Top 10 Best Nail Dryers in 2021 Reviews

Last updated on January 07, 2021

If you love your nail polish, then a nail dryer is something that you should have in your beauty items. Nail dryers are great and help expedite the nail polish drying process. This way, you will avoid dents and smudges as you knock items with your wet polish. Most women hate the fact they are made to sit for so long until their nail polish can dry. So anything that makes the process a little faster is a huge welcome.

Nail polish can sometimes take up to 24 hours to completely dry and harden. Those that have gone to bed with soft not completely dry nail polish can tell you the disgusting feeling of waking up with sheet imprints. Nail polish dryers are very crucial especially for mothers who have very little time to sit and wait for the polish to dry naturally. The convenience of seeing your nail polish dry in a few minutes can be enjoyed by getting the best nail dryers in the market.

With the different models and designs of nail dryers in the market, selection of the best might be a challenge to most customers. That is why we’ve come up with a list of the best so that your selection becomes easier. Go right ahead and make an order from our list with confidence as these are the best nail dryers on the market currently.

10. USpicy MACARON Nail Dryer

USpicy MACARON Nail Dryer

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With four powerful PL UV bulbs, the USpicy is one of the best picks for drying your nails in a matter of minutes. It is a safer, faster and odorless nail dryer that gives you a great pedicure or manicure without leaving any bad smells on your nails. The dryer gives you drying options depending on the layers of polish on your fingernails. Users can choose between two different time settings of 120 seconds and 180 seconds. The complete package comes with a nail file and UV protected glove to meet every pedicure and manicure drying process. This is your ideal salon dryer to make you feel like a queen in your home.

9. Makartt Professional Air Nail Fan Blow Dryer machine

Makartt Professional Air Nail Fan Blow Dryer machine

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Markatt is a top-notch nail dryer that meets professional salon standards and a great choice on our list. It is an ideal option for drying the nail polish in seconds. The unit has a large surface where you place your nails and the installed fan dry your nails in seconds through hot airs blowing over them. It is a pretty large dryer that can manage both hands and feet without any jam. Place your hands beneath the dryer at the same time and have the polish dry once on both hands. This saves time as you don’t have to place one hand at a time. Automatic sensors control the dryer allowing it start once you place your hands beneath.

8. DeepDream 48W Gel Nail Lamp UV LED Dryer

DeepDream 48W Gel Nail Lamp UV LED Dryer

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The DeepDream is a universal nail polish dryer that works on several types of nail gels. It is an ideal option for salons where people have different demands. Some of the gels it dries include the builder gel, nail UV gel, CND Shellac, nail sculpture gel, rhinestone gems glue, OPI and the LED nail gels. The unit automatically senses when you place your hands inside. IPlace your hands in, and lamps turn on. When you take your hands out, the lamp also turns itself off. The default time setting is usually 99 seconds which are ideal for drying the polish. This means you can dry your polish without even pressing a button on the unit.

7. Melody Susie 12W LED Nail dryer

Melody Susie 12W LED Nail dryer

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Accompanied by two Melody Susie nail files, this nail dryer is a great choice that offers you good value for your money. The two files are free of charge once you buy the unit. Melody Susie is highly compatible with all brands of gel polish and a great addition to your salon or home beauty. It is a highly rated nail dryer in most online platforms which goes to show its great performance. Safety is enhanced through four-time settings that allow you to set your time depending on with that type of nail polish applied. The four different time settings allow the freedom to dry your nails slowly without overheating.

6. Ceenwes Nail Dryer 24W UV Light Nail Lamp dryer

Ceenwes Nail Dryer 24W UV Light Nail Lamp dryer

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Curing and drying all gels, the Ceenwes nail dryer is a good pick coming to you at a very affordable price. It is a versatile choice to treat gem blue, builder gel, nail UV gel, sculpture gel and the LED nail gel. S With a dual light source and UV, this unit applies to curing all nail gels. The light is similar to white light and protects your hands, eyes, and skin. It is a safe option when you want to avoid any harm and has two times setting to suit different nail gels. Ceenwes has automatic sensors that turn it on when you place your hands inside and work for 90 seconds before it turns itself off.

5. Eflush LED Nail dryer

Eflush LED Nail dryer

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The Efluash works on a double light source technology that covers a wide range of UV light band and a suitable option to treat all kinds of gels. Nail UV glue can be dried for 30 seconds while the rhinestone gem blue takes only 60 seconds. There is no need to distinguish your nail gel when using this dryer. There are 3-timer setting and a colorful LED display that show you the curing time. Users can choose from the 30s, 60s and 90 seconds depending on their nail gel and required results. The infrared induction is auto-sensing, and one does not need to turn it on. It automatically detects your hands and turns itself on for 99 seconds on the low heat mode. The UV is long lasting and compatible with a wide range of gels.

4. SUNUV SUN9C 24W LED UV Nail Dryer


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The SUNUV is an all-in-one nail dryer capable of treating all types of nail gels using its dual light source and UV light. It has a light close to white light that will not cause any harm to your fingers, skin or eyes. This is a durable and fashionable nail dryer with a massive 50k hours of lifetime and one that will offer you good value for money. It can be used both in the salon and at home delivering professional salon results. SUNUV is quite easy to use, and one needs to plug in and use it. This is a low wattage dryer that will not have any significant effects on the electricity bill. It works for both fingernails and toenails with a sensor that automatically starts for 99 seconds. This coupled with a full warranty; you can go ahead and order it with confidence.

3. SunYear Upgraded 48W LED UV Nail dryer

SunYear Upgraded 48W LED UV Nail dryer

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The SunYear is a perfect choice for professionals but an easy one to use for beginners. It is a portable choice, and with 48W, this dryer works well for all nail gels. If you ever wanted to buy her a perfect Christmas gift, then this will be a great deal. The enhanced USB powered light gives users good view when drying the gel and create intricate designs on your toes as the gel dries. It does not make your nails to wrinkle or foam but instead compliments your style. An ergonomic pull-down helps shield your other parts of the body making it a safe dryer. This is a practical unit that enables you to save time when treating your nails with built-in cooling fans.

2. KEDSUM 12W LED Nail Lamp

KEDSUM 12W LED Nail Lamp

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KEDSUM offers you four preset time controls of 10s, the 30s, 60s, and 300s which gives you the freedom to choose the ideal time according to your nail polish and needs. Sometimes the longer it takes, the better the nails dry. It has five highly effective LED light with a lifespan of 5000 which eliminates the need to keep on changing lamps. This is a versatile choice that works well for most gels and a great unit for both homes and salon. KEDSUM is highly portable and a good way to dry your nails at home without spending an extra coin. It is simple to use even for beginners, so nothing is preventing you from making the order.

1. Matrixsight 9x 24 LED UV Nail Dryer

Matrixsight 9x 24 LED UV Nail Dryer

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The Matixsight is the best nail dryer on the market currently with capabilities to cure all kinds of gels. From acrylic, builder, top coat to base coat, this is your best choice for drying your nails at home with peace. It is comfortable and fast with a low wattage but faster drying period. It is 50 percent faster than most LED nail lamps and has a light close to white light which does not harm other parts of your body. There is a large LCD screen that shows you the two timer settings. It is also large and can cure all the five nails at once.


Go ahead buy any of these nail dryers to prevent damage to your nail polish when wet. They are ideal for keeping the nail polish within seconds and saving you precious time.

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