. Moreover, rear and front feeders keep you clean due mud and splash protection. With a single speed design, it’s a good bike when you want to exercise your body.

2. Dahon Speed D7 Street 7-Speed Folding Bicycle

Dahon Speed D7 Street 7-Speed Folding Bicycle

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Enjoy real cycling fun and speed by getting a premium convertible bike. The Dahon 7 speed folding bike is one of the top performing and worth investing your pennies. The forged aluminum frame is super strong and lightweight to achieve great biking experience. Due to light materials, the bicycle only weighs 26.9 lbs. Consequently, using this bike gives user stress-free porting and storage.

Well, the brake system is efficient to secure your ride when in need to stop your bike. Boasting 7-speed it delivers fast and reliable cycling. The rear rack is ideal for carrying your backpack, while feeders keep dirt away. With aluminum rims, they are strong and lightweight to keep bike performing excellently. Uniquely, the bike comes with V-style handle post.

1. Camp 20-Inch 16 Speed Folding Bike with Disc Brake

Camp 20-Inch 16 Speed Folding Bike with Disc Brake

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When compact design comes together with speed, there is no doubt it makes your cycling outstanding. Camp 20-inch folding bike is one of the top choices that everyone is aspiring. The design and construction give it uniqueness and performance. It boasts thrilling 16 speeds that give rider unmatched cycling speed. To enable it to roll fast, it utilizes Shimano Altus rear derailleur.

Apart from the performance, the bicycle is extra sleek. The design is attractive and helps you stand out among other bike owners. The frame folds easily and quickly. Moreover, the magnet allows the bike to stay intact in trains and buses. With a weight capacity of 230 pounds, it is a great choice for people with cycling passions.

Folding Bike Buying Guide

When looking for a collapsible bike, it’s a wish for everyone to get the best. Check some of the top qualities to look.

  • Ease of folding: Of course, a foldable bike needs to deliver easy collapsing. A good choice always ensures there is no stress when folding your bike. Ideally, the frame should be easy to collapse without the need of tools, thereby easy even to fix it. Apart from the frame, other components like pedals and handlebars need to be folding for storage convenience.
  • Weight: You can’t have a folding bike, only to experience bulkiness when carrying it. In most cases, collapsible bikes feature lightweight materials like aluminum or steel alloys. They ensure lifting these bikes isn’t a struggle. Moreover, wheels need to have light and strong material to reduce the overall weight.
  • Speed: Although these bikes are compact, the number of speeds is vital. However, it all depends on where you want to use it. For hilly terrain, geared bike are the perfect pick. For instance, the market offers different speed bicycles. However, there are other bikes that come with single speed. Ideally, choose the bike depending on whether it’s for recreation or exercises.
  • Wheel size: Before landing on the bike, it’s important to check whether you need full size or small wheels. Small sizes are great, especially for commuting. However, large sized collapsible bikes are good for exercising and rough terrain.


Foldable bikes are the solution for people who have space limitation. Also, for cycling while on vacation, they offer excellent portability. Don’t let anything hinder your cycling dream; these bikes are the absolute answer.

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